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Discover the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park

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The Jim Corbett National Park is the focal point of tiger conservation in India, being the first protected area for the big cats in the country. Travel to Jim Corbett National Park to get a glimpse of how majestic Royal Bengal tigers live in their natural habitat. The park is considered a hot ecotourism destination and is home to nearly 500 species of plants, besides being rich in fauna.

Jim Corbett National Park – A Must Visit Place

Blooming Flora and Fauna

Project Tiger, the Government of India’s massive conservation effort, took off from the Jim Corbett National Park. As a result of the years of toil by government agencies and passionate nature lovers, the wildlife at the national park has blossomed. It is now the preferred place for a tryst with nature. At least 70,000 tourists make their way to the area every year. Most of them are Indian wildlife enthusiasts, but many come from abroad too.

Jeep Safari - Jim Corbett National Park

Before setting off on a tour of the national park, you could find out about the efforts of great naturalist and legendary hunter Jim Corbett. In more recent times, naturalist and photographer Kahini Ghosh Mehta has been trying to sensitize tourists about conservationism. Her film, “Wild Saga of Corbett”, is a must-watch for those planning trip to Jim Corbett National Park. The film is the first comprehensive travel guide on the area.

Corbett is located in Beautiful Uttarakhand, which remains spectacular round the year. The national park’s Jhirna zone is open all 12 months. While the Bijarani zone opens in mid-October, the core zone– which is at the heart of wildlife conservation initiatives– is open from the middle of November. The reason for the closure of the two zones is that the connecting roads get washed away during the monsoons.

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The park enjoys three distinct seasons: winter lasts from November to February, summer from March to June and rains from July to October. Tourists are advised to make their trips between mid-November and June, when all the three zones are open. This will let you see the wonders of Jim Corbett National Park, including its rich wildlife and fauna.

Corbett Falls

Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett         

The moderate and pleasant climate of Jim Corbett National Park allows you to visit the park and explore its length and breadth conveniently making it an ideal year-round travel destination of India. However, winters are the most pleasant seasons and the Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett of all. It is the season when you can comfortably stay and explore the area. Summers in the region can get quite hot but are still good for travelling around without much discomfort. Monsoons are suitable for discovering the jungles here too, but the fact that some of the parts of the park are closed down for the season, can leave your trip incomplete.

All in all, the period from mid of October to mid of June, however, is by far the Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett National Park.

Summers in Jim Corbett (March to May)                       

In summers, the temperature of the park can reach as high as 40 degrees Celcius, though the abundance of greenery in the region does manages to keep the place cool and comfortable enough for travelling. The level of humidity in Jim Corbett also remains low, therefore, although not the Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett but summers are certainly good and comfortable enough for tourists here.

Monsoons in Jim Corbett (June to August)

The beauty of the Corbett is simply astounding during the monsoons when the plentiful rainfall spur scenic lush flora, as well as faun in every nook and corner of the park. However, since some of the park sections remain closed during this season, it is not considered the Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett. It is the off-season here, so if you do choose to visit the park in monsoons you can benefit from the various exciting deals and bargain prices offered during this period.

Winters in Jim Corbett (October to February)  

Winters offer an alluring charm to the Corbett, with post-monsoon verdure spread in all directions and a fantastic weather. You can easily spot numerous birds and animals roaming about in the park region during this season, making it indisputably, the Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett. Be it safari or a walk amidst the nature, winters give the perfect opportunity for exploring the vicinity with a comfortable temperature, gentle wintry breeze and lots of fauna and flora to discover.

The other attractions at the park include Dhikuli, which offers great views, and the Corbett Falls. Don’t miss out on the jeep safari during your stay in the area.

Table of contents

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