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Selling leftover money after your holiday might turn into a dilemma, as you might not get the same competitive rates that you had spent while buying the South African Rands. You can save them for your next holiday. However, if that is not on your cards any time soon, we can help you sell South African Rand online as well, and that too, at the best rates available. With the help of Thomas Cook foreign exchange tool, your money transfer online for South African Rand becomes increasingly simple and hassle-free. You can check live currency rates on our online portal around the clock and sell your forex from the comfort of your home.

Why Thomas Cook for Converting South African Rand (ZAR) to INR Online


  • I have had a bad experience with forex in the past and I was wary of getting it from just anywhere. With the great things I heard about Thomas Cook, I decided to give it a try and I not only got a great deal to get forex while I was heading to South Africa but could also convert ZAR to INR on my return without any hassles.

    Amrit Shukla
  • I was taking my family out for a holiday to South Africa this New Year and was confused as to where I can get the foreign currency exchanged to Indian currency with ease. Thomas Cook made it so much easier for me to convert ZAR to INR that I have now made it my go-to avenue every time I travel abroad.

    Lisa D'souza
  • On my recent trip to South Africa, my colleague who was travelling with me told me about Thomas Cook foreign exchange offers. Although I was sceptical, I decided to give it a try and convert ZAR to INR through them instead of where I usually did. Thomas Cook has provided me with the best deals I have ever come across. Five stars for Thomas Cook.

    Ruchita Mehra
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