Eureka In Mauritius

If Mauritian history dating to its colonial era is what you seek, then do not miss out on Eureka. The perfectly conserved Creole mansion that was built in the 1830s is indeed a sight to behold. Today it has been transmuted into a museum that takes you gliding back into the island's spirited bygone days of a plantation. The architecture of the house is another aspect to marvel at with its superior, tropical ideal construction that is still effective in keeping the interiors pleasantly cool. The incalculable number of rooms, 109 doors and antique furniture that’s beautifully preserved even to this day are incredible to witness. Moreover, the numerous ancient maps, and a mildewed piano along with carefully manicured grounds and stone servant cottages just add to the list of the house’s impressive features.

Location: Réduit, Moka

Known for: Being an iconic 19th century building with furnishings and architecture that throw you back in colonial times. Its scenic location is also one to admire.

How to reach: By road, through various modes of commutations

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm Everyday

Approximate Cost: INR 700-800

Type: Notable Building

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