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Goa Weekend Getaways 

All work and no play certainly make our lives dull and monotonous. We need new experiences that shape our life and understanding of the world around us. Our souls need to be nurtured by the beauty of what this planet has to offer, and one of the simplest and most accessible ways to do so is to travel. Travelling to any destination can be tricky. You need a location that agrees with your needs and offers a variety of experiences. Not to mention, a good travel destination can leave you feeling well-rested and rejuvenated after your vacation. An astounding choice to achieve all of the above goals is a weekend in Goa. Located on the western boundaries of India, Goa is a coastal state that consists of stretches of beaches on the Arabian Sea. It is a coveted travel destination for people seeking fun with friends and/or family. 

Goa has a rich history that is still well preserved. Before 1961, Goa was predominantly a Portuguese community for 451 years. It was a state isolated from the mainland of India during that period and still reflects the lifestyle of the culture. The Roman Catholic churches and their teachings are still prevalent, although, being an all-inclusive state, you will also find a majority of Hindus alongside the Christian population, and a substantial number of people from diverse religious beliefs as well on your goa weekend getaways. 

At a glance, Goa is a land of celebration. It has a lot to offer on any occasion, be it a honeymoon, family holiday with children, alumnus parties, get-togethers with best friends, romantic holidays for new couples, birthdays, anniversaries, or even to celebrate the dawn of a new year. A Goa weekend trip or Weekend Getaways in Goa are all you need to make any occasion as special as it can be. 

So, let’s see how you can make the most of your weekend getaways near Goa, the beautiful, scenic destination of India.

Most Popular Goa Weekend Getaways Packages

Goa Weekend Getaways Packages Nights / Days Price*
Goa - Kyriad Candolim Goa by OTHPL 3 Nights / 4 Days Rs. 7 899
Goa - The Baga Retreat 3 Nights / 4 Days Rs. 7 899
Goa -ZiP By Spree Hotels Hyde 3 Nights / 4 Days Rs. 7 899
Goa - Calangute Towers 3 Nights / 4 Days Rs. 7 899
Goa - Cygnett Inn Celestiial 3 Nights / 4 Days Rs. 7 899

Whether you are visiting Goa for the first time or it is your regular travel destination, it is hard to get a spontaneous reservation to cherish its offerings, especially during the peak months. Since the state hosts tourists not only from India but all over the globe, finding a decent place to stay can be quite hectic. 
Thus, we suggest a little preplanning. While that may seem cumbersome too, you can alternatively choose a tour package that fits your travel needs in order to simplify the process.

If you are concerned about your travel plans for your weekend getaway from goa, you can also opt to book your flight along with these packages at additional costs. You can book these packages online for the Goa weekend trip by clicking on the links pertaining to each package.

Table of contents 

  • Different Tour Packages you can avail 
  • The best time to visit Goa
  • How to reach Goa
  • Amazing places you must check out in Goa
  • Goa’s exquisite culinary charm
  • Unique shopping in Goa

The best time to visit Goa.

Just like any tourist place, Goa offers its best charms under certain seasonal conditions, so you need to plan your weekend getaways from Goa with consideration. 

Summer (Apr-Jun)
As you know, the state of Goa lies along the coastline, which means that summer is an extremely hot season in this area. The temperature can fluctuate from 27-degree Celsius to 34-degree Celsius. These weather conditions are quite unappealing to most people; therefore, it is not an ideal time to visit. However, if you want cheaper prices and around-the-clock vacancies for your weekend getaways from Goa, the months of April, May, and June can be suitable. 

Monsoon (Jul-Sep)
The month of July offers the coolest weather conditions, so you can enjoy the beaches as well as the tourist spots without breaking much of a sweat. The accommodations are easily available, and you can have an incredibly fun time at the beaches, cafes, and local tourist hangouts. A weekend in Goa during this time can be quite relaxing. 

The best time for weekend trips from Goa, however, is during the winter or spring season. These would fall right around December, when the New Year is about to dawn, so it makes a perfect destination for your celebrations. Of course, finding suitable accommodation can be difficult, and the hangout spots are usually crowded, but hey, the more, the merrier for New Year celebrations, don’t you think? 
If the crowds seriously bother you during your weekend trips, though, don’t fret. The ideal visiting season for Goa extends all the way to March, when spring adds to the beauty of the natural environment. The good news is that most people take quick trips to Goa throughout the holiday season over Christmas and New Year, so during the months of February and March, the crowds tend to thin out. You can find more space to explore the beaches and enjoy the fruits of the new season in all its glory. Who knows, you may even end up making new friends or meeting the love of your life during your weekend vacations. 

How to reach Goa? 
There are a lot of different ways that you can travel to Goa. 
By Road 
Most people who travel with a group of friends prefer to take a long drive around the Western Ghats while enjoying the scenic route. Some couples or smaller groups choose to ride on bikes. The travel time for each of these travel methods varies on your speed, breaks, and distance. 
For instance, visitors travelling from closer locations such as Karnataka and Maharashtra can reach within 10-12 hours despite taking a significant number of breaks and travelling at the speed limit. For visitors coming from Kerala, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, the journey may take longer by car or bike, even at maximum speed with minimum breaks. You may want to consider a night at a motel nearby since the travel time could easily take anywhere from 18 to 36 hours, which is quite tiring.
Some people travelling to Goa often choose outstation cabs as well. These are viable options since you do not need to drive, although you may want to grant some amount of reprieve to your driver from time to time. 
 If you are visiting from any other Indian state or country, we recommend opting for a flight. 
By Flights
The flight costs to Goa are pretty reasonable around the year, although they do fluctuate from time to time. You can opt for flight options through SOTC’s online website to eliminate the hassle of searching or choosing your own flight plans as per your preference. With SOTC, you may just acquire a reasonable flight plan even during peak seasons. 
By Train
Several trains run along the Konkan lines from different parts of India. If you are travelling from distant states or close ones, trains can also be a relieving option. The trains to and from Goa travel all the way from West Bengal, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and a lot more locations. You can consider the trains that either start from your nearby location or at least pass through them. In any case, you will find a multitude of options with Express trains such as Duronto, Konkan Express, Madgaon Express, and many more. 
By Bus
In other options, you can consider travelling to Goa by Bus. There are several buses to Goa from locations around Maharashtra, Karnataka, and other nearby locations. Busses are great options to travel on a budget. However, the journey may not be as comfortable as trains. 
When choosing your ideal weekend getaway from Goa, pick the one that works according to your schedule. After all, you don’t want to spend all your time and money on the travel itself before your goa weekend getaways even begin.

Amazing places that you must check out in Goa 

As popular as Goa is for all its alcohol and culinary charms, there are several places that you can visit with friends, family, or spouse during your Goa weekend getaways. Here is a list of the top things that we love: 
  • Latin Quarters – Panaji
  • Mandovi River Cruise
  • All Day Goa Tour
  • Dudhsagar Falls
  • Goa Pub Crawl
  • Museum
  • Churches
  • North Goa Sightseeing Tour
  • Goa Beach Tour
  • Haunted Places
Latin Quarters – Panaji - You can walk through the Latin quarters of Goa in the Panaji region with a dedicated tour guide. You might as well get some privileged information in your weekend getaway from Goa, and Rs. 900 per person is hardly anything to learn the rich history of the region.
Mandovi River Cruise - Another extraordinary experience you can get on the weekend getaways from Goa around Panaji is the 2-hour cruise on the Mandovi River. They serve dinner and provide fun-filled water activities, which are particularly romantic for couples, and it only costs Rs. 1,800 per person. 

City Tour - If you love sightseeing, consider the all-day tour around the city with a private guide. It’ll cost Rs. 4,690 for each individual, but the experience is wholesome and steeped in history. 
Dudhsagar Waterfall - Nature lovers can opt for the tour of the Dudhsagar waterfall and plantation for Rs. 6,060 per person. The tour lasts about 8 hours, and you can even have the service pick you up from your destination. 

Goa Pub Crawl - A unique offering dedicated to those who appreciate fine alcohol is the Goa Pub Crawl. You will be led on a guided tour around the city for 3 hours and it only costs Rs. 1,658 for each person. 
Museums - Another historical tour is available for Rs. 5,310. During your weekend in Goa, check out the Portuguese museums and mansions for an immersive experience of the city’s past. 

Churches - If you are spiritual or simply want to expand your horizons, take the 2-hour tour of Goa’s old churches. It only costs Rs. 1,243 for each person but you might receive an awakening through your weekend getaways from Goa. 

North Goa Sightseeing Tour - Another tour available in Panaji is the 8-hour sightseeing with a guide in North Goa. For only Rs. 8,289, a group of 3 individuals can partake in this tour and explore the heart of the city. 
Beach Tour - If you love beaches, consider the Goa beach tour for Rs. 4,881 per head. You can really get a sense of the beauty of the coastline on your weekend getaways from Goa. 

Haunted Places - If you prefer a little adventure, you can also explore some renowned haunted areas in Goa, such as the D’Mello House. Of course, the haunted part is up to each individual’s perception, but it sure adds to the fun you can have on Goa weekend getaways. 

Famous Foods in Goa 

It is no secret that when it comes to food, Goan cuisine offers a delectable palate. There are plenty of exquisite dishes you can try, regardless of whether you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, etc. 
  • Gaon Fish Curry
  • Goan Pork Vindaloo
  • Homemade Stew
  • Goan Cafreal
  • Sorpotel
  • Chicken Xacuti
  • Shark Ambot
  • Sorak
  • Patolea
1. Gaon Fish Curry - For starters, the Goan fish curry is a favourite for locals and tourists alike. The dish is prepared with Pomfret or Kingfish and a mango to add the special zing. 

2. Goan Pork Vindaloo - If you are unopposed to consuming pork, try the Goan pork vindaloo. This exquisite dish containing vinegar, garlic, and potatoes to perfectly compliment the pork is a treat to the senses.
3. Homemade Stew - You can also enjoy a bowl of homemade stew for dinner, try Feijoada, a delicious combination of red beans, spices, herbs, and salted pork. You can learn the recipe and try it at home to bring back the essence of your weekend getaways from Goa. 

4. Goan Cafreal - Another fan favourite for non-vegetarians is the Goan Cafreal chicken curry. This spicy dish is prepared with green chillies and special herbs that make you drool. 

5. Sorpotel - A preferred Goan dish for tourists and locals is a concoction of beef, pork, or mutton liver that is parboiled and prepared with fried fats.  
6. Chicken Xacuti – Another chicken dish influenced by Portuguese culture is Chicken Xacuti. It is made of Kashmiri red chillies and poppy seeds along with potatoes and an assortment of spices to tickle your palate during your Goa weekend trip. 

7. Shark Ambot - A unique experience you can get on your weekend trips from Goa is the taste of sharks. The dish called Shark Ambot Tik is another Portuguese recipe consisting of Kashmiri red chillies for spice, Kokum for sourness, and an assortment of ingredients to bring out the flavour of the shark. 

8. Sorak - Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the vegetarians. A simple yet delicious dish that is particularly desired during monsoon is Sorak. It consists of simple ingredients and is yummy when consumed with hot rice. 

9. Patolea - Another beautiful concoction for vegetarians is Patolea, a sweet that consists of red rice, coconut, tamarind leaves, cardamom, and jaggery. This steamed delicacy can be enjoyed as is or with a side of tea.

We can go on about the multitude of culinary offerings to experience on your Goa weekend getaways forever. Yet, the rich and colourful cuisine can hardly be described in words. You need to explore Goa’s culinary charm in person during your short weekend travels, maybe bring back the memories of your weekend trips from Goa by trying these recipes at home, too, although, we must say, no one can replicate the Goan cuisine. 
Make the most of your short weekend trips by taking a stroll along the coastline or through the towns populated with locals and try the small restaurants and cafes. You won’t regret it. 

Unique shopping in Goa 

While shopping in a Goan mall is just as therapeutic as in any other place, this weekend travel destination also has some unique offerings. If you want to bring back souvenirs from your weekend getaways, consider the stalls on the coastline or the local shops that supply crafted materials and unique mementoes. 
You can procure a wide range of sea shells, exclusive music CDs, a variety of beachwear and hats for your collection, locally cured spices, and a lot more. Not to mention Goa’s speciality offerings of Cashews and Feni that are exquisite in their making. 
If you are looking for a short trip for 2 days, Goa is definitely the best destination for your weekend vacation. You can even take these trips on weekdays and cherish the rich culture and history of the city.

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