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Best Outdoor Srilankan Adventures for that Adrenalin Rush

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Sri Lanka’s variety of climates along with the culture, traditions, cuisines and richness in flora and fauna usually attract the international tourists from all over the world. The high peaks, the deeper waterfalls, the rugged terrains, the shining greens and the snaking rivers and the pristine chasms make the place ideal for all kind of eco-friendly adventures and trekking trails for all kinds of enthusiasts. If you’re one of those people who are into the adventures, this country is the perfect fit with the mist covered mountains, forest grasslands, Horton Plains and the steep mountains as well. One of the best Srilankan adventures that you can witness in Sri Lanka is to the Adams Peak, the holy mountain with its shadow lingering on the lowlands. Also, make sure that you visit the Kandy place to get hold of wilderness and knuckles range full of nature and adventure. Our Sri Lanka tour packages have everything an adventure junkie craves for.

Sri Lanka provides you a wide range of Srilankan adventures including wheel walking, climbing to the uphills and if you can’t walk, you can as well ride through the mosaics of the tea plantations, the paddy fields, and the coconut grooves as well. In case if you’re in search of enhanced adventure, you can as well trek through the steep trails that are recommended exclusively for the cyclists. This place is blessed with swamps, rivers, interconnected canals and lagoons offering the canoeing and kayaking endlessly. Together, the place offers enjoyment wrapped in a fist and you can as well go with the rafting adventure as well during the rainy season. Make sure you adorn safety gear, first aid equipment, and life jackets, as well. Having said that, go through this list of Srilankan adventures and elevate your trip to Sri Lanka and make it an experience that you can never forget in life.

Here is a list of what to expect in Sri Lanka:

1. Trekking: Among the best Srilankan Adventures

If you’re one of those people who love to trek, Sri Lanka gives you ample opportunities. Listed as the top activity among Sri Lankan adventures, the diverse hills in this place are coupled with unusual climate and forest patches making it the best place for all kind of trek lovers.

Trekking - Srilankan Adventures

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  • Places to Trek: Kitugala, Knuckles Mountains, Horton Plains, Sharjah Rainforest, Adam’s Peak, Nuwara Eliya, Belihuloya, and Ohiya.
  • Things to Do: Trails, Eco-tourism, Exploring Flora and Fauna, Food, Scenic Views.
  • Trip Advisor rating: 3.4/5
  • Best time: December – March.

All these places will provide you breathtaking views which add beauty to the trekking trails. With numerous roads winding through the mountains, paddy fields and green forests through the sleepy villages; Sri Lanka offers you opportunities to the trekkers and the hikers. The highlands of the country are enhanced with sacred mountains, plains, and forests filled with rare insects and birds coupled with mild climate and smiles of the villages, making the country an ideal setting for trekking. The 800-meter drop at Adam’s Peak and the Baker’s falls are some places that you shouldn’t miss at all and if you can manage to witness the magical sunrise; this will be stored in the memory forever. Take a high trek through the Knuckles Range and see Cardamom growing in the forest to catch the sight of birds in the orchids. Also, make a visit to the Yala National Park where you can see elephants roaming, the leopards prowling and the Kumana Wetlands providing you thousands of ruined temples as well.

2. Diving:

With the exotic and rich beaches, Sri Lanka is a place where you would definitely want to dive along with the other natural gifts the country offers. Untouched and unravelled by any other Srilankan adventure, make sure you dive.

Diving - Srilankan Adventures

  • Places to trek: Trincomalee, Hikkaduwa, Hikkaduwa, Kirinda, and Kalpitiya.
  • Things to Do: Diving, Surfing.
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5
  • Best time: December – March.

Surrounded by the coral gardens of the Indian Ocean, we can see a multitude of ancient wrecks and exotic fishes in the seas of Sri Lanka. Therefore, the best diving experience is guaranteed to you along the southern coasts with shipwrecks and little basses making Sri Lanka the favorite dive site for many divers. One cane explores Ampara, Trincomalee, and Kalpitiya together in the Western and as well as the Eastern coasts offering rare diving options including the skin diving, the wreck diving and diving with the dolphins as well. If you approach any of the older people in and around Sri Lanka, you can listen to the whispers of the ocean tales which are bygone but can be revisited by the regal visits and journeys of pirates, bandits, explorers and the merchants. As you plunge into the waters, these stories will be reflected in the crystal waters where visibility is up to 65 feet. With the shipwrecks dating to the 18th century, the diving is dotted with reef walls, sea waters and deep reefs enthralling the divers and allowing the snorkelling as well. The abundant aqua life is also found at Hikkaduwa in abundance, making it another Great Barrier Reef.

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3. Sea Fishing:

Filled with many freshwater reservoirs, this stands among the Srilankan adventures making the country a paradise for all the anglers.

Sea Fishing - Srilankan adventures

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  • Places to trek: Negombo, Galle, Mirissa, and Balapitiya.
  • Things to Do: Fishing.
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5
  • Best time: December – March.

Sri Lanka is known to have a shoreline of around 1,140 miles along with a continental shelf that has an area of 10,000 square miles of seas around the country. Marine Fishing is one of the most boisterous Srilankan adventures that one can take up, making the trip more challenging. The fishing locations of the country include the 103 river basins and thousands of lagoons, lakes and as well as the estuaries around the country; fully explored by the sporting people. The waves will start plummeting with the boat sides and the seabirds keep calling on the top of your head. This Srilankan adventure will not only give you the thrill of the chase but an exhilarating ocean’s scent. Irrespective of your fisher status as a beginner or a professional, you can find a wide range of species in this deep water game that include Shark, Tuna, Marlin and other bigger names as well roaming in the seas of the country. Staying closer to the shore will give you calm waters with different kind of fish and hospitable fisherman as well. If you’re not a fisher, you can be a visitor and join the fishers for excursions as well.

4. Rock Climbing:

Experience the thrill of climbing the crumbling rocks as your head starts spinning and the earth beneath starts expanding in one of the best Srilankan adventures.

Rock Climbing - Srilankan adventures

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  • Places to trek: Colombo, Cultural Triangle, East Coast and Kandy Hill Country.
  • Things to Do: Climbing, Trekking, Exploring.
  • Trip Advisor Rating: 3.5/5
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year.

The mountain ranges of Srilanka stand guard in the highlands of Sri Lanka, including the Ella Range, the Knuckles Range, Sigiriya, Horton Plains, Polonnaruwa, Habarana, and Buttala providing aesthetic and challenging climbs. This makes them one of the top things to do in Sri Lanka If you’re an experienced climber, this new experience amidst the waterfalls will offer an exciting experience and if you are a beginner, you will get introduced to the mountaineering through the Bambarakanda waterfalls. The topography and geology of Srilanka ensure that the rock climbing stays rich among the ascending rock surfaces. One doesn’t have to travel from the city or go far away from the city to find a spot for rock climbing because of the blend between the rocks and the people. Rock Climbing is also included as an intricate part of many holiday packages where the nature trails and trekking are included so feel free to explore them. Make sure you visit the spots in groups to get the strangest fun instead of exploring alone, unless until you’re a solo traveler.

5. Hot Air Ballooning

With this Srilankan adventure, roam the skies enjoying the sites and signs making it a heaven from the above.

Hot Air Ballooning - Srilankan adventures

Image Source

  • Places to trek: Heritance Kandalama grounds, Kandalama, Dambulla, Sigiriya and Habarana.
  • Things to Do: Hot air Ballooning
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5
  • Best time: December- March.

Floating at a height of 500-2500 feet, you can effortlessly drift over the wildlife, the lakes, the treetops, the rivers, the landmarks, the homesteads and the cultural sites like the Sigiriya Rock, one of the top Places to Visit in Sri Lanka. The sunrise is offered at the day breaks in order to elevate the Hot air ballooning experienced accompanied by the sounds and sights of the city. The multi-coloured balloon will start drifting above the jungle giving a new dimension. The peacocks in the jungle will start moving directly below the basket where you can witness the iridescent emerald feathers streaming below the jet streams. You can also witness the deer darting through the forests along with the elephants feeding continuously. This is one of the other top Things to do in Sri Lanka Balloons that take you along the wind will make things tranquil and serene with the city staying unfazed by your intrusion while giving you adrenaline rush in small packages.

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6. Whale Watching

Sri Lanka is known as the home to the ocean around filled with performers of the ocean and the gentle giants as well making it included in the list of Srilankan adventures.

Whale Watching - Srilankan adventures

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  • Places to trek: Oceans of Sri Lanka.
  • Things to Do: Whale Watching.
  • Trip Advisor rating: 4/5
  • Best time: Throughout the year.

Sri Lanka is surrounded by oceans filled with whales and dolphins that parade through the waters with their presence at various locations. Situated around the migrating routes filled with different aquatic animals, Sri Lanka is a vantage point where you can experience around 26 cetacean species including the sperm whales, the pilot whales, the fin whales, the blue whales and other varieties of dolphins as well. While this might not be an adventure exactly, the ever-smiling dolphins will offer a show for you where you can witness both the largest and the oldest creatures along with the blue whales and the humpbacks. Embark on your journey of whale watching by taking excursions through the Southern, Western and the Eastern coasts of Sri Lanka that provide ideal locations like the Dondra Point where the dolphins will love to have the humans around.

The best reason to visit Sri Lanka is that it offers diverse experiences that include amazing wildlife, beautiful beaches, serene plantation, well-preserved sites, rich architecture, heritage sites, elegant culture and animal-rich jungles. With so many things to explore, go through this list of Sri Lankan adventures and get the most out of the trip.

Srilankan Adventures – FAQs:

1. What languages are spoken widely in Sri Lanka?

Apart from Sinhala, the Indo-Aryan language; English is widely spoken. But if you know Tamil, you can also find people who officially speak Tamil in the country.

2. What is the size of the country?

Sri Lanka is indeed a smaller country with only 25,3000 sq.miles area and the length is around 270 miles from the Point Pedro to the Dondra Head (measured from the north to south) while the width is greatest at 149 miles.

3. Where do I stay on my trip to Sri Lanka?

This country is filled with endless accommodation options ranging from five-star hotels, villas, resorts to the bungalows and the motels as well. Based on your budget, you can spend the one you love the most.

4. What other activities do you recommend in Sri Lanka?

You should try other things like exploring the cuisines, attending the cultural festivals in rural places and also going through the traditions of different races of people.

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