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The Best and Safest Holidays to Travel with Your Kids Right Now!

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Of all the things the pandemic made harder, parenting is right up there. It’s been a tough year for kids and even more so for mom and dad, who’ve had to double as teachers, trainers and best friends too; and make the home feel like a world big enough for their imagination. But as the year comes to an end, and travel restrictions are eased, it’s the perfect time to treat yourselves to a safe and luxurious family holiday. If you’re wondering where to go, look no further. This list tells you all about the best accessible destinations to visit in these challenging times, that you can travel to conveniently, and that offer a host of amazing experiences.

Travel Abroad

There aren’t many options if you’re looking to take your family on a holiday abroad. But who needs them when you can go to the destination that has it all — Dubai!


Source: Dubai Tourism

Dubai, the splendorous island Emirate, is welcoming tourists to its indulgent shores. Inviting you and your family for a memorable vacation of all things luxurious. Sparkling hotels and resorts, glittering malls, entertainment parks, lively beaches, delectable food, Dubai offers so much that it is automatically everyone’s kind of holiday.

Here are some of the best experiences to look forward to in Dubai today.

Beaches: Get into the holiday spirit with your feet in the sand, dipped in water or up in a hammock, as you soak in the wide, open space and fun-filled activities and lovely eateries strewn all across the beaches of Dubai. Kite Beach, Al Mamzar Beach, Sunset Beach, visit them all and fill your days with the kind of memory-making you’ve been yearning for all year long.

Shopping: The world’s undisputed number one shopping destination, you can take home bags full of your favourite brands, products and some special finds too. Dubai’s premier shopping areas are back to business, giving you the opportunity to snap up some great deals. Visit famed malls like the Dubai Mall, Dragon Mart, Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Outlet Mall. And don’t forget to check out Alfahidi Souk for bargain deals on local goods.

Adventure: Dubai is brimming with exciting things to do as a family. You can head towards the desert for a safari, camp or resort visit. Parks and venues like Global Village, Legoland, XDubai Skatepark, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Hatta Dam are all visitor-ready, with world-class measures to ensure safety. Depending on your interests, you can find many more activities to partake in, from indoor skydiving to surfing or horse riding.

Culture: Discover the ancient exotic and contemporary opulence by exploring Dubai’s cultural highlights. Get your selfie at the towering Burj Khalifa and exquisite Dubai Fountain. Meander around Madinat Jumeirah (in a traditional wooden Arba), or through the winding archaic streets of Al Fahidi. And don’t miss out on the thrills of Dubai Marina, whether it’s the day or night.

Travel Within India

States have gradually opened up to tourism, inviting you once again, to see the many marvellous destinations across the country. From sandy beaches to fresh mountain tops and quaint cultural towns, here’s a look at our pick of the options.


There’s no better time to experience the timeless tropical bliss of Goa. Its splendid beaches, resorts, hotels and restaurants have reopened with customer-first safety measures, so that you can enjoy your time together, away from the city, and let the soothing sound of the ocean drown out all your worries. Take swims, sunbathe, indulge in local food, play beach games, take pictures, have story time under the stars, practice yoga in peace. Everything you’ve been missing, is waiting right here.

Himachal Pradesh

Image Source : thestatesman.com

The world’s largest mountain range is calling out to your wanderlust. And after months, it’s time you answered. Pack the bags and take the kids on a thrilling trip to Himachal Pradesh, the kind of holiday you all deserve. Break free from the new normal with the extraordinary outdoors, in stunning locations like Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, Kasauli and more. Go on treks, visit historic sites, try an adventure sport, have barbecue dinners — surrounded by spectacular Himalayan vistas through every moment of it all.


The perfect change of scene for everyone in the family, Pondicherry is a charming seaside town with rich colonial history and a beautiful spiritual side too. Come here for a relaxing and rejuvenating escapade. Sign the kids up for a surf lesson at the beach, go café hopping enjoying fresh brews and bakes, take a sightseeing tour of the old town, stock up on Auroville’s handcrafted treats. Have quality time with one another that breaks the monotony and breathes new life into your most special bonds.
Before travelling to another state, it is advisable to get a Covid test done before your travel date, to ensure a smooth journey and check-in. Always travel responsibly and follow local social distancing guidelines.

You’ve had to wait a while, but finally, it’s time to give your family the good news. That they’re going on holiday! Whether you choose to travel locally or internationally, be sure to get the correct COVID test done as per the requirements of your destination. Always check government websites to know the up-to-date travel protocols for your tour needs. And now more than ever, rely on travel experts and trust the experience of the tourism industry to ensure you and your loved ones have a safe, secure and joyous getaway.

Table of contents

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