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Frequently asked questions AUD to INR

What is the best time to convert AUD to INR?
The best time to convert AUD to INR depends on the prevailing exchange rate and your specific financial goals. Exchange rates fluctuate constantly due to various factors such as economic conditions, geopolitical events, and market sentiment. It is challenging to predict the best time accurately. However, staying informed about currency trends and monitoring economic indicators may help you make an informed decision. If you have a specific target rate or travel date, consider converting when the exchange rate aligns with your objectives.
Is it better to convert AUD to INR in Australia or in India?
It is generally better to convert AUD to INR in India, as you are likely to get better exchange rates and lower fees compared to converting in Australia.
What is the most efficient way to exchange AUD for INR?
The easiest option to exchange AUD to INR at the lowest possible cost is through Thomas Cook. We provide aggressive pricing and open cost structures to make sure you get the most for your AUD when converting to INR. Our practical online services save you time and effort while offering a practical answer to your currency exchange requirements.
How do I sell AUD? What is the procedure like?
One option is that you visit the nearest Thomas Cook branch and submit the relevant documents. Once documents are submitted, the same will be verified and post this verification your transaction will be completed. Another option is that you can log on to our website and fill up a simple form with the necessary details. Once again, after the necessary formalities are completed, your transaction is done thereby enabling you a seamless process for selling your Australian currency.
I have recently enrolled in an Australian university. How do I remit the fees directly to the university? What about other travel requirements?
At Thomas Cook, we can efficiently assist you with all the formalities necessary to make your payment to the Australian university seamlessly. Furthermore, we also facilitate tailor-made services for students who are looking to pursues higher education abroad. These services include foreign currency, air tickets and visa altogether. Thus, you may visit the nearest Thomas Cook branch, and we will take care of all your requirements.
Can I buy forex from Thomas Cook, even if my trip to Australia is a month and a half away?
You may buy Foreign Exchange from Thomas Cook up to 60 days from your departure date to a foreign destination. In case your trip doesn’t happen due to any unforeseen reasons, then you are requested to surrender the forex currencies back to Thomas Cook.
Does Thomas Cook facilitate an online portal to buy forex?
Thomas Cook is a leading name when it comes to Foreign Exchange services, thereby respecting you forex requisition for an international trip. Our 24x7 online tool is available for the users who wish to buy, sell, or remit forex. All you need to do is fill up a simple form and submit the relevant details. Once the formality is done, the respective mode of forex will be handed over to you at the completion of verification and receipt of payment.

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