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Maldives Honeymoon Packages

When booking honeymoon packages from India one of the top places that come to mind is the Maldives. This beautiful elongated island destination lies in South Asia on the southwest of India and Sri Lanka hardly over 700 kilometres away.
It is one of the favourite places for couples to spend their honeymoon as not only is Maldives a great place to sit by the beach and enjoy its pleasing sunset or sunrise but also the epitome of water Sporting activities where you can explore marine life up close and personal.
Apart from enjoying the blissful sparkling blue waters around the Maldives, the republican nation is also popular for natural preservation practices. If you plan a Maldives tour package for couples, you will always be surrounded by lush greenery and dense forest lungs with exquisite flora that supports indigenous fauna to flourish. Such as the divine beauty of the Maldives that leaves people absolutely spellbound by the time their vacation comes to an end.
This independent republican nation proudly sports its history of Dutch, British, Portuguese, And Islamic invaders who left a mark on the cultural and architectural forms of Maldives. Thus, despite their official Dhivehi language, Maldivians are fluent in English, German, French, and Mandarin, and some even speak Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages that have impacted the land. The island is not just famous for being the perfect place that accommodates Maldives honeymoon packages from India but also for attracting tourists from all over the world who simply cannot resist its charms.

Benefits of booking Maldives packages for couples with Thomas Cook

Any honeymoon package, especially international trips, calls for a vote of trust with the travel advisers with whom we choose to make the booking. In today's technologically advanced world, every travel agency seems like a faceless corporation that wants us to spend a ton of money for no apparent reason. Lucky for us, there was a company established back in the late 1800s that has dedicated many services to ensure their customers feel special instead of mere client’s spending money.
As a proud recipient of the times travels awards, Thomas Cook has spent these years exploring various holiday destinations and building relationships with others in the travel industry. The benefit of booking your Maldives honeymoon package with Thomas Cook is that the relations that they built help them provide luxury accommodation for their travellers at very reasonable prices. This is an ideal setup as you spend less money on your Maldives tour package for couples, thus allowing enough funds to explore the islands. So, ultimately the Maldives trip cost from India for couples is considerably much lower than with other travel agencies.
Speaking of exploration, there are dedicated teams at Thomas Cook who take it upon themselves to visit these destinations in person, identify the main destinations, food, and adventure activities in which you can take part, and employ a number of tour guides who can help you learn more about your holiday destination. Furthermore, these explorers click tons of pictures and make plenty of videos to upload to the library of the Thomas Cook website. Therefore, when you start considering your Maldives honeymoon packages, you can quickly browse through their library and decide whether or not the atmosphere soothes your sensitivity.
The vast experience that Thomas Cook brings to the table also comes with a commitment to client-centric service. Not only can you avail of honeymoon trip to Maldives with Thomas Cook at very affordable prices but you can also avail of several wallet money benefits, cashback, and more. They truly care about how they can make your honeymoon special with as many perks as possible.
Actually, there are a number of benefits of booking your Maldives honeymoon package with Thomas Cook. Once you travel with them, you will know why most travellers, especially those who travel on Maldives honeymoon packages from India, prefer their services. It is a one-stop shop to find all your travel needs from accommodation to meals to building the perfect itinerary to enhance the experience of your honeymoon trip to Maldives.

Best time to visit Maldives

Seeing as Maldives is a tropical island, the sun can be down really hard during the summer months of May to August. The temperature is high during the day when you would want to go exploring the small towns and sit at the beach sipping on beverages. However, given its proximity to the ocean, evenings and Maldives are quite pleasant. Not to mention the forests, gardens, and parks are cool and extremely enjoyable even during the day. This is when the Maldives trip cost from India for couples is at its minimum.
Monsoon season can also be a little hectic as the downpour of rain disallows you from exploring the island's many fantastical offerings including going to the beach or sitting outdoors at a cafe and chatting with your spouse. The humidity in this tropical climate also makes you feel uncomfortable, which is not a real setting for a honeymoon in the Maldives. Maldives trip cost for couples are fairly low at this time but the inconvenience makes it unseemly.
The best time to visit the Maldives would be during the winter or at the onset of autumn. Starting from the month of October all the way through April, Maldives experiences the best weather in terms of cool breezes and moderate heat that is welcome during the winter season. Luckily the island does not get very hot or very cold, thus creating the perfect atmosphere to sit at the beach sipping cocktails and bonding with your spouse on your Maldives honeymoon.
The peak season to visit the Maldives is from the month of January to April when spring finally pays a visit. Not only is the weather agreeable and welcoming but the forests and gardens create the perfect backdrop for the springtime blooms for a honeymoon in the Maldives. The Maldives honeymoon cost can seem a bit higher than during summer or monsoon, but it is worth every penny.

How to reach Maldives

Being an island surrounded by nothing but the vast Indian Ocean makes travel to Maldives an exotic experience even before you begin your honeymoon. Trains and buses are available within the archipelago for inter-island travel, however, if you don’t know how to reach the Maldives from your home location, you can opt for the following options:

1. Air travel

Seeing as it is one of the best holiday destinations that people from around the world love to visit and explore, the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Male, also commonly referred to as the male International Airport he's ready to welcome you for your extraordinary vacation. There are major International Airlines that facilitate travelling on a budget from Sri Lanka, China, Southeast Asia, and most importantly several international airports for your Maldives packages from India for couples. Although commercial flights are ideal for travelling on your honeymoon in the Maldives, it is not the only popular option among travellers from India as well as other countries. The most interesting contribution of flight travel to the Maldives is the chartered private jets used by visitors from Dubai, Europe, China, and Singapore. So, if you want an extravagant honeymoon, we can offer similar services for chartered planes available from India as well. The Maldives tourism cost for couples can seem exorbitant, but you cannot put a price on luxury. It is a marvellous delight to take a chartered plane into the land of extravagance.

2. Travelling by Seaways

Due to the massive influx of tourism in the Maldives in recent times, exotic modes of travel have become very popular to reach this magnificent island. A recent addition to travelling to Maldives are the ships and cruises that have started their journey from the ports of India, China, ski Lanka, Singapore, and other countries in the vicinity of the Indian Ocean.
These extravagant cruises allow you time to bond with your spouse while you get pampered by the many facilities available on board the ship. You spend time sipping tropical drinks on the high sea while the cruise liner makes its way to your island honeymoon, enjoy some time with massages and steam showers at the sauna, or soak in the Jacuzzi before enjoying a hearty meal created by Michelin star chefs aboard the ship. Seems like an ideal way to begin your Maldives honeymoon patch.

Main honeymoon destinations in Maldives

1. Male City - The capital city of Maldives is an unspoiled land of lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. Whether you want to relax or go on an adventure, I'll spend an afternoon shopping for souvenirs to commemorate your Maldives honeymoon, you will never be bored.
2. Como Cocoa Island - the lovers' paradise with luxurious accommodations in exclusive villas where extravagance meets relaxation at its best.
3. Vaadhoo Island - is an enchanting beauty with its bioluminescent marine habitat that brings the beaches to life with the shimmering lights under the gorgeous Maldivian night sky.
4. Addu City- An island destination that brings forth the idealistic view of palm trees and coconut trees lining the coast while neatly tucked-in villages add extra spice to your vacation.
5. Maafushi - Known as one of the most beautiful islands around the world with its varietal proposition of relaxation, thrill, and the ultimate experience of Maldivian cuisine.
6. Artificial beach - amid the natural magnificence of small dreams lies the man-made beachside with exhilarating water activities and a divine landscape.
7. Fulhadhoo Island - is known for its serenity and practically unexplored regions that boast hidden treasures, some of which are unknown even to the locals.
8. Maamigili - the fisherman's hub is one of the busiest towns in the Maldives with vast expanses of island beaches and harbours. Although not littered with commercialization, this is where you can try the freshest and most delicious seafood.
9. Alimatha Island - your perfect honeymoon destination in Maldives to witness underwater sea life in all its glory. From corals to jellyfish, to Jackfish and eels, everything has its delightful charm at Alimatha Island.
10. Fihalhohi island - It is one of the most serene lands with nothing but trashing ocean waves against large extensions of sandy beaches and a ton of water activities to put your adrenaline in overdrive.
11. Emboodhu Finolhu Island - the systematic arrangement of the beach villas at these islands will remind you of a scene from the Disney movie 'Moana'.
12. Naifaru - popular as an inhabited island that caters to the elite and is home to Maldives’ most famous singer and artist Naifaru Dohokko. It is an ideal destination for shopping as well as spending quality time with your spouse indulging in water activities.
13. Bikini beach - it is designated area in the Maldives where you can lower your inhibitions, put on your sexiest bikini, and better suntan while you sip on tropical drinks on the many sunbeds littered around the sandy beaches.

Of course, there are several other destinations that also come to mind when you think about a honeymoon in the Maldives. However, during your vacation with your spouse, you need to find locations that are ideal for the two of you together which makes the list above the perfect main destinations where you can have a lot of fun as well as unwind as a couple.

Best beaches in the Maldives

Maldivian islands are known for their scenic beauty and exquisite sunsets. When on your honeymoon trip to Maldives, no doubt you will want to spend some time sitting at the white sandy beaches, bonding with your spouse over remarkable stories of your past and future to come. Perhaps build an extraordinary life together that begins on your Maldives honeymoon. It is only fair that you know everything about the best creatures in Maldives so you can create a beautiful atmosphere of romance. So here is a list of the best Islands and beaches in Maldives :

1. Alimatha Island Beach
2. Baros Island Beach
3. Bikini Beach
4. Como Cocoa Island Beach
5. Fihalhohi Island Beach
6. Halaveli Island Beach
7. Maradhoo Island Beach
8. Sun Island
9. Thoddoo Island Beach
10. Veligandu Island Beach

These are some of the preferred beaches where honeymooners can enjoy an afternoon relaxing by having a picnic by the water on a secluded island. You can also partake in various water sporting activities such as jet skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, surfboarding, waterboarding, or deep-sea diving. If you go as far as the banana reef, you can find a myriad of activities aside from banana boat rides to entertain and delight your spouse. You can also let go and enjoy yourself at the bikini beach with like-minded people, and who knows you may make a few new friends during your Maldives honeymoon.

Places to visit in Maldives

Maldives is a haven for honeymooners in every sense of the word. The beautiful coastline and multiple atolls that make up most of Maldives sport some of the most exquisite landscapes you will ever find in the world. The rich and exotic history portrayed by villages and their unique architecture along with the delectable cuisine are just some of the things that draw honeymooners to this beautiful cluster of islands.
While you may find accommodation at one of the many main destinations of Maldives, the true essence of the archipelago lies in the smaller places such as excursions into the islands, the tropical forests, the Murray habitats, and even the colonisation of man. Here are some of the places to visit in the Maldives that you simply must add to your itinerary:

1. Addu Atoll
2. Alimatha Island
3. Artificial Beach
4. Baros Island
5. Bikini Beach
6. China Maldives Friendship Bridge
7. Dhadimagi Kilhi
8. Dhangethi
9. Emboodhu Finolhu Island
10. Feydhoo Island
11. Gan Island
12. Halaveli Island
13. Hithadoo Island
14. HP Reef
15. Hulhudoo Island
16. Huvahendhoo Island
17. Kani Corner
18. Kanuhura Island
19. Majeedhe Magu
20. Male National Museum
21. Mammigili
22. Manta Point
23. Maradhoo Island
24. Meedhoo Island
25. Mirihi Island
26. Naifaru
27. Nassimo Thila
28. Rangali Island
29. Shark point
30. The Islamic centre
31. The national art gallery
32. Thoddoo Island
33. Ukulhas
34. Utheemu Ganduvaru

It is a long list of places to visit in the Maldives and some of it may even make you feel like you want to settle down in this beautiful island nation. Visit these eclectic places in the Maldives and soak in the vibe that is bound to calm your mind and soul. They are the ideal places for couples to spend time together, get to know each other, and plan for the life ahead that you will build once you return from your honeymoon in the Maldives.

The local cuisine of Maldives

As a nation that has been inspired by so many different cultures and civilizations, Maldivian sure have an interesting passion for creating delectable dishes that leave your mouth watering for more. Since the Islamic religion is the primary spiritual practice of the land, you can be assured that every meat or fish that you eat goes through the halal treatment, thus eliminating any evil or lingering pain, which only makes the food more delightful. The Maldives also shares a palate with Arabian, Indian, Sri Lankan, and European nations. This adds a blend of sweet, spicy, and health benefits to all the items of food.
Here are some of the charms of Maldives cuisine that you must try on your honeymoon:

1. Aluvi Boakibaa – It is a sweet dish made of cassava and coconut that delights both stores and locals, making it one of the favourite news of the Maldivians.
2. Bis Keemiya - who says samosas have to be vegetarian? This delectable variation of the traditional recipe consists of cabbage, onions, eggs or tuna, And is served with a special sauce.
3. Boshi Mashuni - if both made from leaves of the banana flower are stuffed with tangy and spicy filling and garnished with a lip-smacking salsa.
4. Fried yams - a variant of the French fry family, locally grown yams a deep fried for a crunchy yet soft blend of flavours and served with homemade sauces.
5. Gulha - a baked variant of Chinese dumplings with a filling made of tuna cooked in onions, chillies, and coconut.
6. Garudhiya - A healthy concoction of soup made of fish, salt, and water where the fragrance and taste are derived solely from the natural primary ingredient.
7. Live lobster - an original recipe for cooking lobsters while they are still alive releasing it ton of hormones that make the meat tastier and softer once served.
8. Kulhi Boakibaa - a speciality cake that is mostly baked during festivals but is easily available at Maldivian cafes. It is a delight consisting of rice, smoked tuna, onions, and coconut shavings cooked to perfection.
9. Maldivian fish Curry - it is a dish that has the potential to keep you in the Maldives forever. The popular types of fish such as mahi-mahi, Tuna, skipjack, scad, etc. are cooked into a creamy mixture of onions, spices, and local herbs and served with rice and tiny papads.
10. Maldivian lady - this speciality cocktail of Maldives with a fruity punch prepared with orange, pineapple, apricot-flavoured Brandy, skinned white rum, and a dash of grenadine.
11. Mas Huni - The ideal recipe to stuff in your tuna melt made of shredded tuna meat that is smoked and cooked with onions and lemon, then garnished with coconut shavings.
12. Masroshi - Try this variation of tuna sandwiches with a wrap made of chapati and stuffed with smoked tuna meat and coconut garnish.
13. Reef Fish Cutlets – a battered and fried fish recipe made of freshly caught marine from the Bay reef area.
14. Rihakuru - this traditional item for Maldivians is prepared by cooking the fish for a long duration and mixed into a thick paste with chillies, Curry leaves, and local herbs.
15. Saagu Bondibai - a type of pudding made of Sabudana or sago, which is a staple food for Maldivians.
16. Sai - Maldivian tea inspired by British cultures that you can enjoy in any form be it Kiru Sai containing milk or Kalhu Sai with no milk.
17. Tharukaaree Riha – It is a type of vegetarian Curry made of carrots, beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and other nutritious vegetables. This dish is highly inspired by drunken and Indian cuisines and is a must-have recipe to experience the cultural diversity of the Maldives.

As you can see, Maldivian cuisine is dominated by seafood, which is also one of its biggest exports. The locals love to blend their own spices grown on the Maldivian land and mix them with popular recipes from cuisines that have influenced their culture for a personalized touch. You can literally sense the amount of love they put into making the food so much care and concentration that the dishes are beyond lip-smacking and delectable.

Things to do in Maldives

A Maldives tour package for couples is more than just a getaway to an island destination. It is a divine experience to witness the beauty of nature in its ultimate natural existence without the facade created by mankind. There are so many things to do in the Maldives that sometimes you may feel like you never want to return home, just keep soaking in the glory of the island nation.
Here are some of the most popular things to do in the Maldives on your honeymoon to keep you and your spouse entertained and amused throughout the course of your trip:

1. Watch the sunrise on the horizon when the weather is still pleasantly cool from the night before.
2. Bask in the glorious sunset on the beaches of Maldives.
3. Take a walk along the coastline or go island hopping through the archipelago.
4. Book short cruises to visit the many islands around the mainland of Male.
5. Explore marine life with scuba diving gear and then an expert diver by your side.
6. Take a walk along Vaadhoo Island to catch a glimpse of the glowing beach created by bioluminescent marine life.
7. Take a surfboard and hit the waves.
8. Get a massage by expert masseuses at one of the spa facilities and resorts around the many islands of Maldives.
9. Enjoy the unique experience of residing on an overwater bungalow on a man-made island in the Maldives.
10. Go on a shopping spree around Male’s intriguing stores and malls.
11. Water skiing can be a fun activity to enjoy with your spouse.
12. Take an exotic trip in a helicopter to view the extravagance of the Maldives from above.
13. Snorkelling is another exciting activity to explore marine life.
14. Have a unique experience of skydiving on the islands of Maldives.
15. Take a cruise to watch the dolphins as they frolic around in the sparkling blue water.
16. Jet skiing with your spouse can be a competitive as well as a bonding activity.
17. Fly-boarding is one of the few distinctive sports in Maldives that you will not find elsewhere.
18. Parasailing to get a birds'-eye view of the islands in the Maldives.
19. Sail on a banana boat or go kayaking.
20. Kiteboarding or kite surfing is another unique activity in Maldives that is only possible due to its topography.
21. Watch a movie on the great outdoor beaches at Gili Lankanfushi.
22. Try the exquisite culinary charms of Maldives with an even more spectacular view for a romantic night together.
23. Go clubbing at elite pubs in the Maldives.
24. Try your hand at deep-sea fishing.
25. Have a romantic dinner or Picnic at the beaches of Maldives, with permission of course.
26. Learn the historical significance of Maldives with it tore around the museums.
27. Explore the local villages and the innate architecture that will leave you astounded.
28. Partake in the festivals of the Maldives and tap your feet to the Boduberu drums.

An excursion into the islands and many small villages of Maldives is going to leave you spellbound by its exquisite beauty if not your heart thumping with adrenaline as you partake in the various sporting activities. Just relax and let the islands take care of you while you only focus on identifying romantic things to do with your spouse on your honeymoon in the Maldives.

The shopping experience in Maldives

You cannot go to the Maldives and not think about bringing back several souvenirs and home decor to give your residence a touch of extravagance. Due to their fondness for creating beautiful pottery, woodwork, design work on fabrics, and more, Maldivians have a wide range of things to offer when it comes to shopping. Here are some of the best shopping destinations in the Maldives to enhance your honeymoon experience and carry back mementoes of your trip:

1. Arena Souvenirs - this shopping destination in Maafushi is the perfect place to pick up large bags full of commemorative gifts for friends and family as well as souvenir home decor for your life together as newlyweds. From key chains to T-shirts to refrigerator magnets, and everything in between is carefully crafted out of seashells and intricate woodwork
2. Chaandhanee Magu - This speciality must be items that are imported from Singapore and sold at very reasonable prices. You can purchase different types of Maldivian symbols as well as handcrafted Thundu Kunaa mats, and various beach-themed scarves, sarongs, t-shirts, and dhonis.
3. Majeedhee Magu - The capital city of Male has a long stretch of the main road which features primary attractions including shopping malls and restaurants. The entire pathway is filled with exquisite stores that carry unbelievable products. You can shop for items of clothing, cosmetics, accessories, electronics, footwear, fragrances, watches, bags, beauty products, and a lot more simply by traversing up and down the street.
4. The Local market of Male - It is the ideal destination to acquire commemorative souvenirs made of seashells, woodcraft, liquor, and different parts of the coconut trees. You can also purchase a variety of dry fruits, Maldivian snacks, and preservatives to take home while the fruits and vegetables are best enjoyed during your honeymoon.
5. The Marina - A popular shopping destination lies within the Marina @ crossroads which runs across multiple islands. You can take a shopping trip to acquire unique products and designer clothing, footwear, bags, and other accessories here. You can also find their delightful array of fragrances and beauty products to pamper yourself.

If you are looking for authentic Maldivian souvenirs and home decor or traditional outfits, you can also check out the various shopping malls spread across this beautiful nation. Most of them even carry popular brands of cosmetics and fragrances along with clothing and footwear. The local stores on the other hand offer traditional sarongs and jewellery of Maldives, Thunda Kunaa mats, dhoni ship models, Laqueur vases, Masks, lampshades, baskets, etc. Made of coconut shells and tree trunks, and Footwear with intricate Maldivian designs.

Indian restaurants and cafes in Maldives

When on your Maldives packages from India for couples, you will no doubt want to explore the local cuisine with its delightful amalgamation of seafood and blended spices. However, the overpowering fragrance and flavours of Maldivian cuisine are not something we are used to on a daily basis. Therefore, having a few Indian restaurants and cafes handy can go a long way toward making your honeymoon in the Maldives extremely comfortable.
So, here is a list of restaurants and cafes that serve authentic Indian food:

1. Acha’s Poppadoms in Male
2. Bamboo Resto in Male
3. Baraabaru in Kuda Huraa
4. Bombay Darbar in Hulhumale
5. Chef’s Indian Restaurant in Ukulhas
6. Indian Food Court in Hulhumale
7. Indian Garden in Male
8. Indoor Café in Male
9. Kebab and Kurry in Male
10. Khalid’s biryani on Majeedhee Magu Road
11. King’s Corner Restaurant in Male
12. Marinate in Hulhumale
13. Masala Hut in Furanafushi Island
14. Masala Street in Maafushi
15. Naga’s Indian Restaurant in Hulhumale
16. Novina Café in Male
17. Ocean Vista Indian Restaurant in Maafushi
18. Santhur Café in Male
19. Tandoor Mahal in Kuramathi
20. Tandoori Flames in Male
21. Thali Indian Restaurant in Male
22. The Curry Pot in Male

Since the cuisine of Maldives is somewhat pescatarian in nature, vegetarians tend to have a hard time finding dishes that they love. These restaurants serve the humble requisite of vegetarian Indian dishes alongside other delicacies from the subcontinent of India to make you feel at home.

Adventurous things to do in Maldives

With such close proximity to the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a cornucopia of adventurous activities to raise your adrenaline levels and help you bond with your spouse over a shared experience. Here are some of the most popular adventure activities in which you can partake with your partner while on your honeymoon and Maldives:

1. Fishing – Learning a useful skill as well as partaking in a serene activity for couples.
2. Deep sea diving – Swimming to the far ends of the water bed to explore the corals and marine life that inhabit the unreachable lands underwater.
3. Dolphin watching or whale watching – Cruises that take you to the high seas to enjoy these majestic creatures enjoying their natural form of living.
4. Jet skiing – A thrilling adventure of zipping through the water towards the high seas.
5. Sailing on catamarans – An extravagant affair of sailing the high seas on a boat made for luxury.
6. Banana boat rides – Take joy rides with your spouse and other travellers on boats shaped like bananas.
7. Kayaking – Sailing on the calm waters on a thin boat with your spouse.
8. Surfboarding – Conquering the mighty waves of the Ocean around the Maldives.
9. Kite surfing – Surfing the waves with tentative kites keeps you tethered to freely flying objects.
10. Waterboarding – Relaxing on a surfboard with a paddle to control your indulgence with the ocean.
11. Helicopter rides – Getting an exclusive bird’s-eye view of the Maldivian topography.
12. Parasailing – Soaring through the skies over the Indian Ocean.
13. Scuba diving – Exploring marine life for its exquisite beauty.
14. Snorkelling – Swimming with marine creatures underwater in their natural habitat.

Every beach around the Maldives has some or other adventurous sports facilitators who cannot only gear you up but they also ensure your safety. These beaches are clustered with people hoping to experience this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence to explore the marine life around the many islands of Maldives.
When going scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, or jet skiing, always allow the expert divers to accompany you as these can be dangerous due to the hearty currents in the entire ocean. On the plus side, the topography of Maldives is such that most of the water around the shores is shallow, so waterboarding boat rides, swimming, and Kayaking are quite safe.
You could perform most of these activities with your partner, or if they are not a fan of adventure sports you can always go for relaxing adventures such as cruises, fishing, swimming, and boat rides. The thrill of the vast sea ready to engulf you has the potential to raise your heartbeat before you embark upon any of these adventures anyway.

Interesting facts about the Maldives

Maldives is such an incredible holiday destination that most of the time we fail to look beyond its beauty. Caught up in the excitement of exploring the indigenous wildlife and marine life that reside in and around Maldives, looking forward to thrilling adventures, and coveting the Much-needed escapade from our daily lives, we overlook the essence of what makes Maldives such a special piece of land. So, here are some lesser-known facts about the Maldives that are bound to move you:

1. The Maldives is located right on the equator, which is why the sun, particularly in the summer, can be disturbingly hot.
2. The Maldives are sinking a little every year. Even though it is going to take thousands of decades for the land to actually disappear under the sea, it concerns the inhabitants of the Maldives who are far from stalling their development in the current period of time.
3. Maldives is one of the few holiday destinations that facilitate travel by seaplane. These unique modes of transportation are provided for those who want to spend some time at the insanely luxurious island resorts on private pieces of land.
4. Although it is a coveted holiday destination for honeymooners due to its romantic setting all year round, the locals of Maldives have set a high record for divorces. So maybe, don't ask the locals for marital advice when on your Maldives honeymoon Package.
5. The seasonal changes in the Maldives affect more than just agriculture and tourism. It affects the land itself wherein the sand banks of Maldives are undergoing constant change as the sea thrashes against the sparkling beaches. Often, you can watch a piece of land simply vanish being taken by the sea and then returned later in a slightly different form. Thus, the topography of the island keeps changing.
6. It is one of the few places where you can indulge in watching sharks in their natural habitat. From scuba diving to snorkelling to professional shark diving with the help of expert advisors, you can get as close as possible to see these majestic creatures ruling the high seas.
7. It was the first nation to conduct a cabinet meeting on the sea bed underwater as a means to help people see how much global warming is affecting the island by raising the water levels. Level strategy to influence an international audience, don't you think?
8. Maldives attracts travellers on vacation from all over the world not just with its enchanting beauty but also its extremely low rate of crime.
9. The ports of Maldives have long been in operation to assist crossroad trade from Europe, Africa, Arab countries, and others.
10. You can find a blend of various ethnicities who have settled in the Maldives. People from Sri Lanka, India, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even some parts of Europe find this Islamic nation to be quite a fascinating challenge to set up their roots.
11. Back in the 11th century, Arabian boats with the Dhoni design were used for trading between various nations in the Indian Ocean. These designs were adopted by Maldivians and are now famous for their small boat rides around the island.
12. The archipelago of Maldives is as large and contains more than 1200 islands. Some of these make the holiday destination that we know and love, some are populated by the locals, and some are actually private islands, while there are many more which remain completely uninhabited.
13. The sand beds shifting in the Maldives has a bigger impact than just changing the configuration of the land. Some of them have left residual sandbanks that inspired residents in and around the Maldives to create a set of man-made islands to add to the archipelago.
14. One of the many attractions of Maldives is bioluminescence which is a result of a chemical reaction that makes the bodies of several marine life glow under the night sky.
15. The flag of Maldives pays homage to its history and cultural significance. The green represents the prevailing Islamic religion in the nation, the white symbolizes peace, while the red stands for the freedom fighters who fought for the country with their blood and sweat.
16. The southwest and northeast sides of Maldives experience different monsoon seasons. While tropical winds bring heavy rainfall in the months of May to October in the southwest, the northeast regions experience very little pitter-patter of rainfall from the middle of November to December.
17. The traditional dance and music of the Maldives namely the Bodu Beru is inspired by sailors’ merriment
18. Once upon a time, the cowrie shells that litter the islands of Maldives were a form of currency.
19. Maldives is one of the few places where you can witness residential properties made of corals.

The culture of Maldives

The historical rulers of Maldives have left quite a mark on the archipelago. From Iranian sultans to Portuguese, British, Dutch, and even ancient Dravidian cultures impacted many aspects of the land. While there are still influences derived from Indians, Sri Lankans, and Africans, the essence of the Maldivian culture is rooted in ancient history.
The Dhivehi language is derived from Sanskrit and Indo-Iranian scripts. Dhivehi is quite similar to Sinhalese which is the official language of Sri Lanka, with sprinklings of words from different Indian dialects. Dhivehi it's written from right to left instead of the traditional left-right practices due to its rich heritage of Arabian influence as well as the major Islamic population.
Initially, Maldives was largely a Buddhist country up until the 12th century when Abu al Barakat introduced the inhabitants to the Quran and quickly turned the Maldives into an Islamic nation. With high influences in cultural dynamics rooted in the Sharia law, the only religion allowed to be practised in the country is Islam. In fact, landowners in the Maldives must be Muslim and practise the Sunni style of living otherwise they are restricted from benefiting from real estate.
The Islamic influence on the culture of Maldives moves past the language and religious practices. Even the food served in the Maldives has to go through the traditional halal practices wherein prayer is said before the meat is derived from the animals. Even alcohol is taboo in the land except for a special variety of toddy named Raa.
Much like their influential heritage of India, Iranian countries, Sri Lanka, and others, Maldivians take great pride in working on their artworks and craftsmanship. From crafting wooden furniture to wooden sculptures, designing hand-woven carpets and mats, and working on fabrics with exquisite detailing and jewellery design, Maldivians indulge in everything.
The music and dance styles of small waves take a slight detour from its popular Islamic culture in the sense that it was derived from the merriment practices of sailors who used the ports around this nation during that trade across the Indian Ocean. While Bodu Beru does have a significant route in northern Africa but the large drums are used during the festivals the beats and subsequent tittering of the feet came from the sailors. Popular cultures of Bollywood, especially classical Hindi songs Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, and Muhammad Rafi are also fan-favourites in the nation.
Eid is the largest festival in Maldives due to its Islamic roots along with the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. They also celebrate the national day with grandeur inviting several parades to honour the patriotism of the country much like Republic Day. All in all, the culture of Maldives is traditionally Islamic in nature with few influences from their ancestors as well as neighbouring nations.

Maldives visa for Indians

As a tourist destination, Maldives is one of those few nations that do not ask you to acquire a pre-approved visa before leaving your home country. There are certain immigration requirements that you need to meet, following which you can travel to the Maldives and then apply for a tourist visa which is granted fairly quickly. Even the Maldives honeymoon costs a lot less due to this special circumstance of applying for the visa. Here are the requirements for your immigration into the Maldives as a tourist:

1. Provide a passport or similar travel document that is valid for at least one month after your arrival in the Maldives and is compliant with the machine-readable zone or MRZ.
2. Documents to confirm your hotel reservation as well as determine the duration of your visit.
3. If you do not have a Maldivian sponsor, then you need to provide financial documents to prove you can comfortably spend Rs. 7000 per day without being stranded on the archipelago. You don't actually have to spend an amount of money. It is just a precautionary measure to ensure that visitors can return home at the end of their trip without any hassle.
4. You also need to have we confirmed return flight to India within the limit of your visit visa before you apply for it. If you are travelling to another destination after the Maldives, you can provide the visa for that country, if applicable, or your travel documents such as flight plans and hotel reservations at your following destination.
5. You can submit your travel declaration online through IMUGA within four days of arriving in Maldives.
6. If you travel from a location that is prone to yellow fever such as Africa, you need to have vaccination certificates to imply your immunity for the same.
7. Minors and children must have valid passports much like adults.

Upon meeting these criteria for your immigration into the archipelago of Maldives, the authorities can grant you a visa for less than or equal to 30 days after your arrival into their beautiful nation. Based on your financial documents, visa expiration, and travel plans, the Maldivian authority has complete control over how many days they allow for your visit.

Foreign currencies accepted in Maldives

The official currency of the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa. You cannot convert your money into Maldivian rufiyaa before you travel to Maldives. There is a dedicated centre at the arrival hall where the Bank of Maldives foreign exchange provides currency exchanges for tourists. Only major currencies from around the world are accepted at this exchange office and you must keep your receipt for the exchange to present it during your departure. Once again, you need to convert your money.
There are several ATMs and bank services that cater to debit and credit cards from the State Bank of India, HSBC and Bank of Ceylon. You can also swipe your cards at several hotels, cafes, restaurants, and major shopping destinations. However, there are some ATM machines and facilitators that only allow you to withdraw money if you have an account with the Bank of Maldives or its numerous branches.
The US dollar, European Euro, and British Pound are famously accepted foreign currencies at popular tourist destinations around Maldives whereas any other currency must be converted into Maldivian Rufiyaa. The Indian, Sri Lankan, African, and European currencies are also accepted at the Bank of Maldives foreign exchange but not throughout the nation. So, make sure to convert your money upon arrival and before departure from your best honeymoon packages for Maldives.

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Can I pay using Indian rupees during my honeymoon in the Maldives?
No, the Indian rupee must be converted into Maldivian Rufiyaa before you can use it to pay at the local shops and smaller cafes. However, you can swipe your card which is registered at an Indian bank when paying for services at hotels, restaurants, and high-end shopping centres. You only need the Maldivian Rufiyaa if you purchase items at local stores that do not facilitate swiping of cards or online payments.
Is there a dress code for the Maldives honeymoon?
Although an Islamic nation of sorts, Maldives is pretty lax about the dress code. Of course, you need to be conservative without indulging in nudity of any kind in public areas. However, wearing shorts or dresses during the evenings when you go for romantic dinners or public gatherings is perfectly fine.
What are the dos and don'ts of a Maldives trip for couples?
Although Maldives is not exactly a conservative culture, the beliefs of the locals are rooted in Islamic practices. There are a few dozen Donuts to keep in mind when taking a Maldives trip for couples which are as follows: Don’t indulge in public displays of affection
○ Do not carry items that are banned in the Maldives when travelling for your Maldives tour for couples
○ Don’t wander around the capital city of Male after 10:00 PM as there is a curfew
○ Don't make contact with the exquisite pink corals in and around the Maldives
○ Do not go sunbathing topless or in the nude
○ Dress conservatively by covering your shoulders and legs when visiting small towns and villages, and especially religious institutions.
○ Do not enter the mosque with your shoes on. Also, ask permission about leaving the shoes at the door or entering with them when invited to someone's residence.
○ Do not smoke in public, especially during Ramadan
○ Do not purchase turtle shells or corals to take home as they are part of the Maldives culture and you will be forbidden to carry them outside the country
What is the ideal duration for which I should book my Maldives honeymoon package?
There are several Maldives honeymoon packages from Thomas Cook that allow short and long durations of travel. You can choose if 2-3 day trip if you want to explore parts of Maldives but mainly basking in the Equatorial sun at the beaches and bonding with your spouse. However, if you wish to explore the archipelago for everything that it has to offer then 5-7 days should suffice for your trip.
What are the necessities I need to pack for my Maldives store for couples?
As the Maldives lies on the equator, the seasonal influence is largely on the warmer side. The scorching sun rays can affect your skin and body with the high UV concentration. So, you will need to pack the following things in order to make the most of your trip:
Sunscreen lotion with a high SPF value
○ Sunglasses
○ Sun hat
○ Sandals and flip-flops
○ An underwater camera
○ Shorts, T-shirts, and swimsuits with sarongs for women
○ Loose clothing to avoid sweating
○ Evening dresses and dinner jackets
○ A small duffel bag to store your wet clothes to bring back to the hotel after water activities
What should I not carry into the Maldives?
Much like most Islamic nations, Maldives prohibits certain items to be carried into the country such as:
○ Sculptures and idols for religious practices
○ Specific products derived from animals that may violate the halal rule
○ Alcohol
○ Pornographic materials
○ Weapons and explosives
○ Drugs, including several prescribed medications that specifically violate the rules against certain animal products, hormones, etc.

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