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Are you planning your next international holiday? If yes, then first and foremost things that you must consider is arranging for the country’s foreign exchange. Experts believe that travel currency cards or travel forex cards are more convenient and economical.

Why choose a travel prepaid card?
What if you could book your forex at the most competitive rates in advance? With the live currency rate option, you can. Besides a live currency rate, a travel currency card also offers the following benefits:

1. Pin protected:
Forex travel cards are highly secured and are protected by a personal PIN. This eliminates the risk of you losing your valuable forex during your foreign trip. After all, you don’t want to ruin your dream vacation by living under the fear of losing threat. Therefore, safe and smart travelers only opt for travel prepaid cards.

2. Prevents bank frauds:
Online frauds are not unusual anymore. International trips are anyway an expensive affair, thus, it’s important to safeguard your bank and personal information. Instead of using international debit or credit cards, experienced travelers use travel prepaid cards. They are secured by a PIN and not linked to your personal bank account. Therefore, you safeguard your bank account from being exposed to fraud.

3. Cost-effective:
If you are looking to buy forex at the most competitive rates, then travel prepaid cards are the best option for you as loading forex travel cards are relatively cheaper. These cards also facilitate better money management.

4. Locked-in exchange rates:
One of the most important concerns in foreign exchange is its fluctuating conversion rates. Since Forex travel cards are loaded at locked-in exchange rates, they protect you from the fluctuating exchange rates. This way you maximize the value of your rupee. For example, if you have loaded your travel prepaid card with 20,000 USD, the value of it won’t change, regardless of the foreign exchange fluctuations.

5. Carry multiple currencies:
Forex travel cards not only offer better exchange rates, but also allow you to carry multiple foreign currencies in a single card. For example, Thomas Cook allows you to carry Great Britain Pounds (GBP), Danish Krone (DKK), Swedish Krona (SEK), Swiss Franc (CHF), Japanese Yen (JYP) and Omani Riyal (OMR), all in one travel prepaid card. Buy travel prepaid forex card at the most competitive prices now.

Why Choose Thomas Cook?

When you think international travel, think Thomas Cook.
At Thomas Cook, we understand the value of your money and the importance of a good vacation. With our exhaustive range of travel services, we aim at enriching your travel experience. Our services include, but are not restricted to, flight booking, hotel booking, sight-seeing and foreign exchange. The world is constantly evolving and in today’s digital era, buying foreign currency has become as simple as ever. With just a few taps, you can effortlessly buy your prepaid travel card online at the most competitive prices, that too, 60 days prior to your overseas trip.

Live currency exchange rates, facility to block currency rates, and easy 24 hour home delivery of travel prepaid cards has made buying forex online one of the most sought-after methods of availing foreign currency. With Thomas Cook, you can load your forex travel card at the most competitive exchange rates, from anywhere in the world. Another concern in availing foreign exchange is finding a reliable source. Our constant efforts at enriching your travel experience with our bespoke solutions, have helped us reach a reputable position in the international travel and forex market. Leisure and business travelers from across the world trust us for all the forex requirements. Our transparent processes and seamless experience have helped us gain the trust of millions around the globe.

What are you waiting for? Buy travel prepaid forex card at the most competitive prices now and gear up for your upcoming overseas trip.