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Mauritius Honeymoon Packages

The African continent has long been a major point of fascination for the eastern as well as the Western world. However, there is a speck of land not far from the mainland of Africa that has quickly become one of the fastest developing islands and a tourist attraction.
Mauritius is located on the east of the sea of Madagascar in Africa and sits amid the Indian Ocean. The country is basically an archipelago much like Andaman and Nicobar in India, except most of the islands other than the mainland of Mauritius and the eastern island of Rodriguez remain uninhabited and barely explored.
The country of Mauritius comprises beaches, coral reefs and beautiful ravines on the coastal side whereas the inland regions are famous for housing several volcanoes and exquisite mountain ranges. Despite the small size of Mauritius as compared to its neighbouring continent of Africa, it is quite the beauty when it comes to portraying the compromises between Man and Nature.
The population of the entire archipelago it's just below 1.4 million, thus making it a conservatively well-to-do country. The resources in Mauritius are likely to last longer due to the finesse of family planning and each person contributes their share to keep the country seemingly beautiful. In fact, Mauritius is one of the wealthiest islands with extravagant resorts and successful businesses making a massive contribution to the welfare of the country.
Mauritius is well known for being home of the dodo bird, an almost extinct creature that does not fly yet has the soulful eyes to draw you in. The country also offers unique attractions including waterfalls underwater, lush gardens, colossal water lilies, and the infamous flavoured rum. Tourists from all around the world spend an exorbitant amount of money to witness the glorious offerings of Mauritius in person. This group of islands have made quite the name for itself as a perfect honeymoon destination or just a vacation for couples.

Benefits of booking Mauritius honeymoon with Thomas Cook

When you think about travelling, be it alone, with friends, with your spouse, or with family, the biggest concern is to find a good travel agency that is well-versed with the requirements and general velocity of your chosen location. Luckily, Thomas Cook is a travel agency that has been in the industry for almost 140 years, which provided them with enough time as well as varied resources to explore 25 different countries on five continents. Thus, they identified the most spectacular destinations for newlyweds or couples to spend their time and bond to ease the rest of their lives together.
Thomas Cook has provided dedicated service in the travel industry, which entitles them to the most prestigious times travel award on more than one occasion. Their commitment to providing their customers with the best possible travel experience has not only made them one of the top-rated agencies but help them build relationships.
There are several benefits to booking your Mauritius honeymoon packages for couples with Thomas Cook starting with their vetting process. The company takes the luxury, safety, and enjoyment of their clients very seriously. Therefore, in any given location, they take some time to visit the place and explore its famous destinations just to ensure that their guests will have a ton of entertainment at their disposal. But with their vast experience in travel, they are also closely associated with several luxury hotels and private accommodations to facilitate a comfortable stay for their customers. Needless to say, there are safety and security measures that are beyond the bare minimum.
The travel advisors of Thomas Cook also capture numerous pictures and videos of the locations that they visit so you can check them out online before booking your Mauritius honeymoon packages. If the beauty and serenity of the location appeal to you, then the company is at your service to provide you with the best Mauritius honeymoon package cost. However, if you are in doubt, they have numerous other locations and honeymoon packages in beautiful countries abroad as well as top Indian states where tourism is most popular.
Thomas Cook also recognizes that a honeymoon is usually a part of your early relationship days. This is not the time to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a vacation. Therefore, they tweak and negotiate the rates with the various hotels and tour guides to give you the best possible tariff for the services. In fact, their honeymoon packages are optimised to only include what is absolutely necessary, which is food and shelter, and sometimes sightseeing tours to the most popular places at the destination. Of course, there are additional packages and amenities that you can add but no one pays for more than what they will use.
Their consideration and determination to make the honeymoon experience one of the best vacations of your life is recognized and appreciated by their customers for decades. They even offer cash back as well as wallet money thus reducing your Mauritius honeymoon package cost online so you end up getting more benefits than you thought.

Best time to visit Mauritius

Mauritius experiences a peculiar seasonal change, just to accommodate only summers and winters on the mainland of this country. This is not to say that there is no rainfall in Mauritius but the seasons of spring and autumn are pretty much negligent.
The Mauritius weather is delightful and pleasant around the year with a mild breeze always in the air and the land and water being sufficiently warm but neither scalding nor chilled. You can partake in various adventurous activities or go swimming or simply sit by the beach at any point in time and still not feel too hot or cold. This is one of the attractive holiday destinations for honeymooners.
Summers in Mauritius from the month of October to April when the sun shines from 5:30 in the morning to 7:00 o'clock in the evening. This is one of the peak seasons when tourists visit the archipelago to sit by the water bodies and sunbathe. There is no particular requirement for the spring season as all year round the weather is comfortable and the view of the lush greenery is spectacular.
During the months of December to February, you may experience a considerable amount of humidity and the months of February and March often bring the pleasant sound of the pitter-pattering of the rain. There is also a strong wind around which makes the blaring sun all the more attractive and welcoming.
Winter visits the archipelago around Mauritius in the middle of the year around July to September. The weather is not particularly cold but there is a cool breeze, especially at night, which provides a pleasant stay. It is the perfect time to go surfing or Engage in flying kites. You may also witness meteor showers or shooting stars during this time of year in Mauritius.
If you want to avoid the peak season when the country is too crowded with tourists, you can book your Mauritius honeymoon packages between the months of April to June. As the weather is pleasant all around the year, you won't really feel much of a change in the climate but the uncrowded destination offers an opportunity to explore the islands with your spouse and spend quality time alone with each other.

How to reach Mauritius

Since Mauritius is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and quite a distance away from India, you can only opt for long-distance modes of travel. Trying to reach the archipelago by roadways and railways is not at all possible. However, flights and luxurious cruises are some of the most preferred modes of travel for honeymooners to reach Mauritius for several reasons.

1. Travel by Airways

Given the distance, the most favourable mode of transportation from India to Mauritius is by flight. Major airlines offer direct and connecting flights from international airports at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. As a matter of fact, you can catch direct flights to Mauritius from New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport on a daily basis.
Flight travel to Mauritius is considerably cheaper and takes a shorter duration, so you don't waste most of your honeymoon in transit. Even the connecting flights headed to Mauritius crossing over Dubai, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi and Saint-Denis Are very convenient and comfortable modes of travel for a honeymoon in Mauritius. You will be welcomed at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Mauritius with beautiful smiles and humility.

2. Travel by waterways

If you are looking for an extravagant mode of travel so you get to start your honeymoon much before you reach your destination in Mauritius, then cruises are another way to go. There are luxury cruises available from the ports of India around Chennai and Mumbai that offer comforts and Opulence like no other.
For Mauritius trip for couples who wish to explore the magnificence of the high seas, cruises to Mauritius are the most popular choice. You get to start your honeymoon being pampered by the many amenities and culinary charms on the cruise ship reform you start your extravagant honeymoon in Mauritius. It is the perfect time to build your itinerary for your Mauritius tours and travels as well as bond over your likes and dislikes while being surrounded by splendour.

Main honeymoon destinations in Mauritius

Mauritius is a considerably small island with a bounty of scenic views, a rich history, and the most spectacular white beaches encircling the entire coast. It is not incredibly difficult to cover all the sites on your honeymoon trip in Mauritius, however, to aid in better planning your itinerary it is best to understand the main honeymoon destinations and where they are located so your trip can be as smooth as butter.
Mauritius is divided into 4 corners namely the north, South, East, and West Coast. Each destination has its own magnificent charm that delights honeymooners on this very special occasion. Here are the main destinations that you must include to visit on your Mauritius couple package:

1. The north coast of Mauritius

Whether you want to relax with your spouse while exploring the history, sipping tropical drinks by the beach as you spend time bonding with each other, or go shopping to commemorate your honeymoon in Mauritius, all partake in water sports like daredevils, the north side of Mauritius is a cornucopia of activities and sites that will leave you delighted.
From Grand Gaube to Pointe aux Piments, This beautiful stretch of land is ideal to go cycling, or walking around the heritage sites admiring the divine beauty of several monuments and colonial architecture.
The rich historical significance of Mauritius is abundantly prevalent on the North Coast. You can also try the street-style food as you walk along the coastline or try your hand at water activities or swim amid the coral reefs that so elegantly encompass the sparkling beaches of Mauritius on the north side.

2. South coast of Mauritius

The South Coast of Mauritius is better known for its inland activities rather than the beachside fun. The region that hosts the national reserves for both wildlife, as well as marine life, also sports scenic sightings of mountains and valleys whichever way you look.
Of course, the coastline in the southern regions is illustrious, thus inspiring panoramic photography and relaxing picnic lunches during your Mauritius trip for couples. However, the main event lies in the inland where you can explore the natural delight of everything beautiful that Mauritius holds in its bosom or rejuvenate in a spa or resort amid the wilderness and get pampered with your spouse.

3. The east coast of Mauritius

If you and your spouse are looking for an immersive cultural experience of Mauritius, you definitely cannot miss the East Coast. It features a perfect amalgamation of cliff sides with exquisite views as well as widespread beaches surrounding the sparkling blue water of the Indian Ocean.
Not only is the East Coast known for its list of picturesque coves, but is also famous for its historical significance contributing to the heritage of Mauritius. You can walk around down and speak with the locals to learn more about the islands or explore the origins of the inhabitants on your own. Every part of town has a story to tell on the East Coast and you will be amazed at the number of activities you find to party games with your partner.

4. West Coast of Mauritius

The most popular honeymoon destination to add in your Mauritius couple package is the West Coast which is often referred to as the sunset coast. As you watch the sun going down on the horizon at this beautiful port side land, you are bound to be filled with an enchanting appreciation for the power and beauty of nature. The coast is simply marvellous and the view is absolutely divine.
There are several Creole villages isolated on the West Coast that are ideal for an afternoon walk to learn the history of Mauritius. You can spend time on the beaches or be pampered at the many spa facilities at your luxury hotel. Several water activities are also available to entertain and delight honeymooners with a unique experience around the island's many beautiful coral reefs. Not to mention the accidental sighting of the dolphins is a coveted activity for couples enjoying their Mauritius honeymoon package.
Regardless of the region in which you book your accommodation during your Mauritius tour package, you can traverse along to any of the neighbouring areas in very little time given the small construct of the islands. You can also take some time to explore the isolated islands that surround Mauritius and dive into the ocean to see the magical coral reefs that contribute to the colourful atmosphere around the archipelago.

Best beaches in Mauritius

Mauritius is an atoll of beaches therefore it was very difficult to choose where you would want to spend time with your spouse and what activities would make your honeymoon extra special. The beach you choose to spend most of your time on can make an absolute impact so let us take a look are the best beaches in Mauritius :

1. Flic en Flac - a perfect destination for families as well as couples where you can partake in thrilling adventure sports and dine out at the local restaurants.
2. Tamarin Bay - the destination that facilitates spotting dolphins in their natural habitat as well as provides the perfect conditions to go waterboarding or surfing.
3. Turtle Bay - an area isolated from the hustle and bustle of crowds with an array of luxury accommodations where you can spend time with your spouse being pampered.
4. Belle Mare - the perfect beach destination for spouses to sit on the white sandy stretch, sip on tropical drinks and bond over their life ahead.
5. Ile Au Cerf - the ultimate destination for partaking in water sports or sitting by the beach for a secluded island experience.
6. Mont Choisy - if fishing village that sports spectacular beachside activities with a relaxing atmosphere all in one place.
7. Trou aux Biches - the perfect holiday destination with palm trees lining the coast side while luxury hotels and water sporting activities make for the ideal atmosphere for serenity and thrills.
8. Gris Gris Beach - Not the ideal location for swimming as the water currents can be quite dangerous. However, this beach is more popular for its interesting topography that inspires us to explore the terrain for its photographic view.
9. Blue Bay beach - an unspoiled terrain where nature prevails in the form of a beachside nestled in the heart of a park that has developed naturally. It's less crowded due to its lack of bars and restaurants, however, if you are looking for a surreal place to spend some time with your spouse, this is it.

Most of these beaches are ideal for a picnic or to spend quality time with your spouse on your honeymoon in Mauritius. Plan your itinerary when booking your Mauritius honeymoon package from India so you can bask in the divine beauty of nature as you watch the sunrise or sunset on the horizon with the dancing water creating the perfect backdrop for a romantic time.

Mauritius places to visit for honeymoon

Mauritius is such a beautiful holiday destination that it often baffles couples on their honeymoon trying to decide which places to visit and which to exclude from their itinerary. It is a tough choice, no doubt, but when you have picturesque views all around that make you admire the divine source, seen or unseen, you can pick your choice of tourist places in Mauritius and still miss out on almost nothing.
Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Mauritius for honeymoon that couples enjoy for their serenity, cuisine, activities, and historical significance:

1. Mahebourg
2. Ile Au Aigrettes
3. Île au Cerfs
4. Trou d’eau Douce
5. Port Louis
6. Tamarind Falls
7. Flic en Flac
8. Le Morne Peninsula
9. Tamarin Bay and Tamarin Falls
10. Balaclava
11. Turtle Bay
12. Grand Baie
13. Pamplemousse Botanical Garden
14. Pointe aux Piments
15. St. Francis of Assisi Church
16. Anse La Raie
17. Malheureux
18. Mauritius Aquarium
19. Black rivers National Park
20. Blue Bay Marine Park
21. Chamarel
22. Bel Ombre
23. Gris Gris beach
24. Grand Bassin

These places in Mauritius are known for their tranquillity even outside of resorts and spa retreats where most couples enjoy being pampered. Be it the beaches, the natural reserves, the beautiful oceanic view, the plethora of natural constructs, the colonial architecture, or the exquisite unspoiled islands, it will all leave you spellbound.

The local cuisine of Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical island that has for many years been influenced by European and Indian cultures. Almost adjacent to the African continent, the Mauritian roots go deep when it comes to Creole flavours of locally grown spices. Thus, the cuisine that ultimately emerges from the blend of all these different cultures is not only a treat to your palate but also to your olfactory sensors.
Here are some of the popular foods that you must try during your Mauritius tour package for couples:

1. Alouda - An amalgamation of beverage and ice cream made of milk with added almonds and food colouring obtained from natural resources is the Mauritian version of Indian faluda.
2. Achard Legumes - vegetables such as carrots, beans, chillies, and cabbage are pickled and served as a side dish to various types of rice dishes, flatbreads, and sometimes sandwiches.
3. Bois Cheri Tea - Locally grown tea leaves with a hint of vanilla flavour are further enhanced into Chai tea that is popular in India as well as European countries.
4. Bol Renverse - a dish inspired by Asian countries is flavoured rice mixed with several vegetables and dry fruits and topped with a fried egg. The three layers of this recipe also consist of sauces and other toppings such as seafood or chicken as per your preference.
5. Boulettes - momos or dumplings made of vegetables, bacon, beef, pork, or fish served with b bouillon to create a flavour that is unique to Mauritius
6. Coconut Chutney - much like the South Indian chutney that is enjoyed with the plate of soft idlis, the Mauritian version of coconut chutney is complementary to enjoy with faratas, puris, or roti.
7. Curry - Due to the massive influx of the Indian population in Mauritius, curries have become a major part of their cuisine. With the base created from onion, garlic, and fresh curry leaves, Mauritians can create Delectable recipes by adding vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, or a variety of eclectic seafood including octopus.
8. Dim Sum - Although not an inherent dish of Mauritius based on their culture, the locals are always pleased with their authentic Chinese recipe of momos.
9. Dholl Puri - A recipe that is largely influenced by Indians is Dholl Puri, which is a flatbread made from wheat dough and stuffed with a mixture of ground peas and spices.
10. Farata - If you have tasted the Indian flatbread called paratha, then this will bring back familiar memories. It is Mauritius’s take on the Indian paratha that can be consumed with varieties of chutney or Curry, and sometimes even freshly made yoghurt.
11. Gajak - deep-fried bits of confectionery consisting of peanuts, sesame seeds, and other delights mixed with jaggery or the residue of sugary substances.
12. Mauritian Biryani - A blend of Hyderabadi and Bengali flavours plays a major role create this delectable Mauritian recipe. The aestheticism of Hyderabadi biryani with its beautiful flavours of spices and long-grain rice to keep the authenticity intact, the addition of potatoes and fragrances derived from Bengali cuisines makes this lip-smacking dish one of the best offerings of Mauritius for both locals and tourists
13. Mine Frites - another incredible dish inspired by Chinese cuisine is the fried noodles topped with caramelised onions and spicy chillies for the extra added flavour.
14. Mithai - a close variant of sweet dishes made in India with nutty and buttery flavours that keep you craving.
15. Palm Heart Salad - derived from the heart of palm tree trunks that are cut down after seven years of ageing, the inner flesh is served with a side of salad but mostly consumed as a starter.
16. Plates of seafood - Being surrounded by the vast Indian Ocean makes Mauritius one of the ideal locations to try fresh seafood. Be it fish, octopus, shrimp, squid, or anything else you can think of, Mauritian cuisine will turn it into a delight for your palate.
17. Tomahto - a large cookie that looks like a cake made of delicious fresh coconut shavings and sugar. It is one of the tastiest cake recipes you will ever try.
18. Mauritian Rum - Although not a food, Mauritian Rum also deserves an honorary mention on this list of its culinary charms. The two varieties of pink pigeon rum and green island rum are both popular exports of the country that people around the world seem to enjoy. You may think that acquiring them in your homeland is just as good but trust us when we say you must try the original flavours at the breweries in Mauritius to truly appreciate these beverages at their finest.

The playfulness of Mauritian cuisine has long been an inspiration for the world to experiment with the unknown. As you can see, most of these dishes are inspired by local African cuisine, French cuisine, and Dutch cuisine, and the biggest impact comes from Indian cuisine. With this special blend of locally grown spices added to popular recipes, the people of Mauritius have successfully reinvented several foods which will leave your taste buds desiring more. Be sure to check out these culinary delights on your Mauritius tour package for couples.

Things to do in Mauritius

As the island of Mauritius is conveniently divided into its four hemispheres, you can find a lot of fun activities and things to do in Mauritius on the four corners during your Mauritius package for couple:

1. To discover the beauty of the Pamplemousse Botanical Garden built by Pierre Poivre back in the 18th century. Not only is it a historical landmark and home to indigenous flora but also the unique talipot which is a variety of trees that blooms once every 30 to 80 years and then perishes.
2. Take a tour to explore colonial architecture and the beautiful sights built back in the 18th century. Particular delightful examples are the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi
3. Go kite surfing along the beaches with several enthusiasts in Mauritius.
4. Take part in water activities such as windsurfing, sailing, surfing, or taking boat rides on cruises, catamarans, or motorboats even.
5. Check out the dolphins with your spouse as they dance through the water oblivious of the world around them, much like newlyweds. It is a perfect experience to share on your honeymoon in Mauritius.
6. You can take part in thrilling water activities as well such as snorkelling or scuba diving in order to learn more about the marine life that surrounds the islands of Mauritius.
7. If you are not too keen on diving in the ocean but still want to explore the marine life that is indigenous to Mauritius, take a walk along the many lanes of the Mauritius aquarium. It houses over 200 different species of marine life and you can even interact with some of them that are unopposed to the human touch.
8. Learn about the heritage and specialities of Mauritius from the locals as you cycle around the island with your spouse.
9. Explore the culinary charms of Mauritius with a guided tour of Creole foods.
10. Have a picnic lunch at one of the deserted islands amid a dolphin cruise.
11. Hike to the top of Le Morne cliffs which is a UNESCO heritage site. Make sure to have experts with you at the time as the client can be quite steep and dangerous as you near the top.
12. Take an excursion to check out the astounding number of waterfalls and coves that dot the land of Mauritius.
13. Go mountain climbing at lion peak.
14. Take a tour of the museums to learn this historical story of Mauritius. The National History Museum in Mahebourg has one of the best displays.
15. Go fishing for tranquillity with your spouse.
16. You can go bird watching or explore the dense forest lands that are home to several natural wildlife reserves.
17. Take an adventure ride on a kayak or river raft on the many jumping water bodies littered around Mauritius.
18. Take a spiritual tour of Grand Bassin Where lies the holy site of Ganga Talao, a lake that inspires many pilgrimages and where a massive statue of Lord Shiva, called the Mangal Mahadev stands tall by its side.
19. The seven-coloured land in Chamarel is a coveted destination where you can witness the magic of nature's many forces, including mounds created by now-dormant volcanoes several millennia ago.
20. Tracking the naturally built national parks will also be a thrilling experience when you encounter indigenous animals as well as exquisite flora with astounding scenery all around.

Most of the activities in Mauritius are relaxing. It allows couples to introspect about their peaceful living and the life they are going to build ahead after their Mauritius package for couples comes to a glorious end. Despite the serenity, Mauritius also offers a lot of sporting activities that raise the adrenaline levels in the body. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy the feeling of your heart racing, Mauritius is the perfect location to partake in water sports not only for the rush but also to witness the divine marine life in their natural habitat.

The shopping experience in Mauritius

The cultural appropriation in Mauritius with its heritage in African, Indian, French, Dutch, and numerous other civilizations has inspired the population to explore handicrafts and works of art with a new passion. Here are some of the things you can acquire during your shopping sprees in Mauritius:

1. Clothing and fabrics made of Cashmere.
2. Jewellery with classic Indian designs, including those embedded with diamonds.
3. Models of ships inspired by the export vessels handcrafted by the artisans.
4. Authentic Mauritian paintings created by local talents.
5. Personalised handmade souvenirs such as wood carvings, baskets, figurines, picture frames, etc.
6. Dodo figurines, plush toys, and t-shirts as a homage to the extinct bird of Mauritius.
7. Jars of coloured sand.
8. Painted vases or bottles.
9. Designer items of clothing.
10. Craftwork made of shells, coral, and other sea-themed products.
11. Sugarcane is cultivated from local plantations.
12. Mauritian Rum in its authentic form.
13. Bois Cheri tea samples with a hint of vanilla.
14. Locally grown spices that are perfect to complement any food in any cuisine.

The cost of shopping in Mauritius is extremely reasonable given their propensity to readily bargain. There are several shops around the tourist spots and beaches where you can acquire most of these items. Mauritius also has a thriving duty-free market but you can shop to your heart's content to acquire some exquisite products.

Indian restaurants and cafes in Mauritius

The local cuisine of Mauritius is largely influenced by Indian foods due to their massive Indian population. However, being in a foreign land that also serves the local flavours can sometimes make you nostalgic for food in your home country. Luckily Mauritius also features a chain of Indian restaurants and cafes where you can have authentic Indian food:

1. Amari by Vineet
2. Coconut cafe
3. Coolen Chez Ram
4. Frizzy
5. Happy Rajah Indian Restaurant
6. Kangan Indian restaurant
7. Les Palmiers Restaurant
8. Nitzana Restaurant
9. Roti aka Vinoda
10. Safran
11. Saffron grill
12. Seasons restaurant and bar
13. Sitar Indian restaurant
14. Sunshine fusion
15. The sea folks
16. Veda
17. Zaffrani
18. Zub Express restaurant

Try these local Indian restaurants in Mauritius to see just how eloquently they keep on par with their roots. Lip-smacking flavours will leave you happy as a clam even if you are not fond of seafood.

Adventurous things to do in Mauritius

The topography of Mauritius allows several activities that you would not otherwise find in honeymoon locations. Close proximity to the mountain ranges and the Garland of beaches along the Indian Ocean create the perfect opportunities to have an adventure in Mauritius. Here is a list of the top adventure activities in which you can participate with your spouse on your honeymoon and Mauritius:

1. Blue safari submarine rides
2. Cycling
3. Deep sea diving
4. Dolphin watching
5. Fishing
6. Hiking
7. Horseback riding
8. Kite surfing
9. Mountain climbing
10. Paddle boarding
11. Parasailing
12. Scuba diving
13. Snorkelling
14. Surfing
15. Tandem skydiving
16. Walking tours with wildlife

While some of these activities have the potential to raise your heartbeat making you feel more alive than you have ever felt before, most of these adventures ultimately leave you feeling rejuvenated. The opportunities to explore the underwater marine life as well as the indigenous species still surviving in their natural habitat can add such a thrill to your honeymoon in Mauritius.

Interesting facts about Mauritius

Mauritius is a devastatingly beautiful country that is well known worldwide for its tourism and scenic views no matter which way you turn. As tourists, we often tend to focus on the tangible than the intangible, thus missing out on subtle interesting details that make the place so special. There are some interesting and lesser-known facts that you should know about this glorious land when planning your Mauritius tour package:

1. Although Mauritius is commonly referred to as a country, it is actually a union Republic consisting of a number of islands including Agalega, Rodriguez, and St. Brandon, and a number of unexplored and uninhabited atolls.
2. Several volcanoes around Mauritius are now dormant but were ferociously active at one point of time in history.
3. The underwater volcanoes in the Indian Ocean spewed lava nearly nine million years ago which cooled down to form the archipelago that is now known as Mauritius.
4. The main island of Mauritius is quite tiny with a square footage of only 2040km, which is spread 65 kilometres in length and 45 kilometres in width making it one of the few smallest countries in the world.
5. The island of Mauritius was discovered back in the year 975 and named Dina Arobi by Arab sailors. It wasn't until 1598 that Dutch soldiers named it Mauritius in order to honour the Dutch Lieutenant Prince Maurice van Nassau.
6. Mauritius was one of the most important ports that routed various trade ships during the reign of the French East India Company.
7. The islands in and around Mauritius are some of the biggest contributors of sugar cane and subsequently sugar, which was historically one of the biggest contributors to the Mauritian economy.
8. As a neighbour to Africa, Mauritius has set very high standards in the human development index wherein it has been weighted the highest by The United Nations Development Program.
9. Indians have a rich heritage in Mauritius. When in 1835, slavery of Africans was banned, British soldiers transported about half a million labourers from India for sugar cane farms. Today, their descendants comprise the major population on the islands.
10. The life expectancy in Mauritius is on average 75 years and over 90% of the total population is literate.
11. Although inspired by this neighbouring land of Africa in many ways, Mauritius is still the only place around the region where Hinduism is followed by the major part of the population.
12. The locals in Mauritius speak a language that is a conjugation of African and French, thus making the Mauritian Creole. Most of the nation also speaks French and English quite fluently. The other popular language in Mauritius is Bhojpuri due to the influx of population and the recent introduction to their musical styles.
13. The native folk music and dance styles of Sega that are popular in Mauritius are inspired by their ancestors in slavery. Due to this heritage, the dancers are always careful about their feet never leaving the ground to signify their deep-rooted traditions of being connected to mother earth.
14. Mauritius is extremely cooperative which is why senior citizens, students, and disabled people are allowed to travel on public transportation absolutely free of charge.
15. Mauritius is one of the few countries where you get your visa after you reach your destination.
16. The Mauritian flag reflects the significance of its land and heritage through the four different colours. The red stripe signifies their suffering in the past as slaves and the bloodshed they had to sustain in order to attain independence. The blue stripe is to commemorate the Indian Ocean that encompasses a tiny bit of land. The yellow strip is a symbol of their bright future and the green signifies the rich vegetation on the land. 17. Much like Mahatma Gandhi to India, Mauritius has a ‘Father of the nation,’ Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam after whom they have named their International Airport.
18. The islands of Mauritius are known for their peace-loving culture which is why in 2017 they were recognized as one of the only Four Nations that will not be in conflict with other countries or continents. In fact, it is the only nation that does not particularly require a standing army.
19. The extinct dodo bird is one of the many features that attract tourists to Mauritius. The bird is often paralleled with lethargic living much like sloths and incidentally, the Mauritian football team is fondly called the dodos.
20. Speaking of the dodo bird, you can see a lot of dedication to the flightless creatures that once inhabited the island of Mauritius before it was discovered by humans who brought other animals. Together they managed to kill the entire dodo population for their eggs and meat thus making the bird extinct.
21. It’s popularly believed that Alice in Wonderland was inspired by a stuffed dodo that is displayed in Oxford University's Museum of Natural History.
22. Mark Twain once complimented Mauritius saying the structure of heaven was modelled after this tiny island.
23. Mauritius is home to Chamarel, a place that conveys a permanent visual depiction of a rainbow. The seven colours on the grounds are well-formed due to the lava from the volcanic eruptions but cool down at different lengths of time.
24. With its heritage as being one of the most popular ports for trade, Mauritian artisans learn the incredible craft of designing intricate ships in bottles and model ships to display their historical significance. These became one of the biggest exports and coveted items to shop in Mauritian markets.
25. Both the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mauritius have a historical significance of their days in slavery. Mont Le Morne Barbant was where slaves took sanctuary when they escaped the torment of their masters. After slavery was abolished and British rulers brought Indians to work on the sugarcane plantations, they were housed in Aapravasi Ghat, which literally translates to the land of immigrants.
26. The number of tourists who visit Mauritius in any given year can easily outnumber their native population.

Mauritius is a beautiful place with such a sad history. Yet the locals manage to hold their heads up high and rejoice in their present and future rather than dwelling on the past. The people of the archipelago collectively inspire thoughtfulness and motivation in the entire population of Earth.

Culture of Mauritius

The islands of Mauritius have been through a devastating amount of cultural changes over the past few millennia. The small island country has been home to Dutch explorers, French revolutionaries, British rulers, African slaves, Indian communities, and a lot more. This has made Mauritius into one of the most diverse cultures that speak multiple languages, follows various religious practices, and come from different ethnicities to live harmoniously on a 2040 sq. km of land.

For many years, the people of Mauritius remain slaves to the western world and the European countries due to their subservient and accommodating nature that was taken advantage of for the most part. Over the years as the external world progressed, the local African population of Mauritius was set free from slavery and replaced by workers brought to the country as immigrants from India. Although the bitter taste of their heritage still remains, moderates moved on to a happier future by embracing their roots through food, music, performing arts, and practices of peace.

The conjugation of so many different cultures has impacted the lives of the locals such that they have become extremely warm and welcoming towards the people that they meet. They are no longer tied to the past, but rather live in the present where their islands are celebrated as one of the most favoured and appropriated holiday destinations for tourists from all around the world. They do not discriminate based on religion, race, caste, social status, or habits. We believe in a ‘live and let live’ policy that has helped them thrive and become one of the leading smallest countries with massive growth and development.

Mauritius visa for Indians

One of the best things about planning a Mauritius honeymoon trip is the ease of visa application. Of course, Indians travelling on a honeymoon in Mauritius require a visa but you do not have to apply for it in your home country. All you need to do is pack your bags, get your Mauritius travel packages in place, book your tickets, flight, cruises, whatever you prefer and land there.
For Indians, a Mauritius honeymoon package costs a lot less than you think since the visa is free of charge. Regardless of whether you travel with your family, friends, spouse, or solo, you just need to walk up to the immigration counters upon entering the country and submit your travel documents there. You will be awarded the two-month single entry visa absolutely free of charge so you can explore the beautiful country.
Here is the process of visa application for your honeymoon in Mauritius that you need to follow at the immigration counters:

1. You need to fill out the application form.
2. You need to carry an Indian passport that is valid for the next six months at least.
3. You must furnish your details of accommodation as per your Mauritius honeymoon package from india.
4. You must have a confirmed ticket stating your date of return from Mauritius which should be within the 60 days for which your visa is valid.
5. You must produce financial documents that indicate you have at least an average of Rs. 6000 to spend on a daily basis during your Mauritius honeymoon trip. Whether you utilise we amount is irrelevant. The government just needs to confirm but you have the funds to support yourself. The currency difference between the Mauritian rupee and the Indian rupee is almost negligible, so proof of document in Indian currency is also acceptable.
6. You must carry two recent photographs of yourself and your fellow traveller, be it your family members, spouse, or friends clicked within the last six months.
7. You must have identity proof indicating your citizenship in India.

Due to the massive influx of Indians working or running businesses in Mauritius, the process of applying for a visitor's visa is fairly simple and hassle-free. You can acquire your visa within a few minutes or a couple of hours and begin your honeymoon trip in Mauritius.

Foreign currencies supported in Mauritius

The national currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian rupee coined as MUR, which is widely used in the form of coins and notes ranging in denomination from 5 Mauritian rupees to 2000 Mauritian rupees. It is best to get your local currency exchanged in Mauritian rupee so you can easily pair the numerous outlets and tip your server as well.
It is best to change the specifications of your debit or credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and diners so they are acceptable at the ATMs in Mauritius or at the stores in the country. This way if you withdraw cash after you reach Mauritius, you won't need to exchange your money at several foreign currency exchange facilities, although the process is quite breezy.
The US dollar is easily accepted in Mauritius due to its close proximity to Africa and its cultural orientation with the United States of America. The flourishing economy also facilitates several digital and online payments from different channels to make your honeymoon in Mauritius all the more delightful and hassle-free.

Browse other best-selling honeymoon packages

Mauritius is one of the most coveted holiday destinations for couples with its exquisite sceneries and plush lifestyle. However, if the country’s Offbeat living does not appeal to you, Thomas Cook has a series of other best-selling honeymoon packages that most couples favour. Here are some of the best-selling honeymoon packages in India and abroad but you can choose for your special vacation with your spouse:

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There are numerous other domestic and international travel packages available on the Thomas Cook website. You can also choose a honeymoon destination and consult the dedicated travel advisors who can help you create a personalised package for you and your spouse.

Mauritius Honeymoon Packages Handpicked for you

People also asked about Mauritius Honeymoon Packages

What is the predominant religion of Mauritius?
Although Mauritius is an extremely inclusive country where several different religious practices are commonplace, Hinduism is the predominant religion practised in Mauritius due to its major population. More than half the country's locals are Hindus with minorities practising Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and other religious beliefs.
Do I need a PCR test to book my Mauritius honeymoon package from India?
You do not need a PCR test when entering the country of Mauritius. There are no stigmas against unvaccinated people either to acquire a visitor’s visa for Mauritius. However, taking off from your homeland will require you to produce a certificate of vaccination for both COVID-19 doses, so travelling to Mauritius is not as risky as it seems.
What are the dos and don'ts in Mauritius?
As a popular travel destination, Mauritius doesn't really have a long list of rules and regulations for its tourists. However, be mindful of the following things not to do for your personal safety as well as to maintain a little decorum where the people welcome tourists with open arms:
○ Don’t rely on Google Maps to reach your destinations
○ Never go hiking or trekking through the forests and mountain sides without a local tour guide
○ Be careful when you deal with taxi drivers
○ Avoid taking the bus during late nights
○ Don’t believe everything that the factory shops tell you
○ Avoid the public restrooms as much as possible unless they are situated at luxury hotels
○ Don’t smoke in public places
○ Don’t go sunbathing without appropriate clothing. Don’t indulge in partial nudity either.
○ Avoid direct contact with the shrines at the religious institutions
○ Be mindful of always driving on the left side of the road
○ Keep a watchful eye on the signs at the beach
Do I need any vaccinations for my Mauritius honeymoon?
There are a few booster shots you need to take before travelling to Mauritius for your honeymoons such as tetanus shots, typhoid injections, and hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccinations. There are no specific vaccinations for those with higher risks or lower immune systems and you need not take a yellow fever vaccination to enter the country as opposed to its neighbouring African continent.
Is travel insurance compulsory for a honeymoon in Mauritius?
Not all aspects of travel insurance are unnecessary when travelling to Mauritius. However, due to the recent influx of COVID-19, you need to have medical insurance when travelling for your honeymoon in Mauritius to ensure that you're covered in case of emergencies.
How much does a honeymoon in Mauritius cost?
A honeymoon in Mauritius costs a lot less as there are no visa charges for booking a Mauritius honeymoon package from India. Additionally, if you book through Thomas cook, you will have access to luxury accommodations at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, shopping and food in Mauritius are also considerably cheaper than most travel packages abroad, so you end up saving a lot of money on your Mauritius couple package. Just make sure to have at least Rs. 6000 per day during your stay as a spending amount to be on the safe side and to acquire your free visa.

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