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Darjeeling honeymoon packages

However, the most precious gift that west Bengal has given to tourists is the queen of hills, the town of Darjeeling.
Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling remains in the northernmost part of West Bengal. It shares its borders with Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. All three countries influence the culture of Darjeeling greatly. It also shares its border with the Indian state of Sikkim as well as with the country of Bangladesh on the other side.
Most people take a trip to Darjeeling for its exquisite view of the Himalayan Mountains and its close proximity to Kanchenjunga, which is the third-highest mountain range in the world. The region is famous for its tea plantations and toy train rides that delight tourists from all around the globe. The Darjeeling-Himalayan rails are a heritage site and the people of Darjeeling strive to preserve it.
Darjeeling offers its visitors panoramic scenes of hills, valleys, and plains. The cold weather is perfect for couples to snuggle up near the fireplace and sip hot cups of the famous Darjeeling tea while bonding in a cosy environment. It is also an ideal location for family holidays as Darjeeling remains traditional for the most part as a tourist destination. It is ranked as one of the most beautiful hillside holiday destinations on 5 continents.
Darjeeling's proximity to Nepal has allowed Nepali to become the official language. This change opens a spectrum of diversity in the area wherein you can not only find people speaking Indian languages, especially North-eastern and Bengali but they also bring the customs of Nepal with the regional language. It is fascinating how harmoniously they converse and attend to their guests in Darjeeling. It is the perfect holiday spot.

Benefits of booking your Darjeeling honeymoon package from Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook India Limited was established in this beautiful country back in the late 1800s. Since then, the company has dedicated time and resources to search and identify the most ideal holiday destinations for couples. Recognizing the speciality of a honeymoon vacation against all other holidays, they offer a wide range of services to ensure that couples have the best time bonding and exploring innately beautiful cities and their culture.
Thomas Cook has a lot of experience and influence in the travel industry. This enables them to source luxurious accommodation from the top hotels at the honeymoon destination in Darjeeling. They have a dedicated team of experienced travel advisors who can help customise your Darjeeling honeymoon packages to accommodate a hassle-free holiday with your spouse.
The best part about booking your Darjeeling honeymoon package with Thomas Cook is their ease of process:

1. All the details for the most popular honeymoon packages are available online on the website.
2. Each travel destination offers numerous packages with varying prices based on your choice of accommodation, location, duration of travel, amenities, etc.
3. There are a myriad of photos and videos from the said destination in their online library, so you can check before booking if the aesthetic appeal of the honeymoon destination pleases you.
4. There are also details about activities, shopping, sightseeing, food, etc. In the local regions so you’ll know what to expect and create an itinerary for your Darjeeling honeymoon places.
5. You can reschedule your trip easily with Thomas Cook.
6. You get a ton of benefits like wallet cash, cash back, etc. To ease the expenses of travel.
7. When in doubt, you can reach out to one of the many executives via the popup window on the screen and discuss your travel plans by text or call.
8. The transparency of their service is reflected by the online presence where you can easily book the honeymoon package in Darjeeling of your choice.

Thomas Cook’s years of dedication and service have rewarded them with many accolades in the travel industry. Their proudest achievement is the Times Travel Awards, which is only awarded to the most prestigious dignitaries and companies in the world of travel. They keep up this level of service with their clients for both domestic and international honeymoon packages across 5 continents.

Best time to visit honeymoon places in Darjeeling

Located around the Himalayan Mountain range, Darjeeling is one of the coolest places to visit, which immediately makes it a favoured holiday destination all year. The weather is beautiful and the scenic views remain charming and enticing throughout the time.
Depending on your penchant for cool to cold weather, you can visit Darjeeling based on the season. In the summer season during the months of March through May, Darjeeling experiences a cool breeze with the sun shining above. It is an excellent backdrop for a honeymoon trip in Darjeeling when couples can explore the various attractions while experiencing the beauty of the Himalayan foothills.
During monsoons, Darjeeling weather can be a bit dangerous for exploration due to the high rainfall and steep slopes. It is best to avoid a honeymoon in Darjeeling between the months of July to September. In June, it spritzers a little so it is still a good time to take a trip through the mountainside as long as you have a tour guide and practise personal safety.
The months of December to February are quite cold due to the hillside winters. If you love chilly weather when you can cosy up with your spouse, this would be an ideal time to visit. There is a hanging fog during this time of year that makes you feel like you are living in the clouds. It still allows exploration around town and hikes through the hills. Just make sure to pack plenty of winter wear and you’re good to go. In conclusion, plan your honeymoon Darjeeling tour during summer if you want pleasant weather and for winter if you love cosy holidays by the fireplace to spend time bonding with your spouse.

How to reach Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a hillside that is well-connected on all fronts. On one side you have the glorious state of West Bengal and the country of Bangladesh. On the other side, you have the state of Sikkim and the North-eastern countries of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Therefore, you can take various modes of transportation to reach Darjeeling honeymoon places.

1. By flight

Darjeeling is located very close to the city of Siliguri, which makes Bagdogra airport the closest landing strip for couples travelling by flight. Several major airlines offer direct flights to Siliguri from Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Gaya, and other nearby regions. We can also find connecting flights from other airports all over India.
Since Darjeeling also shares its borders with the state of Sikkim, you can opt to take a flight to Pakyong Airport as well. In either case, it provides you some time on the road, roughly about three to five hours to create your travel itinerary for your honeymoon tour in Darjeeling.

2. By train

Darjeeling is quite famous for the toy train that runs along the Himalayan hillsides. Therefore it is only appropriate to take a train to your honeymoon in Darjeeling in order to immerse in the experience beforehand. The closest railway station to this beautiful holiday destination is New Jalpaiguri. There are several Super Express trains as well as express railways available from the major cities of Delhi Kolkata Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Guwahati, Kochi, and Bhubaneswar.
Train travel to Darjeeling can be very comfortable for honeymooners and you can rent a car or cab or take a bus to reach Darjeeling from New Jalpaiguri station.

3. By road

Aside from the short trips that you need to make when taking a flight or train to reach Darjeeling, you also have the option to travel by Road for the entire journey. Darjeeling is situated close to Bengal and Sikkim, although the trip can take more than a day by car or bike. However, planning ahead, you can stop at local motels or hotels on the way which makes the journey comfortable and allows couples to bond during the road trip.
If you live near Kalimpong or Gangtok, or simply choose to travel there by bus or cab, the road trip becomes considerably shorter. Speaking of buses and cabs, there are also direct buses available to Darjeeling from various regions of West Bengal, Orissa, Sikkim, Assam, and other north-eastern states.

Main destinations in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the main destination in itself, which makes it easier for couples to explore the area and delve into the culture of the hillside region in a short duration of time. However, there are several main tourist attractions in Darjeeling that beckon honeymooners to visit and indulge in an extraordinary experience. Here are some of the main destinations in and around Darjeeling that you can explore when on your honeymoon:

1. Darjeeling district and the subdivision of Sadar
2. Kerseong
3. Siliguri
4. Mirik
5. Gezing
6. Bagdogra
7. Namchi
8. Mechinagar
9. Ilam
10. Odlabari
11. Rangpo
12. Singtam
13. Kalimpong
14. Pedong

Each of these main destinations in and around Darjeeling offer unique tourist spots to explore. You can take short excursions with tour guides or take a bus to the subdivisions around Darjeeling to visit the valleys and plains around the hills of the Himalayan mountain range.
There are several planned excursions offered by the local government that involve a trip by bus or a personal or public car service. These excursions cover the cliffs and high points such as tiger hills, Batasia Loop, and the spiritual establishments in the areas around Darjeeling.

Best hill stations and cliff points in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is not a very big district but is illustrious in the extreme. The region itself is a hill station featuring several high cliffs where you can take an early morning trip to view the sunrise or simply admire the panoramic view all around with your spouse. Here are some of the best hill stations and Cliff points in and around Darjeeling where you can spend quality time bonding on your honeymoon:

1. Durpin Dara Hills
2. Gangtok
3. Kalimpong
4. Kurseong
5. Lachen
6. Lava
7. Mirik
8. Namchi
9. Pelling
10. Sandakphu
11. Tashi View Point
12. Tiger Hills
13. Tinchuley

In its illustrious beauty, each of these places offers a beautiful view of the Himalayan Mountain range and some are so close to the Kanchenjunga that you will want to take a trek immediately. On your honeymoon trip in Darjeeling, make sure to visit these beautiful hills for their distinctive panoramic view over the valleys and mountains surrounding the astounding district in its absolute glory.

Places to visit in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a stunning hillside destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. When planning your honeymoon tour in Darjeeling, you must make room in your itinerary to visit the following sites that seem to mesmerise each and every traveller regardless of whether they take the journey alone, with friends, with family, or their colleagues on an incentive trip:

1. Batasia Loop is the ideal location to take in the wondrous scenic view of the hillsides and valleys surrounding Darjeeling.
2. Bengal Natural History Museum where they preserve the wildlife of the Himalayas that you can witness first-hand.
3. Bhutia Busty Monastery is located amid the peaks of the Himalayan Mountain range, providing a backdrop to the spiritual journey you can take in Darjeeling.
4. Dali Monastery is where you can learn the many teachings of Buddhism to lead a happy, and peaceful life.
5. Darjeeling Observatory Hill is the perfect place to take a spiritual trip.
6. Darjeeling Ropeway offers a birds-eye view of the area and its many attractions.
7. Ghoom Monastery is an exquisite place to relax your mind and let the colours work their magic on your soul.
8. Happy Valley Tea Estate is home to the tea plantations that we all crave on a daily basis.
9. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is the ideal place to explore an adrenaline rush with panoramic views all around.
10. Himalayan Railway Station is where you will find the infamous toy train of Darjeeling.
11. Jhandi Dara Sunrise Point is one of the few locations around the world where watching a sunset makes your soul feel calm and relaxed.
12. Kali Temple to seek the blessings of the eternal mother for your life as newlyweds.
13. Lloyd’s Botanical Garden is a scenic spot with the beauty of nature right at your fingertips.
14. Mag Dong Yolmo Wa Monastery is a beautiful spiritual construct where you can meditate.
15. Nightingale Park to take a walk and bond with your spouse amid the calls of nature.
16. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park is an ideal location to spot glimpses of the well-preserved animals of Darjeeling in their essence.
17. Peace Pagoda is a perfect spot to meditate and reflect together with your spouse about the journey covered, and the beautiful adventures yet to come into your lives as a couple.
18. Rock Garden displays the perfect amalgamation of man’s imagination to best explore and utilise the resources of nature.
19. Senchal Lake and Wildlife Sanctuary provides unique sightings of endangered animals amidst the thicket of dense forestlands.
20. Singalila National Park is yet another beautifully preserved woodland to witness wildlife in their natural habitat.
21. St. Andrew’s Church is an architectural gem that you simply must visit to understand its true beauty.
22. Surya Sen Park is the perfect place to have a picnic with your spouse.
23. Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre supports refugees and makes for a great experience to witness the beautiful hearts of mankind in this hillside haven.
24. Tiger Hill is the ultimate place to catch the sunrise in Darjeeling peeking from behind the Himalayan Mountains.
25. Tinchuley is a tranquil getaway spot on your Darjeeling tour package for couples to cherish their new relationship.

Each and every place that you visit serves a purpose to bring you and your spouse closer during your honeymoon tour in Darjeeling. They offer the epitome of natural beauty while displaying in grandeur the results of what harmony between man and nature looks like. You will find yourselves seeking each other’s company as you bask in the glory of the Himalayas and the district that captures its shadow in the soul.

Culinary delights of Darjeeling

The locals of Darjeeling share a palate preference with their many surrounding regions but with a touch of their own. The culinary charms of Darjeeling are highly influenced by West Bengal and Nepal, in particular, however, the cold weather calls for a touch of heat in the food. So, here are some of the traditional dishes that you simply must try on your honeymoon trip in Darjeeling:

1. Aloo Dum – A spicy variation of the Bengali dum aloo. It is made with diced potato dropped in a gravy of tomatoes, onions, garlic and lots of Kashmiri chillies.
2. Aloo Achar – Don't be misled by the name, this is a unique potato gravy preparation hailing from the district of Darjeeling itself. Conjugating the recipes of Aloo Dum from West Bengal and Aloo jhol from Nepal, the locals concocted this unusually tangy, spicy, and sweet flavour.
3. Aloo Tama – This local dish is prepared with fried potatoes mixed with spices and fried fermented bamboo shoots. This mixture is then added to a gravy made of tomato, garlic, and lemon for added flavours.
4. Gundruk – A mineral-rich delicacy consisting of high quantities of leafy vegetables that are fermented and added to a mixture of onions and local spices.
5. Gobi – A starter dish that can also come in the form of gravy. The simple name of Gobi kind of gives it away. This powerful aromatic delicacy is made by frying cauliflower florets in a blend of spices and then dropping in a mixture of sauces for a touch of Nepal, Tibet, and India.
6. Sekuwa – Depending on your choice, pork, chicken, or beef cubes are skewered and barbecued with a coating of local herbs and spices.
7. Kwati – A delicious vegetable soup made from a healthy concoction of nine distinct types of bean sprouts. The locals add a little spice to this famous dish from Nepal and give it the magical flavour that the tourists absolutely love.
8. Noodles – A popular dish among the locals made of wheat noodles prepared with sliced vegetables and a variety of sauces.
9.Tibetan Thukpa – This dish celebrates the love with which the locals of Darjeeling welcomed the refugees from Tibet. This variation of noodle soup is basically a meat stew made with vegetables and adding cooked noodles to the preparation.
10. Momo – A popular dish in all North-eastern regions. It is made of minced meat or vegetables stuffed in a shell made of wheat flour and rice. The dish is either served in its original steamed form with local chilli-garlic sauce or fried after steaming.
11. Dal Bhaat – A simple but delicious lentil soup served with steaming hot rice.
12. Niguru with Churpi– A simple yet elegant dish and one of the favourites of the locals of Darjeeling. It is made of fern leaves coated with cheese.
13. Kheema – Most popularly made of mutton or chicken meat that is minced and mixed with ginger, garlic, onions, peas, spices, and sometimes potatoes, then cooked in butter.
14. Phambi – Mung beans are powdered and mixed with water then baked into cakes and added to noodles in small pieces.
15. Shyaa Phalay – Another dish inspired by Tibetan cuisine wherein a flatbread is stuffed with the meat of your choice and fried in all variations of the circle.
16. Pork Curry – A meat lover's best dreams come true with this delightful dish of fried pork prepared with a mixture of local spices to make a thick gravy for rice.
17. Wachipa – It is a somewhat unusual delectable dish made of chicken and rice, then topped with a powder made from smoking chicken wings. It is believed to have healing powers for body pain, thus making it a favoured dish among the locals.
18. Sel Roti – These are basically Indian doughnuts prepared using rice flour and powdered sugar.
19. Kheer – A cherished Indian sweet dish made with rice, cardamom, raisins, pistachios, and sugar dropped in milk and cooked till thick and creamy.

Most of these dishes are available at the local restaurants around Gandhi Road or Nehru Road. Ninguro with Churpi is a somewhat difficult dish to find. If you crave it, seek out the Penang Restaurant or the Kunga restaurant. The Tibetan dishes are easily available at most of the Tibetan restaurants scattered across the district. The sheer taste of Tibetan foods makes them a highly sought-after cuisine in Darjeeling.

Things to do on your Darjeeling honeymoon

Your honeymoon tour in Darjeeling is a treat for the eyes and a sensory delight. When booking your Darjeeling honeymoon packages, you must create an itinerary to ensure you don’t miss the things that make Darjeeling so very, very special for tourists. From relaxation to adventure sports, to trips around the city for scenic views, Darjeeling has much to offer.
Here are some of the things to do in Darjeeling:

1. Trip to tiger hill to watch the captivating sunrise.
2. Go trekking on the various foothills of the Himalayan range.
3. A tour of the various sleep plantations and gardens can be very relaxing
4. Explore the wildlife and nature reserves out of this thrilling holiday hillside.
5. Take a spiritual trip with the multitude of monasteries and temples for blessings for your life as newlyweds.
6. Go River rafting with your spouse on the Teesta River
7. Take a ride on the toy train to enjoy the panoramic views around the hills and valleys of Darjeeling.
8. Rock climbing and mountaineering are two of the most popular activities for couples around the hills of Darjeeling
9. Take some time to meditate in the gardens, the peace pagoda, and the monasteries.
10. Explore Darjeeling's heritage of war and peace various memorials and museums
11. Check out the Colonial architecture of age-old mansions.
12. Try the local food for an immersive experience on your honeymoon trip in Darjeeling.
13. Shop for souvenirs and distinctive items of home decor with an underlying cultural significance.
14. If you like inking, get a tattoo, permanent or temporary as per your preference, from local artists with unique styles.
15. Go on a cable car ride along the highest ropeway for a bird's eye view of the surrounding.

The things you can do on your honeymoon tour to Darjeeling are just as pleasurable as the surroundings in this beautiful mountain district. Whether you choose to relax with a fresh cup of Darjeeling tea, soak in warm water in the chill of Darjeeling air, or partake in adventure sports, you will end up having an amazing time.

Shopping in Darjeeling

Situated amid the most interesting tourist destinations and lands of handicrafts, Darjeeling is a haven for shoppers. Here are some of the places that you simply must check out to procure unique items of clothing, Himalayan jewellery, accessories, meditation equipment, rugs, knickknacks, and authentic Darjeeling tea:
1. Nehru Road – A perfect amalgamation of all that Darjeeling has to offer can be found here, including hand woven woollen clothing, Gurkha kukri, handbags, and other accessories, paintings, statues of Buddha, books, and most importantly, Darjeeling tea.
2. Ghoom Monastery Market – The perfect place to gather items for your meditation practice ranging from prayer flags and wheels, singing bowls, wall hangings, and authentic Tibetan Thangkas.
3. Teesta Bazaar – The surrounding adventure sports centres influence the items found here including equipment for hunting and mountain climbing, copperware, silverware, footwear, lanterns, crockery, and wall hangings.
4. Mall Road – The fascinating shopper’s paradise offering everything from hand woven sweaters, shawls, scarves, jackets, Tibetan masks, jewellery, and souvenirs
5. Chowk Market – A market with diversity in items such as silverware, brassware, masks, rugs, and extraordinary work with textiles.
6. Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre – Your ultimate destination to shop for Tibetan handiwork and artworks of paintings, carpets, woollen garments, wood carvings, and footwear.

Best romantic Darjeeling honeymoon places to stay

As the square area of Darjeeling is relatively smaller than most holiday destinations, it becomes easier to travel around town to explore its beauty. Every resort, hotel, and cottage in Darjeeling will offer you warm hospitality and excellent service due to the cultural influence of Buddhism and Hinduism that state guests must be treated as equivalent to God himself.
While your Darjeeling honeymoon package with Thomas Cook will offer a list of luxurious accommodations at this beautiful hillside destination, you can choose the hotel or resort that best appeals to you for its unique positioning and multitude of tour sightseeing packages. Here are some of the best romantic Darjeeling honeymoon places to stay that might appeal to you:
1. The Jungle lodges are a major attraction for accommodation in Darjeeling. Being surrounded by thick forest lands where the birds sing and the mountain creature’s prowl nearby is quite thrilling. The design of these accommodation structures allows a clear view of the surrounding area. It is almost like camping except with luxurious rooms and delectable meals. They are very safe due to the strict preservation rules in Darjeeling.
2. The English cottages have a rustic charm that appeals to honeymooners around the year. The slanted roofs and large windows almost make you feel like you live in the colonial era.
3. The Ecological accommodations are set in remote areas, surrounded only by nature and not much else. These are the ultimate places in Darjeeling to stay, especially if you are always drummed down by the busy life in large cities.
4. Another ecological option is the Eco huts with an exquisite view of the Himalayan range from the windows. These places are quite reasonably priced and offer a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for a honeymoon trip in Darjeeling.
5. The cabins set for camping amid the beauty of nature are another perfect blend of exploring the essence of our origin with the creature comforts of this world. The holiday camps are set in the natural reserves so you are bound to desire a hike or bonfire to set the mood
6. The hillside cottages resembling the natural living style of Bali or Andaman are covered by tourists, especially couples on their honeymoon. They are secluded from the rest of the Darjeeling city life and set amid the forest with beautiful walkways that make you believe you have your own little cottage in the woods.
7. Luxury hotels are the ultimate holiday destination for those who prefer comfort and pampering. These hotels are located in prime locations so you can trek through the mountains, explore the beauty of Darjeeling’s many attractions, shop at the local markets, and relax at the spas and saunas in the hotel.
The secluded cabins and cottages are great for a honeymoon in Darjeeling. However, keep in mind that you will need to acquire a lot of things from town which may be a bit of a trek. On the plus side, you can easily access the cliffs and mountain hikes, as well as a camp in the wilderness in the heart of nature.
Luxury hotels, on the other hand, offer a lot of amenities, so while you explore the areas, you don’t have to stress about immediate necessities. Everything is available in the hotels and the proximity to the main town makes it rather easier to acquire all the things not included in the Darjeeling honeymoon packages in the immediate vicinity.

Adventurous things for honeymooners in Darjeeling

From walking through the natural reserves to soaring through the skies as well as exploring the turbulent rivers, Darjeeling offers a number of adventurous activities for its visitors. Thrill-seekers are never bored in this beautiful holiday destination despite the calmness of the atmosphere all around.

Here are some of the beloved adventure activities in Darjeeling that you can enjoy as a couple on your honeymoon or partake in solo while you ponder over the amazing surprises you can plan for your spouse:

1. Trekking

The most coveted activity for tourists in Darjeeling is the high peaks all around. You cannot quiet your mind as it screams to scale the mountainside, just like Tenzin Nogay or Edmund Hillary. While it is next to impossible to do so without planning on your Darjeeling tour package for couples, you can go hiking and trekking up the mountainside.
The best romantic Darjeeling honeymoon places to go trekking are the routes that go through the natural reserves. You will witness nature on all sides, protecting you, calling to you as you hold your partner’s hand and begin the trek. It is a divine experience that is only possible in Darjeeling.

2. Cycling

It may not seem like adventure sports, but in Darjeeling, it sure is. The twisting roads connecting the topography of the small district pose quite a thrill on a bicycle. You can tread the mountain side, divert into woodlands, or cruise through the beautiful town and take in the scenic view.
Don’t try to cycle up the mountains though. Losing your grip along the steep slopes can be quite dangerous. Although that is the result of the pursuit of adrenaline, keep to the safer areas through the forests and villages. Your spouse and you can chat along the way, laughing and sharing anecdotes while cycling to a picnic spot.

3. Mountain biking

If you really want to experience the hairpin turns and steep mountain climb for the thrill, take a biking tour instead. Mountain bikes are a fun way to explore the climb up the hills as well as the forestland all around. With a little gumption, you can make this a trip to remember for you and your spouse.

4. Wildlife safaris

Thinking about the close proximity to wildlife from the mountains is thrilling enough. Can you imagine what it feels like to see one up close?
The wildlife sanctuaries and natural reserves of Darjeeling preserve the most exquisite animals and they offer opportunities to do so in a jeep which is the popular mode of transportation to handle the sharp and steep turns.

5. Camping

Another activity that doesn’t sound like extreme adventure but imagine yourself sitting in a secluded forestland with no one but your spouse and the wild creatures to keep you company. There is no better place to go camping if not in Darjeeling.

6. Zorbing

An unusual sport to experience on your honeymoon tour in Darjeeling is Zorbing. The facilitators basically put you in an exercise ball and you go hurtling down the slopes of carefully- manicured grasslands. Not only does it raise your adrenaline but also provides a few laughs as you relive the childhood memories of cartwheeling.

7. Rock Climbing

As challenging as hiking and biking on the hills of Darjeeling can be, an even more thrilling adventure sport is rock climbing. The steep slope makes it almost impossible to cross a single patch of hard rocks. You have to call in all your special skills and determination in order to accomplish this feat.

8. White-water rafting

There are several river beds that cut through Darjeeling’s scenic towns and mountainsides. Situated so close to the Himalayas from where they are refuted to flow, the water current can be treacherous. White water rafting amid these devious water currents is a thrilling experience for all those who visit Darjeeling. The Rangeet and Teesta rivers, in particular, are popular for adventure sporting activity. Participants are strapped with life jackets and helmets before they sit in the rafts to take off on their adventure. The facilitators do ensure safety despite the high currents of the river beds, practice personal safety, and don’t take risks when on the water. These events usually involve other couples, families, or solo travellers, so choose your team wisely.

9. Kayaking

Another fun water sport along the water bodies in Darjeeling is kayaking. By definition, this water sport is exciting and calming all at once. As you ride on a thin boat with your partner, heading out onto the open waters, can be quite rewarding as a couple. You are literally embarking upon an unpredictable adventure together, much like your pair bond.
As you sail out into the dangerous currents the sudden realisation hits you that you two are alone against the dangers of the world. Although the sports facilitators equip you with helmets and lifejackets along with oars to control your movements against the currents, it can feel like an isolated experience from the world except for your spouse. It creates a natural bonding atmosphere for honeymooners.

10. Hot air balloon rides

As beautiful as it is to relish the panoramic views of the mountains and lush greenery in Darjeeling on land and water, the experience you have when soaring through the skies is absolutely unparalleled. There is no other way to truly appreciate the gorgeousness of Darjeeling than to take a hot air balloon ride with your spouse.
The trip can be extremely satisfying as you and your partner are enclosed in an open space while you gaze upon the land below and admire the beauty of nature. The strangeness of the situation contributes to the thrill of the hot air balloon.

11. Paragliding

For those who love to feel the adrenaline soar through their veins, there is nothing that amounts to the thrill of paragliding. The cliffside areas in Darjeeling offer adventure sports under the guidance of expert facilitators. They provide instructions along with harnessing you in before letting you sail through the skies solo or with your partner.
Seeing the astounding view beneath your feet while you glaze below the clouds, anticipating your landing, makes you reach for your spouse immediately. It is the perfect bonding experience for honeymooners to feel the rush and appreciate the love they have in their life.

12. Cable car rides

Darjeeling has one of the highest and longest ropeways in Asia and given the delightful scenery below, we cannot complain. Cable car rides in Darjeeling are not for the faint hearts or those who suffer from phobias related to heights. This thrilling adventure of soaring across the sky, balanced perfectly in a cable car can give you a high adrenaline rush like no other.
The breath-taking view beneath can be overwhelming. Not only can you see the towns, valleys, natural reserves, and hills all around, but sometimes you may spot an endangered animal or bird. Those moments are so precious that you feel a profound appreciation for life.

Interesting facts about Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a place of wonder that can make your jaw drop with its simplicity. When planning your Darjeeling tour package for couples, you may be able to explore the region for its glorious gifts but there are still enigmas that remain unknown or lesser known to most people who visit.
Knowing these interesting facts about Darjeeling allows you to experience the tranquillity and attractions with a new appreciation. So here are some of the lesser-known facts about Darjeeling that will astound you:
1. Influenced largely by the cultures of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India, Darjeeling displays an amalgamation of various traditions from these regions. It is often referred to as little Tibet Due to the large practice of Buddhism and the pursuit of peace over materialism. You can also find prevalent teachings of Hinduism as most of the population in Darjeeling is either from India or Nepal.
2. The Kanchenjunga range in the Himalayan Mountains is the third-highest peak in the world. Darjeeling is one of the few places from which you can witness the sun peeking its head from behind the Himalayan range, hitting the snow-cap mountains like some kind of Portrait painted in the 16th century. The picturesque view from tiger hills is one of the most coveted holiday attractions in any hillside area.
3. The land of Thunderbolt actually has a deeper meaning behind its name. “Dorja” means Thunder and “Ling” means place. Lord Indra, the king of gods according to Hindu mythology carries a staff that is in the shape of a Thunderbolt, much like the weapon of Zeus. Thunder and lightning in Darjeeling signify Lord Indra passionately looking after his people. The second half of the name references Lord Shiva’s residence in the Himalayan Mountain where he meditates well keeping a close eye on his beloved humanity. Ling is a popular title used to reference the inhabitation of Lord Shiva.
4. The largest overhead ropeway in Asia is the Rangit valley ropeway in Darjeeling. It allows you to soar through the skies riddled with clouds in a cable car while viewing the many mountains and the tea plantations around Darjeeling in their absolute glory.
5. Before the initiation of the BBC series Sherlock, actor Benedict Cumberbatch taught English in one of the Tibetan monasteries in the enchanting land of Darjeeling.
6. The toy train of Darjeeling is a delight to travellers for several reasons. For one, these railway lines traverse across a very narrow track that is only two feet apart. This makes the train move incredibly slowly especially due to the dangers posed by the steep mountainsides, buzz allowing passengers to admire the beauty of their surroundings. These passenger trains only have a handful of carriages to allow smooth turns on these narrow railways. Additionally, the appearance and features of the toy trains resemble old-fashioned engines that would smoke being released out of a chimney while the train hoots through the scenic routes of Darjeeling.
7. The child has a rich heritage of British colonisation. It still houses the Cricket and Morgan house in Kalimpong and a number of old churches and bungalows featuring British architecture.
8. Darjeeling is also home to the unique Everest museum. It features primaeval mountain gear used by Famous mountain climbers who made history by scaling the different ranges around the Himalayas.
9. Darjeeling has over 90 different tea plantations where numerous varieties are cultivated with special qualities but differ in taste, aroma, Colour, and caffeine content.
10. Darjeeling was discovered by George W. Aylmer Lloyd, who is buried in the local cemetery.

Culture of Darjeeling

Darjeeling has a rich cultural history of diversity. Colonised by the British to offer hospice care to the ailing soldiers in a peaceful hill station, the region still upholds what they left behind. Aside from the development of Darjeeling, there are also humongous mansions and architecture that reflect the land’s heritage.
Aside from the British, other cultures have influenced the development of Darjeeling in their own way. The locals actively partake in the Hindu rituals as celebrated in the neighbouring regions of Nepal and West Bengal. They also welcome the peaceful living style of Tibet and Bhutan in the form of Buddhism practices that are widespread across the district.
The people of Darjeeling are fond of celebrations, especially with performing arts. They practice a wide range of dance styles and indulge in music from all the neighbouring areas. The most beautiful portrayal of their love for the arts is their adaptation of Tibetan and Nepali folk music coupled with the regional dance style of Darjeeling which screams diversity.
Darjeeling’s most fond memories are reflected in their artwork. Their love for handicrafts, woodcraft, and art are so poignant that you cannot help but admire them. The locals love to work with their hands and create items made of natural ingredients. From masks to paintings, to exquisite craftsmanship on woodwork and statues, Darjeeling has a tremendous range. When coupling that with their love for working on textiles, the plethora of objects created each year reaches astounding numbers.
Speaking of working hard, the people of Darjeeling are also known for their unique way of carrying heavy objects on their heads. They strap on a basket or bag to the forehead that hangs behind them while they fill it with materials for their daily needs, including tea.
Darjeeling is a land of celebration as much as West Bengal itself. Thus, it is no surprise that they partake in all the festivals of their diverse cultures. From Tibetan to Nepali, to Bhutanese, to Bengali festivals are all celebrated proudly in the district of Darjeeling.

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Darjeeling is an exquisite honeymoon destination that offers more than just scenic routes, panoramic views of the Himalayan range, and delectable food so good that you never want to leave. Darjeeling offers serenity and an inmate capability to calm the mind and soul to help couples prepare for the upcoming life as newlyweds. However, the cold weather around the year may not be for everyone or you may be looking for something with a little more vibrant theme.
So, here are some of the other most popular honeymoon packages that you may like:

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Thomas Cook has taken extreme measures and shown a luxurious honeymoon are these exotic holiday destinations. While these are the most favoured honeymoon packages, you can also find a multitude of other domestic and international locations for your trip as a couple on the Thomas Cook website. You can even choose to customise a regular holiday package at other destinations of your choice into a honeymoon package with the help of experienced table advisors who are always eager to assist.

Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages Handpicked for you

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People also asked about Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages

1. What Kind of clothes should I pack for Darjeeling?
As a hillside along the foot of the Himalayas, Darjeeling experiences cool to cold weather around the year. Even in the summer season with the sun shining high on the tropics, Darjeeling remains cool as a cucumber. Therefore, when packing for your honeymoon trip in Darjeeling, pack with the general weather in mind. A pair of shorts or short dresses are alright for the daytime during the summer season but prepare for night-time adequately. All around the year, it is best to carry a sweater or jacket to beat the cool breeze at night. A heavy jacket is particularly helpful for the winter season and between July to October to beat the rainy weather as well. Pack some warm jeans or trousers along with full-sleeved shirts and t-shirts. Carry a woollen sweater or jumper along with a fashionable beanie. Get some thermal wear for the winter season.
2. Are there any specific rules for the Darjeeling honeymoon?
Darjeeling is a tourist location with a deep heritage. Therefore, there are a certain set of rules to follow on your honeymoon tour in Darjeeling. Although the people remain welcoming and open-minded, it is best not to disrupt their cultural beliefs so be mindful of the following:
○ Darjeeling is a land of beauty and worship at the foothills of the Himalayas. Be careful not to litter in public places.
○ When visiting the cliffs and high hills of Darjeeling, always take a guided tour. Not only will it help you identify and visit unique sites but in case of emergency, the local guide can help you out.
○ God forbid it happens but it is usual for vehicles to take a steep turn or roll to the side of a cliff when backing out of a spot. In case this happens, do not panic and start moving too quickly. Instead, follow the instructions of the driver and tour guide to exit the vehicle carefully without putting yourself or anyone else in harm’s way.
○ Dress appropriately when visiting religious institutions. Cover yourself up so as not to offend the monks and locals at the monasteries and temples around Darjeeling.
○ If the locals smile at you, smile back. The people of Darjeeling follow the teachings of Buddha very closely and show respect to all travellers. They are friendly and welcoming so show them the same amount of camaraderie.
3. How long does it take to see all the tourist sites in Darjeeling?
Darjeeling is the main destination in itself and therefore allows easy access to tourist sites from one place to another. When planning your Darjeeling honeymoon packages, you can opt for anything between 3-6 days for your trip. This will allow you ample time to visit the major attractions as well as take part in adventure activities. You can commemorate the honeymoon trip in Darjeeling with souvenir shopping and still spend some time by the cosy fireplace at your luxurious accommodation.
4. Why is Darjeeling famous around the world?
Darjeeling is popular for its holiday destination with cultural diversity ad close connections to countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Bangladesh along with the Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim. However, what makes Darjeeling special is its local tea plantations.
The Darjeeling tea is planted at a higher elevation than most tea plantations around the world. The high altitude creates the perfect atmosphere to grow tea with unique qualities in favourable conditions. Thus, Darjeeling tea is reputed to be one of the costliest and most coveted varieties. Although people come to Darjeeling from all over the world to see the grandeur of the Himalayan Mountain range, visiting the tea plantations of the region makes the highlight of their trips. What’s more, is, there are over 90 different regions in the district where tea is planted and each has its own special taste and quality.
5. What is the secret behind the name Darjeeling?
Darjeeling celebrates many cultures and it is evidently reflected in the naming process of the district. The word ‘Dorja’ in Tibetan means thunderbolt, as the primary weapon of both Indra and Zeus according to mythology. The word ‘ling’ means land and sometimes refers to the colonization of Shiva’s essence.
The district of Darjeeling is therefore named the ‘Land of Thunderbolt.’ It bears significance to the heavy rainfalls in the region due to its proximity to the Himalayan range. The use of ‘ling’ is also a clever way of referencing the meditative place of Lord Shiva up in the Himalayas.

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