Malaysia Tourism

You can stroll along the beautiful colonial streets on a bright sunny day, with warm breezes caressing your face and also go on an adrenaline rush by taking a dive into the beach and swimming among the fishes.

Before you even realize, Malaysia tourism will take you on an amazing ride over its fabulous beaches, isolated islands, and lush green forest reserves. Put your taste buds through a rush of flavors from various cuisines across the country!

This melting-pot of cultures and religions is a paradise for all the beach lovers across the world. Malaysia offers you extreme contrasts that add to the diversity tag given to the country. There are both skyscrapers and wooden houses, rainforests and white beaches, vast mountains and steep plains, cool highlands and warm mangroves that showcase the diversity of the country. Malaysia has something to offer for everyone. Families can have the best of their time in Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highlands which are highlights of visiting Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the one-stop destination for all the shopaholics.

The Cameron Highlands, Penang and the isolated islands of Malaysia are the most favorite destinations for honeymooners across the world. When it comes to a young lot of the world, there are many adventures and watersports that will satisfy their adrenaline. All in all, Malaysia is a pot-full of surprises.

Tourism in Malaysia will be one of the best experiences of your life that will always remain in your heart! This Malaysia tourism guide will give you a deep understanding of the country for you to decide whether you want to visit the place or not.


Malaysia Quick Overview:

  Currency    Malaysian Ringgit
  Population    31.19 million
  Time Zone    UTC+08:00
  Area    330,803 square km
  Capital    Kuala Lumpur
  Official Language    Malay
  Capital's calling code    +60


Malaysia Geography

Malaysia is a vast country sharing land borders with Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei. Vietnam & the Philippines share their maritime borders with the country; Malaysia is also connected to Singapore by a bridge and a narrow causeway. The country is a congregation of 13 states and three federal territories which are further divided into two regions namely the Peninsular Malaysia and the East Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia consists of two federal territories and 11 states, whereas the East Malaysia comprises of one federal territory and two states.

These 13 states are based on the ancient Malay kingdoms, with 9 of the peninsular states being categorized into Malay states. These Malay states cling to their royal families, and Kuala Lumpur is the official capital of Malaysia.


Malaysia History

Dating back to 40,000 years, Malaysia is believed to be inhabited first by the Negritos. Later, the traders and settlers from China and India arrived in the first century AD, which led to the establishment of coastal towns and trading ports during second and third centuries. It was later occupied by the Portugal, Dutch and then finally by the British Empire. After a lot of invasions and consequences due to the World War II, Malaysia came into existence on 16th September 1963, comprising of Malaya, Sarawak, Singapore, and North Borneo with a population of about 10 million.


Malaysia Population

Declared as the 42nd most populated country, Malaysia has a total population of 31.19 million. Most of the population is concentrated in Kuala Lumpur followed by George Town, Ipoh, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam. 70 percent of the population is urban, with most of it concentrated in the Peninsular Malaysia.


Malaysia Religion

Being an officially secular state, the constitution of Malaysia permits freedom of religion to its citizens. More than 50 percent of the population practices Islam, followed by Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus. However, religions like Taoism, Confucianism, and others are also practiced here, albeit by less than 2 percent of the population.


Malaysia Language

Malay language, also referred to as the Bahasa is the official language of Malaysia. English is the next active language in the country, allowed to use primarily for official purposes as stated in the National Language Act, 1967. Malaysian English, which is derived from the British English is broadly spoken in almost all the important places of tourism in Malaysia. Other than these two, there are about 137 languages spoken in all the states across Malaysia.


Malaysia Currency

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is the official currency that circulates in Malaysia. The value of each Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is around 15.80 Indian Rupees (INR)

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Malaysian Ringgit

JUN-AUG 23 - 32oC
DEC-FEB 23 - 32oC
SEP-NOV 23 - 32oC
MAR-MAY 23 - 33oC

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Best Malaysia Tourism Guide

Cost & Money

The accommodation in and around Malaysia can range between INR 2000-40,000 depending on the kind of luxury you choose. In a few 5-star hotels, they charge you INR 20000-40000 approximately per night depending on your choice of luxury. You can comfortably stay in few other 5-star hotels which charge you INR 4000-5000 approximately per night, whereas, many budget hotels charge you as low as INR 2000-3000 approximately per night with some of the best facilities. The cost of tourism in Malaysia depends entirely upon your personal choices and the kind of activities you choose to experience.

Exchanging cash in Malaysia is very simple. There is a FOREX booth on almost every street, making it easy for you to exchange cash on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can even carry some money from your home country with a value not exceeding INR 6,44,000 approximately. However, it is best to exchange your currency after reaching Malaysia, as the exchange rates are much lower when compared to the banks in our country.

There are also plenty ATMs in major bank branches, shopping malls, airports, and other famous tourist locations, that will allow you to withdraw cash with a little amount of deduction as charges to the bank. For withdrawing money from the ATMs, Maybank or Public bank is the most preferable bank in Malaysia. Nevertheless, credit cards are also widely accepted across the country. The Malaysian Tourism department is making constant efforts to make the country more convenient and accessible to the tourists across the world, as this is one of the main sources of income to the country.

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