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10 Best Tips To Plan A Romantic Honeymoon Trip To Maldives

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The essence of tropical splendor, the Maldives charm you with their white sandy beaches, the clear azure waters, and the picturesque scenic beauty. But it’s the water villas that take away the laurels with their unique beauty and amazing appeal.

The water villas may give off a rustic vibe, but they are spacious and luxurious and may have glass-bottom floors for you to get a feel of the sea under your feet. Standing over the ocean with a clear blue sky over your head, time stands still as you take in the breathtaking beauty of the Maldives.

This archipelago in the Indian Ocean is a popular destination for Maldives honeymoon trips for couples from across the globe. But hey, there are no rules saying you cannot visit it if you are not married!

If you are considering a Maldives honeymoon, these tips are sure to come in handy.

1: The best months to visit the Maldives

The great thing about the Maldives is that the temperature fluctuates; it can be anywhere between 25-31 degrees Celsius. This makes planning a Maldives trip for your honeymoon a lot easier. The air is humid, and you may experience fleeting showers that don’t last long.

2: Carry extra money for hidden expenses

The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, miles away from the mainland. All the consumer goods that tourists need have to be shipped from the mainland. This means your stuff can cost a lot more. A bit of extra cash in your pocket can do no harm as an exigency fund.

3: Stock up sunscreen

Arm yourself with extra bottles of sunscreen because you will be needing plenty of it. When you are in a place like the Maldives, it would be criminal to spend even a moment in your room! While you are at it, pop an insect repellent in your bag, just in case.

honeymoon planning tips to maldives

4: Visit the underwater restaurant

Our Maldives honeymoon tips would be incomplete without the mention of the underwater resort and restaurant. You want your honeymoon to be memorable, and what can beat staying in a resort under the sea, sipping on your soup, with the sea turtles and fish shoals swimming by?

This out-of-world undersea glass resort and restaurant are situated near Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. This surreal experience will not only imprint in your memory for life but you are sure to want to come back for a second honeymoon!

5: Explore the coral reefs

Travel information before a trip makes planning the itinerary a lot easier. And you are going to love this Maldives travel trip! What would a trip to the Maldives be without scuba diving and snorkeling? Seeing the colony of corals in the glory of kaleidoscopic colors is a surreal experience, more so as you get to hear the sounds of the ocean, barring all else.

As you languish in the stillness, shoals of fishes, eagle rays, giant sea turtles, and dolphins may just head your way, as curious about you as you are of them. And all you can do is look back in wonder as you clutch your partner’s hand in yours. It’s one of those moments that may never come back.

6: Enjoy sensual pampering at the couple’s massage

Massages are always about sensual pleasure. But when you are in the Maldives on your honeymoon, a massage can come to mean so much more. Especially when there are a variety of styles and spa treatments to choose from. If you don’t like the thought of being closed up in the spa in such a beautiful locale, why not get a good rub on the beach with the soothing sounds of the sea lapping on the shores? Sublime!

7: The bioluminescent plankton beach is a must on your list

This theatrical performance takes place near the shore of Vaadhoo Island after the sunset. Thousands of minuscule entities, mere specks of fluorescent blue, glow in the ocean to the beat of a silent drummer. This performance by the bioluminescent plankton is called the ‘Sea of Stars.’ This gift from nature is the ultimate in romantic escapades and will live in your memory for years to come.

8: Romance, the Maldives way

With the starlit sky above and the pristine white sands below your feet, what more do you need than a candle flame dancing on your table as you look into your loved one’s eyes? This one-of-a-kind dining experience is not something you can put into words. And the best way to find out is to head there for your honeymoon. If you wish, soft music can be arranged to enhance the romantic mood.

9: Watch a movie on the beach

The best thing about going for a holiday is the unique experiences you enjoy on your trip. And while there is a choice of water sports, island hopping, or planning a sailing tour, watching a movie on the beach wins hands down.

Maldives resorts and rooms are designed to give you the utmost privacy when you want it. And watching a movie snuggled in a blanket with your partner as you lay on the beach, the stars twinkling above, is an intimate moment you just don’t want to share.

10: Don’t miss the submarine ride

Descend into the deep blue waters in a submarine and explore shipwrecks, sharks, and other exciting creatures that dwell in the depth of the ocean. This is another Maldives experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

Everything has a downside. And where your Maldives sojourn is concerned, the toughest thing you have to do is pack up and leave a place that can very well be called heaven on earth. But why worry? There’s always a second honeymoon to plan!

Table of contents

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