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A Sneak-peek Into Virushka’s Wedding Destination – Tuscany

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While Virat and Anushka tied the knot, the world is still in awe of this grand affair that took place in the most beautiful and second most expensive wedding destination in the world. If sources are to be believed, Anushka had been planning her wedding for a year and zeroed down on Tuscany in Italy, which is renowned for its royal vineyards.

Tuscany – Virushka’s Wedding Destination

Anushka’s love for nature is no surprise to many of her fans. In fact, she even said in an interview (back in 2014) that she’d marry amidst nature, preferably some vineyard haven. From their wardrobe and decor to the backdrop of their wedding pictures, Virushka kept everything vintage and classy. However, the picture perfect destination enhanced the grand wedding and stole the limelight. Let’s take a glimpse into the magical world of Tuscany and its beautiful vineyards.

Italy’s baby, Tuscany has an aura of grandeur that merges well with the huge fragrant vineyards. A romantic paradise, this place delineates charm that is irresistible for couples.

The properties situated in the arms of Tuscany date back to centuries ago. It is home to the most magnificent artwork that have ever been made.

No wonder Virushka chose this chic destination for a jaw-dropping, forever cherishable wedding.

Walk through the mystical beaches and ancient streets of Tuscany and explore the Ultra sultry Tuscan cuisine. Live and experience the true essence of renaissance, subtly mingled with modern luxury.

Larger than life castles, antique eateries, lush green landscapes, boundless vineyards, history of true legends and regal ambiance is what Tuscany has to offer.

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Soak in the divinity of this land that defined the saga of Virushka’s Wedding.

Tuscany oozes romance and makes for a perfect destination for couples. It surely is a honeymooners’ paradise. We give a big thumbs up to Virat and Anushka’s choice of wedding destination. It’s surely going to give some serious honeymoon goals to all the couples out there.

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Table of contents

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