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Top 30 Things to do in Kerala

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If you long to absorb the scenic beauty of distant lands but find that foreign destinations are way out of your reach, Kerala could do justice to your dreams. “God’s Own Country” is surrounded by breath-taking and picturesque backwaters, tea plantations, and beautiful beaches. The state offers a mélange of experiences to the visitors. If Kerala is on your must-visit list then this blog on things to do in Kerala, can be your friendly neighbourhood guide.

Starting with a quote, “Good Times come and go, but the memories will last forever.” The same is true with Kerala Holiday Packages.  The state has seen increased traction in the number of visitors, owing to its affordable holiday packages.

The best things to do in Kerala

1. Enjoy the scenic beauty

Brew the smell of spices, unleash the serenity of Western Ghats, get drenched in rain, enjoy Kerala backwaters, give your spirituality a twist, visit bird sanctuaries, indulge yourself in adventurous activities, and enjoy other natural marvels of Kerala. This place not only invites nature lovers but people from all walks of life. A backwater tour is surely one of the best things to do in Kerala.
Serene beauty - Kerala

2. Yoga and meditation

If you are from yogic milieu, Kerala is a dream destination. The state is an abode to meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic healing. The training centers help you to transport your mind, body and soul in a state of trance where you are at peace with yourself.

3. Elephant bathing in Kodanad

Kerala Tourism gives you a lifetime experience when you indulge yourself in various exotic activities. One of them includes bathing the most intelligent and confident animal on the earth – An Elephant. Apart from daily suffuse, the visitors can watch the baby elephants and feed them.

4. Houseboat ride in Alleppey – One of the best things to do in Kerala

Visiting Alleppey is just like stumbling into an old friend’s home where you can enjoy, chat and share the idiosyncrasies. This rustic place is home to various houseboat cruises, beaches, and delectable cuisine.

Houseboat in Kerala

5. Watch Theyyam

Nothing screams better than art! If you are an art lover and want to relish its beauty, visit Kochi. Theyyam is an exceptional dance performance done in the temples of North Kerala, usually in front of the village shrine.  The performance reminds us of time when animals were worshipped along with the Gods.

6. Watch traditional fishing

Kerala and its fishing nets are popular across the globe. Here, you can watch traditional fishing from the houseboat or try your luck. Whatever method you select, we promise you, you will never return empty handed.

7. Visit Church

The churches in Kerala enjoy a distinction because of its serene atmosphere. Don’t believe? Well, visit Arthunkal Church in Alleppey where people from different origins come together to add more power to their belief.

Churches in Kerala

8. Enjoy the food

The place is meant for people who get bored very easily. Travelling in Kerala broadens your mental horizon and satiates your taste buds. Apart from traditional Idlis, Dosas, here you can get a cuisine that instantly perks up your mood. And most of all, “Food tastes better when you eat it with family.”

9. Forts

If you are smitten by historical forts, then Kerala is a place that you cannot afford to miss. The forts remind you of an era where life was limited to weapons, battle and magnificent palaces.

10. Visit the Zoo

Kerala has the right amalgamation of flora and fauna. The Trivandrum Zoo offers hindsight of wildlife and lakes.

11. Visit a museum

The museums of Kerala showcase the cultural heritage of the people in the most vivid way. Handicrafts made by the local artisans, historical ornaments, ivory carvings, take us back to the bygone era in a flash of a second.

12. Waterfalls – One of the recommended things to do in Kerala

The cascading waterfalls of Kerala provide a healing touch to the mind and body. It freshens up the soul and makes us believe that nature has a calming effect. To make the most of your trip, visit this place between June and November.

Museum in Kerala

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13. Spectacular sunset

The sunset in Kerala is sure to surprise you. It looks all the more beautiful during the months of December and January.

14. Enjoy coconut juice

Kerala is famous for coconut and rubber plantations. Talking about coconuts, you can sip an authentic coconut drink that literally refreshes your mind and body.

15. Take a train ride

The train ride gives you ample opportunities to explore the place to the fullest. You can view backwaters, coconut palms, and beautiful lakes.

16. Visit Mattancherry Palace

If you are a history buff, you must have heard a lot about this place. This palace features the portraits and murals of kings of Kochi.

17. Visit the Edakkal Caves

Situated at Ambukuthi Hills, in proximity to Wayanad, the Edakkal caves take us back to the Stone Era. Here, you can find various pictorial drawings dated back to 8700 BC. Make sure your Kerala holiday tour packages include a visit to these caves that reflect the archaeology and human technology used in that era.

18. Watch snake-boat race

If adventure beckons you, give it a try. Yes! Here you can participate in a snake-boat race and explore many adventurous water sports. Beaches like Kovalam and Alappuzha beach promise the visitor most thrilling and adrenaline pumping experiences. The snake boat race is held from July to September, particularly during the month of Onam. You can even hire a boat to live the experience. This has to be on your bucket list when it comes to things to do in Kerala.

19. Visit beaches

Visiting Kerala beaches should be among your top things to do in Kerala. It is said that every beach has a different story to tell. While Mumbai beaches speak about daily hustle and bustle, Goa beaches claim stories of a lifetime. Kerala beaches reflect quaint and serenity. So, don’t forget to splash some water of solitude on your soul at Kerala’s famed beaches.

Beaches in Kerala

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20. Ride a bike in Idukki

 Kerala Tour Packages offer one more destination that creates ripples in our mind- Idukki. Here, the tourists can indulge themselves in the natural landscape and enjoy a bike ride. The two wheeler ride gives you a dazzling view of rich flora and fauna and the Idukki dam. Definitely, the pristine beauty of this place sets you free from the daily hustle and bustle.

21. Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting is one of the unique things to do in Kerala and you certainly cannot afford to ignore if you plan to visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady. This unique eco-tourist spot helps you to enjoy the scenic beauty, animals and medley of the birds.

22. Kayaking

If your family also belongs to the lineage of adventure enthusiasts, come and enjoy the spirit of kayaking! With it, you can experience the culture and tradition of Kerala while cruising through the backwaters.

23. Trekking

If rough and steep hills encourage you to climb, Kerala trekking is something you must try. Places like Chembra Peak in Wayanad are popular points for trekking.

24. Residing in a tent

Residing in a tent or a tree house makes you stay close to nature. Here, you can view and spot the animals from a vantage point. Truly, it is an invigorating experience!

25. Treadmill workout

We are not talking about the traditional workout you do in a gym. Here, if a farmer gives permission, you can try pedalling in the paddy fields of Kerala.

26. Wildlife Safari – One of the best things to do in Kerala

It is said, Nature has bestowed us with so much beauty that mankind will perish if it tries to live in solace. Through this safari, a visitor can have an overview of the amazing flora and fauna, biodiversity and lush green forests. The place offers both day and nocturnal safaris for the tourists.

Wildlife Safari in Kerala

27. Take an elephant ride

A must on your things to do in Kerala list. If bathing and feeding elephants make you feel that you are the owner of the elephant, don’t forget to take a ride and feel like a king. Get an elephant ride as a part of your Kerala tour package.

28. Ride a canoe

If you are interested in exploring the remote places of Kerala, canoeing seems to be the finest activity. It gives you an opportunity to have a look at the scenic delights and explore the lives of people in Kerala.

29. Place a bet on a bull

No, here we are not referring to stake money at casinos, but follow the age old Keralite tradition. According to this tradition, the travellers place a bet on a bull they like and expect them to win. This event is held in the Malapurram District.

30. Paragliding

The majestic hills of Kerala are perfect places to enjoy paragliding activity. For this exhilarating experience, no specific training is required; all you need is courage and a pilot.

The divine beauty of Kerala backwaters will set you through a fascinating journey that is impossible to forget! So, prop up your feet, and book your ticket to a place where magic simply happens!

Table of contents

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