Singapore Night Safari In Singapore

Singapore Night Safari is one of the must-visit attractions in Singapore. Apart from its conventional activities of facilitation some world-class entertainment and amazing activities, it is also works towards conserving, rescuing, constantly conducting research dedicated towards improving the wildlife.

Plenty of animals from multiple origins can be found in the confined yet spacious simulated natural settings of the Night Safari. Many families frequent this spot to enjoy the wildlife of different species.


80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826,103.7880606,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x6ff144ead852d1e3?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiS4IHw6OvaAhUU3o8KHfkMCjMQ_BIIiQIwDg

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Tel: +65 6269 3411


The timing is 19:15 to 00:00 for night safari and you can make the last entry by 23:15. It is open every day.


  • You can visit a zoo anywhere, but the night safari gives you the real taste of the jungle.
  • You can see those animals here that you cannot find out at any other places.
  • It is divided into seven different geographical zones.
  • There are foods and beverages outlets in the night safari for travelers.
  • Animals are roaming around freely without any fear with proper maintenance
  • Cultural performances are an attraction for visitors including fire eating displays


  • Express tram ride
  • Ticket to night safari
  • Dinner


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 2349
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 1550

Recommended for

  • It is the place where anybody can enjoy. There is no age restrictions at the Singapore Night Safari

How to get to Singapore Night Safari

MRT: If you are planning to come from north-south MRT Lines then get down to nearest MRT station and take a connecting bus

Shuttle: There are services available daily, every 20 minutes till 19:00. For that, you have to get down at Khatib MRT Station, from where it takes only 15 minutes to reach there.  

Bus: You can catch the safari gate bus, which will get you to the night safari. They have many drop off locations. You can come there and board the bus. 

Taxi: It will take 30 minutes for the ride to the night safari from the city

About Singapore Night Safari

Night Safari is the most popular tourist spot among travellers in Singapore. Former executive chairman of Singapore, Dr. Ong Swee Law gave the idea to build the nocturnal park. The Night Safari spread over 86 acres, has 2500 animals living there with over 130 species including many indigenous to the region, such as the Asian Elephant, Malayan tiger.

The park has seven geographical zones of the world including the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asian rainforest, and Himalayan foothills. The jungle comes to life in the night when animals freely walk around and explore the free-roaming environment in the moonlight and in the specially designed lighting for Singapore Night Safari. 

It is an open-air area in a humid tropical forest that is closed in the daytime and opens only in the night. In this park, the animals are separated from other animals with natural barriers, not from the zoo like cages. Avery animal in the park have their own space to roam around freely with the help of metal sheet grills which is helping them to stay away from other animals.

For visiting Singapore Night Safari, you can take the express tram ride which takes you across seven geographical zones of the park with live commentary in 8 different languages English, Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia. After the tram ride, a guide leads you to the Fishing Cat Trail, Wallaby Trail and Leopard Trail by walking.

Cultural performances are always going on at the night safari. Dance performance by a troupe of Thumbuakar warriors include the flame-throwing, fire eating and many more. The creatures of the night show are the main attraction in the night safari. It is a 20-minute show with an education showcase of nocturnal animals. You can take a look at the powerful jaws of a spotted hyena and many more creatures.

In the park they are giving rental services like Wheelchair for senior citizens as well as Strollers for your babies, so you can go around in the park comfortably. For cash withdrawals, they have ATMs at the main entrance, they have private nursing rooms also for making your journey stress free. You can keep your belongings in the lockers for the safety of your valuables. You can place your extra luggage at the visitor services booth.

You must make some arrangements before going to the Singapore Night Safari for your safety and convenience. If you are going early, then it is helpful for you to discover many animals and shows. 

There are occasional showers, and if the rain gets heavy then you can seek shelter at the stalls for your safety. Please wear insect repellents to prevent insects and mosquitoes’ bites. Your dinner is waiting at Safari Express onboard a moving train, with a candle light meal with juices and mocktails; from there you can see some animals moving around.

As you take a trip through the safari, you will get to catch a sight of the nocturnal wildlife, with over 60 exhibits and over a thousand animals to see. You can even enjoy your trip on-foot through the walkways and trams that are well connected. There many exotic and endangered species on exhibit with the likes of the Himalayan griffon vulture, one-horned greater rhinoceros, wildebeests, gazelles, giant anteater and the Burmese gaur.

There’s a 20-minute show named Creatures of the Night where visitors get an overview of the animals to be seen. Patrons then take a trip to the Himalayan Foothills in a tram where get to sight the bharal, Himalayan tahr, mouflon and markhor strolling around while they are on exhibit.

Moving further, the tram takes the patrons to the Nepalese River Valley, which encompasses animals like the large sambar (a deer) which is an inhabitant there. Other animals that can be sighted are the golden jackals, pelicans along with the one-horn greater rhino.

There’s plenty of wildlife to sight here with the likes of the sloth bear, striped hyena, barasingha and Gir lion all from the Indian subcontinent. Then there’s African wildlife on exhibit like the giraffes, lions, servals, bongals all in simulated setting of the African continent.

In case the quantum of wildlife to experience sounds extensive enough, then there is still a lot more to experience than you can imagine. There are Malayan tigers, babirusas, tapirs and elephants, giant anteater, the capybara, a water hog, the biggest rodent alive, and big wild Burmese gaurs.

Interesting facts about Singapore Night Safari

  • Popular leopard trail gives you the chance to see leopards closely through a glass
  • East Lodge Trail is a fascinating trail which leads to the new wallaby trail.
  • You can catch a glance of Sunda pangolin which is the world’s most trafficked animal’
  • There are only 40000-50000 Asian elephants in the world, and here you can see them in the moonlight
  • Fishing cat trail, where the cat plunges fishes in seconds.
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