Hampta Pass Trek

Information about Hampta Pass Trek 

Hampta Pass is a known trek that stretches from the vivid and verdant valley of Kullu-Manali valley to the barren landscapes of Lahaul and Spiti. There is so much to see and experience on this trek that every moment is refreshing for travelers who visit this place in all seasons and with varied interests.

From the vibrant valley life of Manali to the soothing vibes of Chandra Tal and the confluence of Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti Pass, this spectacular trek is truly one-of-a-kind. It promises the gurgling of mountain streams, babbling springs, rambling falls, misty hillsides, meandering rivers, dense forests, lush meadows, and all that nature can offer.

Besides, exploring the small hamlets of Hampta, learning about the life of people and Buddhist culture, visiting monasteries, or simply meditating in the lap of the Himalayas, is something that vibes with everyone. The Hampta Pass trek is perfect for anyone who wishes to start their journey as a trekker, or is already on an advanced level. 

Location of Hempta Pass

Hampta Pass is situated at a height of 14,000 ft in the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas. The trek begins and ends in Manali, a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, and takes about 26 km on one side to cover the distance.

Hampta Pass Trek Guide 

Here is a quick guide to the Hampta Pass Trek, just go through it:

  • Although Hampta Pass is a moderate-level trek, it is important to be well-informed about it. Trekkers can get in-depth information about the trek through genuine Hampta Pass trek blogs. 
  • The Hampta trek is certainly a good choice for novice and amateur trekkers but even experienced climbers should take precautions while crossing the streams or coming down from the pass. Some streams near Jwara and Chhatru are too narrow for the trekkers to cross whereas the slopes are pretty steep, and may require microspikes, especially in June. 
  • Make sure to save the contact number of the nearest hospital to the Hampta Pass trekking, and if the trekker has suffered from altitude sickness before, they must take the necessary precautions to deal with it. 
  • Do not be in a hurry to get to the next exciting point of the Hampta trek. Always be mindful of your steps, to avoid any mishap.

Places to Visit in Hampta Pass Trek 

There are various places that tourists can visit during the Hampta pass trek, we have listed a few below:

  • Chandertal Lake: The ‘Moon Lake’ is known for changing colors throughout the day, and thus, is a favorite amongst tourists and trekkers alike. Its unique ‘crescent-moon’ shaped appearance attracts people across the world to bask in its glory. 
  • Manali: Brimming with a picturesque valley, snow-capped mountains, and meandering River Beas, Manali is a beautiful hill town massively popular among the crowd. The town is full of colorful cafes, blooming nightlife, and rich culture. The town, thus, suits travelers of all seasons. 
  • Rohtang Pass: Manali to Rohtang La or Pass is one of the most scenic routes one would find across the Himalayas. From skiing in Solang Valley to swimming in the natural pools of Rahar Waterfalls, and the mesmerizing confluence of Chandra and Bhaga Rivers, Rohtang is full of adventures and surprises.
  • Lahaul: Breathtaking mountain views, majestic glaciers, and rich Buddhism culture are the major highlights of visiting Lahaul. On one hand, there are the arid plateaus of Leh, and on the other hand, the verdant meadows of Kullu make the Lahaul region fascinating for tourists. It is, thus, more about experiencing the best of both worlds and of course, visiting a new place.

Activities to do in Hampta Pass Trek 

Let's explore the activities tourists can enjoy, during their stay:

  • Hiking: There are several villages and dense forests that are full of a variety of flowers and animal species. Hampta Pass Manali, thus, invites trekkers to explore the mystical world hidden from the world. 
  • Photography: Hampta shimmers with an awe-inspiring world of birds, plants, and animals. Every step is an adventure for nature and wildlife lovers who’d love to capture the indescribable beauty of Hampta valley. So, don’t forget to carry your camera, even if you aren’t a photographer.
  • Skiing: Solang Valley is nestled pretty close to the Hampta Pass, and is known for thrilling adventure sports, including skiing, paragliding, rock climbing, etc. However, tourists from all over the country and world visit the place to experience skiing adventures. Trekkers cannot get enough of the rush that comes from descending through the snow within seconds.
  • River-crossing: Hampta valley Manali is rimmed with beautiful springs and rivers at every step, and thus, attracts thrill-seekers to indulge in recreational activities, like river-crossing and swimming. However, one must make sure that they are good swimmers because sometimes, the flow of the rivers can be surprising, so, make sure to take necessary precautions, before indulging in water activities.
  • Camping: No Himalayan trek is complete without setting up a tent under the stars and dancing through the night. Hampta Pass is no different. Balu ka Ghera is the perfect camping site for those trekking to Hampta Pass as it is part of the route. One must also witness the magnificent sunset from the Hanuman Tibba, which is close to this campsite. 

Highlights of Hampta Pass Trek 

Let's have a look at some major highlights of the Hampta pass trek:

  • Hampta Pass trek traverses through lush green meadows and flowery fields but it also passes through rocky terrains and steep slopes, and thus, brings the best of both worlds together. 
  • Witness the snow-capped mountains, gurgling streams, mighty glaciers, cascading waterfalls, and other fragrant things that grow in nature. 
  • Hampta trek offers a spectacular opportunity to behold the confluence of Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti. The three passes are one of the major attractions of Hampta valley.
  • Indulge in the cultural experience of the mountain villages sprinkled across the entire Hampta Pass trekking route.

Weather in Hampta Pass

The Hampta Pass trek can be done for at least six months of the year, but the best time to visit Hampta Pass trek is between June and October. The average Hampta Pass temperature during the day swings between 15 °C and 20 °C in the day. 

Trekkers can expect a fall in temperature, usually between 1 °C and 5 °C, even during summer months. The Hampta Pass weather is typically cool, so, it is advised to carry at least some woolen. 

Interesting facts about Hampta Pass Trek /Hampta Pass

Here are some interesting facts about the Hampta pass:

  • The Hampta Pass height is perfect for those who wish to begin their trekking journey in the Himalayas. It is high but not tough to reach, but novice and amateur trekkers must hire a good guide or reliable trekking company for the same. 
  • Hampta Pass is also home to immigrants from Tibet and the people of Sethan village. They are usually shy but love to share stories about their heritage and lineage.  
  • Hampta Pass lies close to Spiti valley, which is vibrant and known for Buddhist culture and is home to some breathtaking monasteries. Trekkers are advised to take some time off to visit these monasteries and feel the silence and peace of the place. 
  • Hampta Pass is often referred to as the Valley of Flowers of Himachal. The route is covered with colorful flowers throughout the monsoon. However, the trails can be slippery during this time, so one should be careful while hiking through the verdant meadows. 

According to the locals, a unique grass named 'Neru' is grown in this region which is pretty nutritional for herds. 

Mythology related to Hampta Pass

It is believed that Chandra Tal, or Moon Lake, served as the transcending point of Yudhisthir, the eldest of all Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata, to start his journey to heaven. He ascended to heaven in Indra’s chariot, and since then, this lake is considered sacred. 

Not just Yudhisthir, but all the Pandavas are believed to have gone to heaven via this route. The Hampta Pass trek distance to and from Chandra Tal is also known as the ‘staircase to heaven.’

History of Hampta Pass

The legend of the Hampta trek has it that Hampta Rishi meditated in the Pass, which was a cave back then. The Pass is believed to have been named after the Rishi. 

How to reach 

The popular hill station, Manali, is the starting point of the trek, and thus, requires the trekkers to reach there first. From Manali, the Hampta Pass trek package company shall take care of the rest of the route. There are several buses available at Kashmere Gate ISBT, Delhi, throughout the day. It is best to get on an overnight Volvo or AC sleeper from Delhi, or nearby areas, and reach Manali in the morning. 

One can also book a cab from Delhi to Manali which usually takes around 12 hours to cover the distance between the source and the destination. If nothing works, board a train from Pathankot Railway Station or the nearest railway station and reach Chandigarh. From there, book a cab to reach Manali within five hours easily. 

The best way to reach Hampta Pass is, however, to board a flight from Chandigarh or any other airport and fly directly to Manali. The nearest airport to Manali is Bhuntar Airport, which is 52 km from Manali. Once the trekkers reach Manali, the tour guide or company should take over, as the rest of the trek is to be completed on foot. 

What to Eat on a Hampta Pass Trek 

Trekkers can get unlimited food options, including Indian, Chinese, East-Asian, Continental, Mexican, etc in and around Manali. Once the Hampta Manali trek starts, the only food options will be momos, Maggi, bread-butter, omelets, tea, coffee, etc, at the food joints situated on the corners of the trail.

However, the food joints are also pretty limited in number and after a few minutes on the trail, they will all disappear. In all honesty, there are no food options located on the Hampta Pass Trek, so, one should carry their snacks and water bottle, or carry a cook to prepare the food. It is advised to go with the travel agents because they will take care of everything for their group. Make sure to carry energy bars, chips, munchies, chocolates, biscuits, etc in any case. 

Information About the Trek in Hampta Pass 

It takes 5-6 days to cover the whole distance of the Hampta Pass trek from Manali, including the return. Here’s a breakdown of the Manali Hampta Pass trek itinerary for those who are interested in visiting the place. 

Day 1

After reaching Manali, the trekkers usually drive to Jobra for about an hour before starting the trek to Chika. It is covered with pine and maple trees, colorful blooms, and the meandering Rani River. Chika is a great camping site and serves as the first place to spend the night during the Hampta Pass trek days.  

Day 2 

After witnessing a beautiful sunset from Chika, trekkers usually head towards Balu ka Ghera, another spectacular campsite. The distance covered is usually 6 km, and thus, needs an entire day, especially because the route is full of babbling streams, snow-covered peaks, breathtaking flora and fauna, and more. 

Day 3

From this point of the Hampta Pass trekking route, the trekkers get to witness the arid landscapes of the Lahaul and Spiti valleys. However, the picturesque views of the Himalayan ranges continue to shimmer in the backdrop. 

The first few hours of the Hampta valley trek on day 3 require the trekkers to ascend to the Pass and in the later hours, they descend to another campsite known as Siagoru. It is on this day that trekkers usually stop by the culturally rich Hampta village.

Day 4

The day is all about trekking through the day and soaking in the majestic views of the Pir Pinjal ranges of the inner Himalayas, the panoramic landscapes of Hampta valley, and witnessing the confluence of the three passes, before heading towards Chandra Tal. 

After spending a few good hours at the divine lake, trekkers finally end the day at Chatru, known for offering resplendent sights of the parched yet attractive regions of Spiti as well as the lush green hillside of Hampta Pass. Let’s not forget the snow-covered trails of Rohtang Pass. 

Day 5 

Waking up to the calmness of Chandra Tal, soaking in the sunlight amid the Hampta peak and taking back the good memories of the trek. On this day, trekkers retreat to the Hampta Pass trek starting point, that is, Manali. 

Where to Stay in Hampta Pass 

There are several hostels, hotels, cottages, and luxury accommodations in Manali. The options are unlimited but as the Hampta region starts, there is no way to spend the night other than setting camps. So, make sure to carry tents and the tools needed to set them up. If carrying the tents seems difficult to novices, they can hire porters to carry the stuff for them.

Why is Hampta Pass a must-visit?

Hampta Pass is an all-new experience for travelers of all seasons. For nature lovers, there are fresh streams, silver waterfalls, colorful meadows, verdant forests, and more. If the trekker loves wildlife, there is an abundance of flora and fauna for them to soak in or perhaps, capture in their camera. Thrill-seekers can feel the rush while ascending and descending the pass, camping, skiing, and indulging in other activities. 

Hampta Pass is also home to Tibetan migrants, who have interesting stories to share with visitors. Besides, the influence of Buddhism shown in the monasteries, prayer flags, and cuisines, there is so much more to explore in the region. Hampta Pass trek, is, thus, a perfect place to kick-start the adventurous trip.

Travel Tips for Hampta Pass Trek 

Have a look at some important tips for the Hampta pass trek:

  • Make sure to carry the waste materials like used bottles, wrappers, and packets with you till you come back to Manali, or use a dustbin to dump them. Let’s all be responsible travelers. 
  • Make sure to carry a good amount of cash as the last ATM before the Hampta Pass trek is in Manali. 
  • In case, you feel a sense of discomfort, headache, or vomiting, inform the tour guide. They are usually trained to deal with acute mountain sickness. Go back to Manali, in case the problem continues even after taking medicine. 
  • Remember to pack woolen clothes but not a lot of them and do not forget to keep a raincoat. Since Hampta Pass is at a high elevation, weather changes are pretty common. 
  • Keep your loved ones and friends informed about your Hampta Pass trek itinerary and your whereabouts always. Tell them that your phone may not be reachable for a few days and that they shouldn’t worry since the trek is not challenging. 


  1. Should every trekker hire a guide for Hampta Pass?

    Hampta Pass isn’t a challenging trek but it is still located at a high altitude. So, even if the person is an experienced trekker, unless they have trekked to the Pass several times, it is advised to hire a local guide or book a trekking company.

  2. Where is the nearest ATM to Hampta Pass?

    There are several working ATMs in Manali but none on the route to Hampta Pass. So, it is advisable to get all the cash needed for the 5-6 days of trekking from Manali itself.

  3. Is Hampta Pass a safe trek for amateur trekkers?

    Hampta Pass is a perfectly safe trekking route even for novice trekkers. It is one of the most suitable treks for first-timers.

  4. Which is the best place to witness a sunset in Hampta Pass?

    Several places offer a resplendent sunrise and sunset but Hanuman Tibba from the camping site Bhalu ka Ghera is probably the best place to see a breathtaking sunset.

  5. Is traveling to the Hampta Pass trek in June a good idea?

    It is not just a good idea, the Hampta Pass trek in June is a great idea as the flowers in the valley are in full bloom, often confusing the trekkers with Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand.

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