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    Tax Collection at Source (TCS) at the rate of 5% will be levied under section 206C(1G)(b) of the Income Tax Act on outbound tour services. Further TCS under section 206C(1G)(a) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 at the rate of 5% will be collected if the aggregate amount exceeds Rs. 7,00,000 in a financial year for remittance out of India under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme of the Reserve Bank of India. The TCS collected will be reflected in the 26AS of the payer for claiming Income Tax credit.
  • Disclaimer Note for non-refund of TCS
    In the event of cancellation of services and refund of amount, Tax collected at source under section 206C(1G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 shall not be refunded. The non-refunded TCS will be reflected in the 26AS of the payer for claiming Income Tax credit.
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Indian Rupee (INR) to Japanese Yen (JPY)

What compels you to take an international holiday trip? If you’re thinking of a trip to Japan, do check the on-going INR to JPY exchange rate. A competitive forex rate can elevate the joy of your overseas vacation. To get the best INR to JPY rate, trust only Thomas Cook.

Why Japan? 
The Yen is the official currency of Japan, a country located in East Asia. The Yen is believed to be the third most traded currency in the forex market and also the most heavily traded currency in the Asian markets. 

Japanese Yen Rate in Top Cities
Japanese Yen Rate in Delhi
Japanese Yen Rate in Chennai
Japanese Yen Rate in Bangalore
Japanese Yen Rate in Chandigarh
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Japanese Yen Rate in Kadapa

Why Japan is becoming an increasingly interesting tourist destination? Japan’s economy is well-regarded in the world economy. However, Japan is more than just a strong economy. The island nation boasts impressive architecture, pop culture, and holy shrines. Whether you are a solo traveler or visiting Japan with your family, you will have something that will leave you stunned and urge you to extend your vacation.

However, if you don’t want to be kicked in your teeth, it is important to plan your itinerary in detail. Planning includes researching about the place, deciding the places you wish to visit, budget, time, stay, travel, and most importantly, forex.

Many do not consider forex while planning their abroad trip, however knowing the live INR to Yen can help you a realistic plan, while enabling you to find the total estimated cost of your Japan trip. 

Why Thomas Cook?
Thomas Cook has now become a name synonymous for travel. We take pride in offering world-class travel solutions that enrich your traveling experience. From finding the best deals on hotels and flights to getting the best Yen to Rupee Exchange rate, we have got you covered! Want to know the current INR to JPY rate? Our 24x7 online currency converter tool provides you with real-time exchange rate, eliminating the complicated calculation of forex. You can also visit your nearest branch and speak to our forex expert to understand the benefits of buying foreign exchange from Thomas Cook.

What’s more, you can use our online currency converter even when you are in Japan and find out exactly how much you are spending. We understand that during an abroad trip, every penny counts and hence, our experts offer you the most competitive INR to Yen rates. You can now convert INR to JPY from the comfort of your home, as facilitate online buying and selling of forex . To do so, all you are required to do is visit the Thomas Cook website, enter the required details, and have your forex delivered at your doorstep. If you wish, you could collect your forex from our branch at your convenience. Buy forex at Thomas Cook and stay safe from fraudulent forex vendors and the hassle of finding a reliable forex partner in Japan.

Our years of commitment towards our customers has helped us become one of the world’s leading travel and forex partners. Travelers across the globe trust us for their travel needs. We empower you to plan your leisure or business trip, while we take care of your forex woes. If you still have questions regarding Rupee to Yen exchange rates  or other forex concerns, then head to our blog section and benefit from our expert tips.

Want to convert Rupee to Yen? Visit Thomas Cook now and buy forex at the most competitive prices today.

How to Exchange Currency with Thomas Cook?

Why Thomas Cook?

Safe & Secure Transaction
Best Online Rates
Door Step delivery & branch pick up option
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Frequently asked questions INR to JPY

I want to sell my spare Japanese Yen. How can Thomas Cook help me?
You may either visit one of the Thomas Cook branches or even apply online via a simple form. In either option, one of our expert representatives will connect with you to guide you on the right options as per your needs, and they will ensure that the entire process is conducted as seamlessly as possible to ensure that your experience with Thomas Cook is seamless.
Will I lose more rate since I already exchanged Indian currency before my trip for Japanese currency?
Yes, you will lose some rate since this would be your second exchange. However, our team of experts will still ensure that you get the best forex rates to make your transaction a pleasant affair. For any doubts or queries, you may log on to our website and fill up a simple form, and our representative will get in touch with you. Or you may visit our branch to get any clarity in person should you wish.
How can Thomas Cook assist me if I am travelling to multiple countries?
Based on our understanding of your travel requisition, we will assist you with choosing the right mode from the available options such currency notes, prepaid forex cards, travellers cheques amongst others to ensure that you have a pleasant and seamless trip.
How long does it take to exchange foreign currencies?
It is a standard process with a set of mandates that need to be followed. The process involves attributes like conducting verification of the submitted document which might take just a few days before we contact the client that process is now complete. To get more clarity on the amount of time required, you connect with one of our exerts, and they will guide you on the stipulated turnaround time post the understanding of your requisition.
Does Thomas Cook facilitate an online portal to buy forex?
Thomas Cook is a leading name when it comes to Foreign Exchange services, thereby respecting your forex requisition for an international trip. Our 24x7 online tool is available for the users who wish to buy, sell, or remit forex. All you need to do is fill up a simple form and submit the relevant details. Once the formality is done, the respective mode of forex will be handed over to you at the completion of verification and receipt of payment.

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