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These Attractive Sri Lanka Resorts Are So Much More Than You Think

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If you have ever been to Sri Lanka, you will know that the Sri Lankans are some of the friendliest people in the world. You may come here as a tourist but are sure to fall in love with the island nation over time. Some of the best things to do in Sri Lanka revolve around the range of activities the country has to offer. To share an interesting piece of trivia with you, The CAD World Giving Index rates Sri Lanka as the 8th most generous country in the world. This exact generosity is also seen in the Sri Lanka resorts that are hosted mostly by families turning your trip into a prevalent one. All these collectively add to Sri Lanka attractions and make Sri Lanka Tourism interesting.

 Best Sri Lanka Resorts for a Memorable Holiday:

1. Ceylon Tea Trails – One of the best among places to visit in Sri Lanka

A tea estate situated in the hill country, this place is dotted with colonial architecture, planter bungalows that make you step back in time.

Ceylon Tea Trails- Sri Lanka resorts

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  • Location: Norwood Estate, Bogawantalawa, Hatton, Sri Lanka.
  • Contact: 00 94 517 388 400, resplendentceylon.com.
  • Distance from Airport:3 km from Bandaranaike International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Amenities: Bar, Laundry, Parking, Pool, Restaurant, Room service, Sauna, Spa, and Wi-Fi
  • Approx. Cost: INR 43,072 per night

Ceylon Tea Trails- Sri Lanka Resorts

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  • Ambience: Elegant and definitely the top of the Sri Lanka resorts, this place has vast open spaces juxtaposed with numerous pools and you can take excursions inside the resort itself.
  • Location: A five-hour drive from the capital of the country, this place is set among the verdant hills and is loved the most by people during the British period. The bungalows are just along the Castlereagh Lake and therefore, you can have the best views and a village, to spend the evenings in.
  • Character: The lounge of the resort is of dark redwood and the log fire will make it appear even vibrant during the nights. You can also find a drinks trolley which helps you entertain yourself before the dinner. The black and white pictures hung on the walls are beautiful and with the billiards room in the picture, you will feel home at this place.
  • Rooms: The grand beds made of teak, the decorative furniture, antique accessories along with the rolled baths in the Dunkeld suites have the ability to ensconce all the guests into a colonial era. Each bungalow of this resort has a different style, making it the stylish among the Sri Lanka resorts.
  • Food: You will be served with the best Sri Lankan food here. Breakfast will include dal, hoppers, fish curry and coconut rotis. If you require any special dish, you can always approach the executive chefs and they are sure to delight you!

2. Kandy House

Built-in 1823 as the residence of the last Sri Lankan King, it is now turned into a heritage hotel with nine rooms surrounded by jungle and paddy fields.

Kandy House- Sri Lanka resorts

  • Location: Amunugama Waluwa, Gunnepana, Kandy 20270, Sri Lanka.
  • Contact: 00 94 112055780, thekandyhouse.com.
  • Distance from Airport:8 km from Bandaranaike International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5
  • Amenities: Parking, Pool, Restaurant, Room service, Spa, and Wi-Fi.
  • Approx. Cost: INR 12,973 per night.

Kandy House- Sri Lanka resorts

  • Ambience: This residence turned boutique hotel has a rich history because of the restoration that happened. It contains a total of nine rooms and one can enjoy an exquisite experience of luxury and serenity here.
  • Location: This resort in the list of Sri Lanka resorts is all about peace and seclusion. It is located on the border of the tropical jungle and the only sounds here are those of the forest. If you are lucky, you can even spot wild deer grazing in the mornings. The interesting thing about the place is the Buddhist temple, which is around 20 minutes away.
  • Character: A palatial home, as it is, it lives up to the expectations of the jaded tourists. The moment guests enter into the hall; you can see the antiques and furniture decorated in the typical batik style giving you a royalty.
  • Rooms: The deluxe rooms in this Sri Lankan resort are large have hardwood floors. All the rooms are furnished with heavy wood and air-conditioning including the mosquito nets, wood carvings, and the vintage textiles.
  • Food: The lunch menu in this resort is similar to other Sri Lanka resorts. Guests can indulge in a different menu, each night. The selection of rice and curry has been brilliant with 10 different curries including rice, fish, dhal, and papad. If you are habituated to have a drink before dinner, head for the garden and get high under the skies.

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3. Kahanda Kanda

This resort in our list of Sri Lanka resorts is couple-friendly and artistically designed.

Kahanda Kanda- Sri Lanka resorts

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  • Location: Angulugaha, Koggala, 80000, Sri Lanka.
  • Contact: 00 94 914943700, kahandakanda.com.
  • Distance from Airport:2 km from Koggala Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating:5/5
  • Amenities: Bar, Fitness center, Laundry, Parking, Pool, Restaurant, Room service, Spa, Wi-Fi.
  • Approx. Cost: INR 22,703 night.

Kahanda Kanda- Sri Lanka resorts

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  • Ambiance: The resort features around 10 suites encircled by the tea-tassled tropical gardens. The interiors of the place also are of tropical style making the place, timeless.
  • Location: Located on the secluded top, this resort is located on the 12-acre estate which is 15 minutes away from all the southern coast beaches of Sri Lanka. Peaceful, authentic and unique; it’s easily accessible by all the main Koggala sights but still keeps you away from the hassle. If you are one of those people who love to surf, the Weligama’s surf place is only 20 minutes away.
  • Character: Designed in an Australian style, this place was previously a tropical villa of George Cooper, an interior designer during the colonial period. Over the period, it has grown to consist 10 rooms sprinkled with tea bushes, jungle patches and a lot of antique artefacts.
  • Rooms: Each and every room in this resort has different furnishings, fabrics and framed prints & paintings. You also have a little library of books you can read. The resort is comfortable with cloud beds, window seats, and even the rain showers.
  • Food: A day in this resort starts with curd, free fruits, and muesli as breakfast with a lot of poached eggs and egg hoppers made in la carte style. The lunch and dinner menu includes a fusion cuisine where you can see food items from trained chefs.

4. Camelia Hills

This traditional bungalow set in the lush green provides the lake views and the hill views.

Camelia Hills- Sri Lanka Resorts

  • Location: Dunkeld Estate, Dickoya, Sri Lanka.
  • Contact: 0094 514 932 124, camellia-hills.com.
  • Distance from Airport:5 km from Bandaranaike International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Amenities: Bar, Parking, Pool, Restaurant, Room service and Wi-Fi
  • Approx. Cost: 18,163 per night.

Camelia Hills- Sri Lanka Resorts

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  • Ambience: Contemporary architecture blended with the convention, this resort is a part of the Teardrop group and has the same stable as the Colombo’s The Wallawwa in the form of a private house.
  • Location: Accessible through a two-mile track, this resort is set in the emerald hillsides of Bogawantalawa, the Golden Tea Valley. It takes around five hours from Colombo and around two hours from Kandy to reach here.
  • Character: The style of the resort is modern, cool and uncluttered in a very clever way. It spreads from the central chimney and makes you feel cosy and comfortable. All the rooms have shelves filled with linen, books and alluring furniture. The blank white walls housed attractive paintings & photographs and an open terrace can be used to eat dinner making it minimalistic and elegant.
  • Rooms: The rooms are equipped with rich furniture and square paned French windows and doors. They have wooden swathed beds with mosquito netting in the middle. With plenty of books, you can linger in the room where you will be provided with hot water bottles at night.
  • Food: There is a large variety of dishes on offer here including the garlic chilli, the tuna steak, the black mustard greens, the lime rice, the rep pepper which elevate the taste. Everything at this place is presented with beautiful dishes inclusive of banana, chia, nuts and egg hoppers full of luna miris and seeni sambol.

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5. Kumu Beach

A refined and chic haven resort has an oozing style located on the sunset coast of Balapitiya.

Kumu Beach- Sri Lanka resorts

Image Source

  • Location: 670/5 Galle Road, Welagedara, Balapitiya, Sri Lanka.
  • Contact: 00 94 773 638 381, srilankacollection.com.
  • Distance from Airport:6 km from Bandaranaike International Airport.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 4/5
  • Amenities: Beach, Laundry, Parking, Pool, Restaurant, Room service, Spa, and Wi-Fi
  • Approx. Cost: INR 8,627 per night.
  • Ambiance: The resort has around 10 rooms with sea-gazing views and a 23-meter swimming pool with inventive food and the top rated service.
  • Location: You can linger in the sand strands of Balapitiya from the broader garden and scramble on the rocks that are opposite to the crimson sunsets. With a five minute drive, you can reach Ambalangoda, the center of arts and handicrafts located in the wetlands in Madu Ganga.
  • Character: Private, unassuming and simple; this resort in the list of Sri Lanka resorts is celebrating and dramatic. Annika Fernando on collaborating with Sonali Dharmawardena together transformed the interiors of the hotel into calming and chic spaces with beautiful furnishings and rainbow splashed cushions.
  • Rooms: The twin-bed first floor rooms are cheapest out of the ten, however; they may feel a bit small and works for solo travelers and couples. If you’re coming in groups, its best to opt for the bedrooms with four-poster beds.
  • Food: The breakfast is quite different from other Sri Lanka resorts and contains fruit platters, buffalo cards, berry smoothies, homemade granola that can be consumed using sea views.

Sri Lanka is an incredibly diverse and tropical island which can offer tourists across the world with sandy beaches, Buddhist temples and the green mountains as well that is full of wildlife and tea plantations. Therefore, go through the list of Sri Lanka resorts and get the most out of your trip.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions about Sri Lanka Resorts

1.  Is Ceylon the same as Sri Lanka?

Both Ceylon and Sri Lanka are the same and the prior name is given to the country by British and was used till 1972 before it is changed to Sri Lanka.

2. What should you be visiting in Sri Lanka?

Being one of the best places to visit in the world, you can have a splendid vacation full of beaches, resorts, lakes, and hills which is worth your time.

3. What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

A tropical country as it is, you can visit the country throughout the year except for monsoon to avoid the showers.

4. What kind of clothes should I be wearing in Sri Lanka?

Based on where you are, you can wear a wide range of clothes including the sundresses, t-shirts, shorts and woollen clothes as well.

5. What type of sites can I visit in Sri Lanka?

One can visit the reserves, the ancient ruins, the archaeological sites and also beaches in Sri Lanka. UNESCO has managed to name many sites in Sri Lanka as World Heritage Sites such as Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura as well.

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