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How New Year celebrations have given a kickass start to the Dubai Shopping Festival

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From skyscrapers, seven-star hotels to souks and even skiing, Dubai has it all! But there is one thing that Dubai is undisputedly synonymous with. Any guesses? Yes, it’s the Dubai Shopping Festival! Popularly known as DSF, it stands as the benchmark shopping festival that has set and broken way too many records in the past 20 years of its existence. It is one of the most sought after festivals across the globe. It isn’t only about shopping; there are various events and celebrity performances organized in the 32 day festival. If you are visiting the Dubai Shopping Festival, we bring to you ways to make the most of DSF:

Guide to Dubai Shopping Festival

How Dubai celebrates its New Year:         

Dubai - New Year

Dubai is known to have the most spectacular New Year celebrations. If you happen to be in Dubai for the New Year’s Eve, you should be at one of the following: Bhurj Khalifa, the Bhurj Lake, Meydan, Nasimi Beach Party, Dubai dinner cruises and Jumeirah Emirates towers. The parties arranged in Dubai stand out from the rest of the parties in the world in terms of grandeur and celebration. Apart from the celebrations, Dubai begins the year with none other than the grand Dubai Shopping Festival. The festival begins on 1st January and goes on till 1st February. So why wait? Start your shopping early to get the best deals and offers!

Things to do while you are at the Dubai Shopping Festival:

Things to do - Dubai Shopping Festival

  • One of the best things to do at the Dubai Shopping Festival is to attend the opening extravaganza. It is going to be something you have never seen, imagined or experienced before!
  • A spectacular display of fireworks that will stretch to about 6 kilometers with a synchronized theme song illuminating the Dubai Skyline on the opening day is definitely a must watch for one and all.
  • The festival isn’t in one specific area. It is held across the city especially in the global village and across all the big malls. Also, don’t miss any souks or market areas; they have amazing deals awaiting you.
  • Don’t forget to visit the Global village as various city pavilions awaits you with spectacular décor, attractive deals and discounts on the country’s famous offerings and an experience that goes beyond words. A feast of the world cuisine is a special calling of the Global Village.
  • Watch out for some unimaginable light effects! Dubai has been known and praised worldwide for its light effects during this festival. So, keep looking!
  • If gizmos are the love of your life, there is no better place than the Dubai shopping festival to buy them. International brands offering irresistible and exceptional deals on all products doesn’t happen every day!
  • While in Dubai during the festival, don’t forget to visit the Al Seef Street that not only hosts the DSF bazaar but also promises to entertain you with the best of folk dances and amusement activities. It’s the place to be with your friends and family.

Go offbeat in Dubai:

  • Watch the Dubai Fireworks:

Dubai is known for its spectacular fireworks. As we say this, there is no better place to watch the fireworks show than from the footsteps of the Bhurj Khalifa, itself. Thousands of people gather here to watch the light and water show at midnight. If you are coming from other parts of the City, make sure to reach Bhurj Khalifa as early as 6 PM to book a spot.

  • Market outside the box:

Market - Dubai Shopping Festival

While you are in Dubai for the Dubai shopping festival, do visit ‘Market outside the box’ at the Bhurj Park. The Market will display a total of 51 vendors with a range of fashion, beauty, furniture, style and art outlets as well as food and kid sellers.

  • Roaming artists:

While you are in Dubai, enjoy the privilege to witness the best of artists and musicians showcasing the best of their creations. In the month of April, during the World Art Dubai festival, there are roaming artists daily from 5 PM – 9 PM. Step out and catch them, off guard! This beautiful experience adds to the beauty of Dubai tourism!

Having recommended all these experiences, Dubai is known for its impeccable hospitality that makes the Dubai tourism a proud one. While you are in Dubai, shop to your heart’s content with no whole in your pockets and enjoy the hospitality of the generous and honest Dubai locals.

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Enjoy carefree and get strong to pick your shopping bags!



Table of contents

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