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It won't be an overstatement to call Mauritius a paradise island. A single visit to this county is enough to rejuvenate you inside out; courtesy its vast sandy shores, amazing verdant forests, fascinating historical places and scrumptious local cuisines, besides more. It is one of the most winsome and naturally alluring places in the world that you may ever visit.

The only tropical country of its kind, Mauritius is officially known as the Republic of Mauritius and is undoubtedly the most opulent of all African tourist destinations. The island nation, glistening in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, is a mesmerizing country that leaves its visitors hypnotized with its coruscating beauty. Dotted with numerous breath-taking waterfalls, rainforests, and pristine sandy beaches, the island paradise is well known for its natural beauty and stimulating environment. Due to the rich history, fabulous seashores, historical sites and many exciting activities, Mauritius tourism is increasing at a rapid pace. It has unarguably put the nation among the top global destinations which are highly sought by people of all ages for an unforgettable vacation.

Capital: Port Louis

Currency: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)

Official Language: English

Population: 1.30 Mn

Area: 2040 sq. km

Time Zone: GMT +04:00

Area Code: +230


One of the best African holiday destinations that are a rage among most tourists, adventure seekers, and travelers, Mauritius is also one of the most beautiful beach vacation spots around the world. The country is abundantly blessed with an effortless natural splendor that reflects off the thriving tourism in Mauritius. The spellbinding beauty of its unblemished shores, clear azure waters, lush forests, sprawling wildlife and challenging terrain attracts the parched traveler in you. The tenacious seeker of knowledge will revel in the seething history, in the form of historical sites, monuments and the diverse culture, traditions, and people.

But this is not all. The booming Mauritius tourism isn’t just the result of the many blessings of nature or its past but also its present-day resources. The bountiful luxury, through the many world-class resorts, hotels, hospitality services and infrastructure, calls out to the vacationer on the lookout for a relaxing and refreshing getaway.

Owing to its spectacularly romantic seascape, Mauritius ranks among the top holiday destinations for honeymooners. Couples seek Mauritius to begin their newly married life, owing to the utterly charming getaway that it offers with ample privacy.

Making an equally beautiful retreat for a holiday with your family or friends, Mauritius is undoubtedly a lovely holiday destination. It has many famous and unsullied beaches that invite you to lay down on the white sand and merely relax your worries away. You can laze on the beach or go for an invigorating swim in the crystal clear water all day long. However, Mauritius doesn’t just wrap up at its shoreline alone. It gives its visitors a chance to explore its enchanting wilderness through a plethora of trekking trails with the likes of Les 7 Cascades and more. These calming environs offer an unparalleled view of its untouched lush forests, numerous waterfalls and delightful animals scurrying across their paths; while in some cases even making for a scenic and tranquil boat ride. 

Replete with historical heritage as well, those who like to get a glimpse of the foregone era on their travels too can enjoy basking in the forgotten glory of Mauritius’s old monuments. From Le Morne Brabant that was used as a refuge by the slaves from nearby countries to Eureka which is a well preserved Creole house built in the 19th century and serves as a fascinating museum narrating the tales from the past, you can never run out of options to go on a sightseeing spree. On the other hand, for those who like to have their travels boost with adrenaline, will also love the island nation for what it has to offer. From a day spent chasing the wild tortoise and swimming with dolphins to a spectacular undersea walk, Mauritius has plenty to offer to its adventurous visitor too. 

The delicious and unique food of Mauritius is another reason to visit it. The area has many casual and fine-dining restaurants where you can enjoy the local Mauritian cuisine that enfolds a delicious mix of European, Indian and even Chinese flavors. Tourism in Mauritius isn't just about the endless sightseeing and indulgent activities but also carefree nightlife and infinite shopping avenues that render this holiday destination a hard one to beat.  

Mauritius has everything that an idyllic vacation destination should offer to a traveler. While it is an excellent tourist spot for family trips or with your friends, it doesn't disappoint a couple on its honeymoon or backpackers looking for some adventure on their tour. Be it any need; you'll find Mauritius cut out solely for you.

Within the leafs of this Mauritius tourism guide, you will find not just all the information that a traveler requires for a safe and well-informed tour but also how to make the best of the holidays in this mystique and beguiling island country. 


The island nation of Mauritius is spread across a vast area of 2,040 km. It is located to the east of Madagascar and lies around 2000 km away from the southeastern region of the African coastline. Mauritius includes the stunning islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues which are situated 560 km from east of Mauritius and other outer islands including Agalega and St. Brandonand. The islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues comprise a part of the famous Mascarene Islands that exude serenity and perfect natural beauty. Port Louis is the most significant city of the country. 


The island nation has a rich and intriguing history as well. The Portuguese first discovered Mauritius in the 16th century. However, it was the Dutch settlers who came in 1598 that christened the country after Prince Maurice of Massau, before leaving Mauritius in 1710. During the French Colonisation of 1767 to 1810, Port Louis, the capital city of the country, emerged as a significant center for trade and naval operations. It was also the time when the British, despite making several attempts failed to seize control over Mauritius from the French. However, in 1810 the British managed to defeat them and had the French to surrender. Following their overthrow, Mauritius saw many critical socio-economic changes, including the abolition of slavery in the year 1833. After a considerably extended period of subjugation, the British gave up the rule in 1968, when Mauritius finally received its independence. 


Mauritius has a population of approx 1.30 Million 


Mauritius has an ethnically and religiously diverse population. With the majority of its citizen being Hindus, around 52%, it is also the home of 31.4% Christian population, 15.3% Muslims and the rest of the populace belonging to many other religions including Buddhism. Owing to the mixed religious beliefs of the Mauritian community, the culture and traditional practices are also diverse. 


Being a predominantly English and French-speaking country, Mauritius is also one of the most accessible places to get around and about. In addition to the two languages, a significant portion of people in Mauritius speak Hindi and Creole. The people are friendly with many of the Indian origin too, which makes it quite easy for an Indian traveler to tour and stay comfortably in Mauritius. 


The currency of Mauritius is Mauritian Rupee (MUR).

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Mauritian Rupee (MUR)


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Mauritius Tourism guide


Cost and Money 

You will find ATMs widely spread across the main island of Mauritius; however, you will spot it less frequently on the island of Rodrigues. Most Mauritian hotels, resorts, restaurants, tour companies and shopping points accept major credit cards.

While most budget hotels offer accommodation at the cost of approximately INR 7,500, you can opt for a stay in a mid-range hotel between INR 7,500- INR 15,500 approx. Accommodation in a luxury hotel starts with INR 15,000 per night approx.  

Commutation in Mauritius is reasonably affordable with many options from bikes,public transport such as buses, taxis, trains and more. And as far as tipping is concerned, it is usually not practiced in the country since a service tax of 10-15% is added to the overall bill; though people still welcome it and expect you to make a contribution in a collective tip box rather than paying an individual.

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