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Trekking the trails of nature in Mahabaleshwar

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Blanketed by lush evergreen forests and wild flower meadows, Mahabaleshwar is truly a paradise on earth. Beautiful springs and early morning mists give an edge to the already scenic view of the city. Mahabaleshwar is nestled in the heritage site of Western Ghats in India. The city, often referred to as the queen of hills, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country that flaunts a flurry of tourist attractions.Mahabaleshwar Hill View

Popular trekking trails in Mahabaleshwar

Splendid Mahabaleshwar is best explored through its trekking trails. One of the most fascinating trek routes in the city is Sahyadris. This trek is a lot different from those organized in high altitudes of snow-capped mountains. As you trudge along this nature’s corridor you shall discover the most stunning landscapes and virgin forests. Trekking trips organized along the trail of Sahyadris is ideal for regular hikers or backpackers, who loves to experience the raw charm of nature and its serenity.

On your trip to Mahabaleshwar do not forget to visit the most famous trekking points in the city, which includes Robber’s Cave, Lamington plateau, Hunter point, Kamalgarh, North Pole, Helen’s point and Connaught Peak. Initially known as Mount Olympia, the peak was renamed to Connaught peak after Duke of Connaught visited the place and fell in love with its divine beauty. Located at 1400 m above the sea level, this peak is Mahabaleshwar’s second highest peak. Trekking is organized along the rough terrains of Connaught peak to reach the top. This trail is worth your time while trekking in Mahabaleshwar because once you are atop, you will be greeted with the most heavenly view of the Western Ghats. The Pratapgad Fort, Venna Lake and Krishna Valley are clearly visible from this point.

Hill Station Mahabaleshwar

The all encompassing view of Mahabaleshwar from Connaught Peak is simply celestial. Don’t be surprised if you are awe-stuck by its sheer magnificence. Kamalgadh, Rajgarh and Ajinkyatara are visible at a distance from this peak, making it one of the most sought after destinations for tourists who seek a bird’s eye view of the city. Mahabaleshwar boasts of almost 30 different viewpoints that offer a panoramic view of the valleys. You can choose the most coveted attractions among these destinations on your Mahabaleshwar tour and trek your way to witness the mesmerizing view of this heavenly abode.

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Table of contents

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