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Best Season to visit Coorg

What we like most about this quaint hill station, Coorg, in Karnataka is that its a year round destination  you can make a trip here whenever your heart desires to. September to June is the best time to visit Coorg. However, if you want to go trekking, October to March is the best time to visit Coorg. With a pleasant climate and a spectacular landscape as a company, this beautiful hill station has people from across the world thronging its gentle slopes throughout the year. Nestled in the folds of the majestic Western Ghats, Coorg offers vast stretches of coffee plantations, beautiful flowers and stunning vistas to boot. No wonder it is one of the most popular destinations in southern India.

The hill station entices tourists with its tropical weather all through the year. Early winter to late summer is the ideal time to plan a trip to this picturesque tourist spot. The temperature doesn’t go beyond 40°C or fall below 10°C. You can take a walk along the meandering paths of this hill town, soaking in the scenery without breaking into a sweat. Daytimes are gorgeous and nights can be a bit nippy. Is it any wonder it has been nicknamed the Scotland of India?

Leave time and worries behind when you make a trip to Coorg. Irrespective of which season you choose to visit, this quaint hill town in Karnataka will appeal to your senses and leave you breathless with its many attractions, natural and manmade.
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Below are the most popular Coorg Tour Packages 2023:

Karnataka Tour Packages No. of Nigts / Days Price*
Karnataka - Bangalore Mysore Coorg Ooty Tour - Budget 6 Nights/ 7 Days  Rs. 28 375
Karnataka - Bangalore Mysore Coorg Ooty Tour 6 Nights/ 7 Days  Rs. 41 625
Karnataka - Coorg And Kabini with Flexi Flight 4 Nights/ 5 Days  Rs. 59 879
South India Extravaganza - Land Only 12 Nights/ 13 Days  Rs. 94 990

Coorg During Summer Season (March-May) 

Summer in Coorg is a great time to visit. While the rest of the plains are hot and uncomfortable, Coorg is cool and fresh, inviting people to relax and unwind in its pleasant climes. Step out in the warm sun and enjoy the visual spoils of the hill station. A lot of people will have the same ideas as you, so do expect a fair bit of crowds. After winter, summer is the best climate to visit Coorg.


Coorg During Monsoon Season (June-September)

Coorg has a tropical climate and experiences a robust monsoon. It starts with medium rainfall earlier in the season and the intensity increases as the calendar comes closer to mid-August and early September. It is colder during this season and heavy rainfall has been known to flood roads and cake them with mud, while also restricting outdoor activities. However, in no way should this stop you from visiting since the hill station is fresh and green, and its beauty is enhanced even further during this season.


Coorg During Winter Season (November-February) 

Coorg has a moderate climate, which makes every season a great season to visit. However, the best time to visit is from November to February if you wish to enjoy the outdoors and also indulge in adventure activities. Towards the end of March and in early April the land is bedecked in beautiful white flowers.


Travel Seasons

Min/Max Temperature


March to May

22-40 degrees

Summer - Pleasant and cool

June to September

11-28 degrees

Monsoon - Medium to heavy rainfall

October – November

22 – 40 degrees

Summer - Pleasant and cool

November to February

23-29 degrees

Winter - Cold and cosy


October to November & March to May 

Temperature: Avg. of 40 degrees high to 22 degrees low

Weather: Once summer hits, it’s best to head to the cooler slopes of Coorg. This hill station offers the perfect respite – cool and soothing – from the harsh summer sun of the plains. Pack your bags and get ready to relax and rejuvenate, as the weather lulls you into comfortable bliss. Daytimes can be a tad warm occasionally, but nothing that you can’t handle. The best time to step out is in the morning or the evenings when the weather is just right. The Western Ghats look stunning in this weather – there is a gossamer layer that covers the green valleys and peaks, adding to the allure. Include Abbey Falls and Madikeri Fort in your itinerary. You can trek up if you are up for it, but for a family with children, there are simpler trails that can be explored too.

It can get crowded as the weather in summer of Coorg is perfect and entices local as well as international visitors, all eager to sample the glorious weather of this gorgeous hill town. Don’t let that deter you. Sip on some Coorgi coffee and enjoy the vista as it unfolds slowly.

Significant events: Coorg welcomes families with its numerous summer attractions such as funfairs, exhibitions and other local entertainment options. In October, the locals of Madikeri celebrate a festival (similar to the Mysore Dasara) in honour of the local deity, ‘Theru’, which includes a lengthy procession. The festival is marked with exhibitions, music and dance competitions too. Puthari is a famous harvest festival that takes place between October and November and is celebrated when the rice is harvested. In March, the locals of Coorg come out on to the streets to celebrate their culture and traditions. The youth dress up in their customary costumes and visit homes all through the night collecting food. It is believed that Lord Shiva himself visits homes in the guise of these young men.

If adventure and thrilling experiences call out to you, then this is the perfect season to hop on board an open two-seater plane and take to the skies for a ‘wind in your face’ experience. Ask around for the local clubs that can give you this adrenaline rush.

Why you should visit now: Coorg is the perfect destination to get away from the hot Indian summer. The land welcomes all in its cool embrace.

Know before you visit: Book your hotel stay in advance as this is peak tourist season and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed at the last minute.

Tips: Even if it’s pleasant and cool, keep your sunblock and umbrella handy if you are heading out during the daytime.


December to February – Winter Season 

Temperature: Avg. of 28 degrees high to 11 degrees low

Weather: Coorg is brimming with love and cosiness in winter. Honeymooners love visiting Coorg in this season as it offers just the right ambiance and the weather of Coorg in winter is the perfect backdrop to nurture romance. Cool winds, a warm and crackling fire, and a glass of wine – Cupid himself couldn’t do any better. However, winter is just a term to describe the time of the season. The temperature never drops beyond comfort and the warm sun is a lovely companion as you traipse through the hills of Coorg.

Winter is perfect for outdoor activities, so if you have a penchant for adventure, this is when you should be thinking of visiting Coorg. Trekking, wildlife safaris, hiking and camping in the wild are some of the options that you have before you. For those who wish to be outdoors but are not excited with roughing it out, this is the right time for bird-watching. If you wish, you can avoid it all and just relax in a homestay, enjoying the delicacies of Coorg.

Significant events: The hill station of Coorg during winter is relatively quiet, leaving tourists to pick what interests them most. Several tour companies organise outdoor activities. Trek up popular routes to reach Pushpagiri and Tadiandamol, the highest points of Coorg. Do something different this year and celebrate Christmas and New Year in Coorg. You can also visit the Kushalnagar Golden Temple Monastery in February and usher in the New Year with the monks of Coorg.

Why you should visit now: The weather in Coorg does not get any better than this during winter. It is perfect for outdoor activities or for just getting cosy by the fireplace with someone special. You can enjoy a cup of hot coffee or a glass of the local wine, and spend your time reading your favourite book.

Know before you visit: Carry your woollens, including gloves and mittens, when visiting in this season. The weather can get cold and it is always better to be prepared.

Tips: Wear comfortable hiking attire. Carry your sunblock and insect-repelling creams too.


June to September – The Monsoon 

Temperature: Avg. of 29 degrees high to 23 degrees low

Weather: Coorg is bathed in refreshing showers in the monsoon, turning this beautiful land into a spectacular destination. The Western Ghats are lush green and the land beckons visitors with its waterfalls, swirling mists and blooming flora. The clouds literally descend from the heavens, sheathing the land with their veil. It is wet; it is glorious; and it is beautiful. If you enjoy adventure and don’t mind getting soaked, then head to Coorg in the monsoon and enjoy a holiday of your lifetime. This is also the best season for water-based adventure. The gushing waters of the many streams and rivers flowing through the hills of Coorg are ideal for white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking. The best part is that since this is the off-season, you will have the lay of the land pretty much to yourself.

Significant events: Coorg might be inundated with the monsoon, but it does nothing to dampen the spirit of the people here. In September, the region celebrates Kailmahurtha or Kailpoldh – an event dedicated to the worship of the implements used daily in agriculture and to cultivate their lands. Every household brings out its knives, swords, guns, vehicles and other equipment that have been traditionally used for making a living from the land of Coorg. There is much festivity and the people of Coorg enjoy the day by feasting on special non-vegetarian dishes and imbibing the local wines.

Adventure junkies can explore the many camps that have been set up purely to give tourists an experience of getting soaked in the cold, gushing waters of the river Barapole. Maneuver through class 1-4 rapids and end the exhilarating ride with a bonfire, and a delicious meal.

Why you should visit now: The monsoon in Coorg is a welcome respite from the hot summer of the earlier months. And with fewer tourists around, you’ll get to enjoy this green paradise and visit all the tourist spots at your own pace.

Know before you visit: Always carry an umbrella (or don’t, if you like the monsoon a lot) with you as you never know when it might rain. Wear sturdy hiking shoes if you are planning on going trekking.

Tips: Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, even if it is raining. The beauty of Coorg in the monsoon is best experienced out in the open, becoming one with nature. 

Does this excite you and make you want to get packing right away? Coorg does tend to do that to many visitors. Do browse through our Coorg Tour Packages and get answers to all of your Coorg trip requirements right here about the best places to visit in Coorg. Book your travel tickets and hotel accommodation, apply for your visa and even buy all the Indian Rupees for your trip with us at Thomas Cook.

Travel Season
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp
April to July Summer Season
15 C to 30 C Min/Max temp

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