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5 Adventures You Should Not Miss on Your Manali Trip

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There are countless hill stations located across the foothills of the majestic Himalayas but Manali is certainly the epitome of natural beauty, serene landscapes, and tranquil ambience.

In recent years, there has also been significant growth in Manali adventure activities, and currently, it offers more than 20 heart-pounding adventure sports, including river rafting, paragliding, skiing, etc.

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a first-time thrill seeker, we suggest you try these adrenaline-fueled Manali activities while soaking in the serenity of nature’s masterpiece.

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River Rafting: Riding the Rapids of the River Beas

River Rafting

The Beas River, originating from the Rohtang Pass, sets the stage for one of the most exhilarating Manali adventure activities, the whitewater or river rafting!

As the snow melts during the summer months, the river swells with gushing rapids, creating a thrilling playground for adventurers. Rafting in Manali isn’t just about navigating through tumultuous waters; it’s about embracing the power of nature while immersing yourself in the stunning surroundings.

The experience caters to all levels of rafters, with varying degrees of rapids offering something for everyone. From the calmer stretches suitable for beginners to the more challenging Class IV and V rapids that demand expertise, the Beas River promises a ride that’s both heart-pounding and awe-inspiring.

As dangerous as it seems, river rafting in Manali is one of the safest adventure sports to indulge in. You are provided with an instructor who guides you through the procedure along with the necessary information.

You will learn how to dodge the currents of the rapid, how to hold the oars, what to do during an emergency, and even how to save our fellow rafters in case their boat loses balance before stepping on the raft. So be carefree on your part for you will be in good hands!

The whole point is that even if you are a novice, try to not step back and enjoy the gripping rush that is sure to make your veins burst with excitement!

  • Best time for rafting: Summer (May-June)
  • Adventure Level: Moderate to difficult 
  • Best places for it: Pirdi to Jhidi 
  • Approximate fee: Starting from INR 2500 per person

Paragliding: Soaring with the Himalayan Breeze

paragliding in Manali

Imagine taking off from a hilltop, the wind caressing your face as you glide above the valleys, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan peaks. Paragliding in Manali offers this and more, making it a must-try adventure sport for thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

One of the most popular adventures in Manali, paragliding. It is best done in Solang Valley, a quaint hill station nestled just a short distance from Manali. This place is a popular hub for paragliding.

If you are a first-timer and don’t know what to expect from paragliding, here’s what you need to learn about it.

Tandem flights, accompanied by experienced pilots, allow even beginners to experience the joy of paragliding. The good thing is that, unlike rafting, you do not need to do anything by letting yourself free as you leave the safety of the earth and kiss the joys of the skies.

The feeling of weightlessness as you soar high above the landscapes, taking in panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see, is an unparalleled experience.

The sense of freedom and connection with nature that paragliding provides make it a truly memorable experience in Manali. So, make sure to add paragliding to your next Kullu Manali adventure trip!

In case you need a tip, make sure to relax in the sky because it will quadruple your experience and your instructor will appreciate you!

  • Best time for paragliding: April to December (Clear sunny days)
  • Adventure Level: High 
  • Best places to try: Solang Valley, Marhi
  • Approximate fee: Starting from INR 800 – 1000

Trekking and Hiking: Exploring Nature’s Masterpieces on Foot

hiking in manali

You cannot say no to one of the best adventures in Manali, trekking along the Beas River or hiking through the colourful meadows of Manali.

All of us know that Manali serves as a gateway to a plethora of trekking trails that wind through its enchanting surroundings. So, what makes this one of the top five adventures in Manali?

To begin with, trekking or hiking in Manali opens the door to several other activities, like camping, star-gazing, river crossing, etc. You can experience all these adventures and get them added to your Manali tour packages

Secondly, you don’t have to trek for unusually long distances to see bubbling streams, rambling waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, stunning flora and fauna, and other fragrant things that grow in nature.

The Hampta Pass trek, for instance, takes you through lush meadows, dense forests, and eventually to the awe-inspiring Hampta Pass itself. You can experience the breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks from here.

If you’re short on time, the Beas Kund trek provides a serene escape to a glacial lake, surrounded by tranquillity and natural beauty. So, whether you’re an avid trekker or a novice hiker, there’s a trail suited to your level of expertise.

Trekking in Manali isn’t just about conquering peaks; it’s about immersing yourself in the rhythm of nature, witnessing its diverse flora and fauna, and rejuvenating your soul in the lap of the mountains.

  • Best time for trekking: May to October  
  • Adventure Level: Moderate to High 
  • Best places to try: Beas Kund, Hampta Pass, Pin Parvati, Great Himalayan National Park, Deo Tibba, Malana, Kheerganga, Bhrigu Lake, Sar Pass, Chandrashila, etc. 
  • Approximate fee: Starting from INR 3000 per person

Mountain Biking: Conquering the Rugged Terrain

Mountain Biking

Roaring through the forested trails, crossing streams, and navigating through rocky terrains? Now, that’s an adrenaline rush that’s hard to match, and exactly why mountain biking is one of the top adventures in Manali. 

Mountain biking is one Kullu Manali adventure that has risen as a top sport in the popular hill station. A few years ago, there were hardly any mountain bikers in Manali but as time is passing, the number is only increasing. Finally, this spectacular Manali adventure is attracting all the popularity it deserves!

From leisurely rides through forested paths to challenging routes that demand skill and endurance, the region caters to bikers of all levels. The thrill of navigating rocky terrains, crossing streams, and descending through winding trails is an experience that ignites the adventurer’s spirit.

Manali’s mountain biking scene isn’t just about speed; it’s about immersing yourself in the unspoiled beauty of the Himalayan wilderness. The sights, sounds, and challenges of the journey make it a captivating way to explore the region’s hidden gems while getting an adrenaline rush.

The rugged landscapes of Manali set an exclusive stage for an exhilarating mountain biking adventure. Seriously, no one is doing it better than Manali and this is why you must give mountain biking in its lush green carpet a good and easy chance!

  • Best time for mountain biking: All year  
  • Adventure Level: Moderate 
  • Best places to try: Rohtang Pass, Baralacha Pass, Lachungla Pass, Khardung La, etc. 
  • Approximate fee: INR 6000 per person

Rock Climbing and Rappelling: Scaling Spectacular Heights

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

For those who crave the sensation of conquering heights, rock climbing and rappelling offer the perfect outlet in Manali.

One of the most thrilling adventure activities in Manali, rock climbing is definitely not for the faint-hearted as it challenges your strength, courage, and spirit!

The rocky terrain presents a natural playground for these activities, allowing participants to challenge themselves physically and mentally. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an experienced climber seeking new challenges, Manali’s rock faces cater to all levels.

The climbers should wear good quality climbing shoes for the activity. Nonetheless, the safety instructors make sure to harness you well, so you are safe, no matter what!

Rappelling is another adventurous sport to rejuvenate your spirit but unlike mountain climbing, it involves coming down from the rocks using a certain manoeuvre.

The sense of accomplishment as you reach the top of a challenging route or the controlled descent during rappelling is both empowering and exhilarating. Just remember to have a tight grip on the rope and you’d soon be jumping your way down the rock!

You don’t have to worry about your safety as experienced instructors ensure that adventurers can push their limits in a secure environment, making rock climbing and rappelling in Manali an unforgettable experience.

  • Best time for rock climbing or rappelling: April to June, September, and October
  • Adventure Level: High 
  • Best places to try: Solang Valley, Rohtang, Gulaba, Marhi, Dhundi, River Beas 
  • Approximate fee: Starting from INR 1500


Manali’s adventure activities scene promises memories that will take your breath away and at the same time, fill you with so much life! These Manali activities are also quite rejuvenating, so it is likely for you to transform into an adventurer of a sort, and crave a thrill now and then. So, gear up, embrace the challenges, and book Thomas Cook’s special Manali tour packages today!

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