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Now You Can Enjoy Serene Himachal Water Cruise on the Pong Dam

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Water cruises have always been a very calming experience, especially in locations which are naturally serene and peaceful. And what better place to experience this than our very own Himachal Pradesh! Yes, this northern wonderland is set to get its own mini cruise over the Pong Dam reservoir. You will soon be able to marvel the magnificent beauty of the lake in the backdrop of the magnanimous Himalayas in a mini cruise. Excited about Himachal water cruise? Read on

Himachal Water Cruise

The Pong Lake came into existence in the 1970’s when a dam was built on the River Beas. A natural wetland located in the Shivalik Range, the lake is the longest waterbody in North India with a length of 65 km. It is also known by its colloquial name, Maharana Pratap Sagar. This is one of the few lakes of India which also has the distinction of being an important wildlife reserve as several migratory birds are known to call it home over the years. As per a report published in The Tribune, The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) has got the nod from the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) to launch this first of its kind in North India.

Highlights of the Himachal Water Cruise

  • A first of its kind experience in North India.
  • Hire personal Shikaras for a more private experience
  • Witness the ancient Bathu Temples, a partly submerged wonder.

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Full Speed for Eco-Tourism

The HPTDC shall soon float a tender for the purchase an eco-tourism Himachal Water Cruise which shall have a deck, a restaurant and accommodate about 50 people at a time. VC Parkha, the Chief Secretary who also holds the portfolio for Tourism and Civil Aviation confirmed the launch of the Eco-Tourism Boat on the Pong Lake. “We are hoping that this launch will attract many tourists from Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Punjab and other nearby states. The area also has immense potential for water sports” he said. Recently, the HPTDC also gave a facelift to the Ransar Island Restaurant and the Forest Rest House located in the Pong Dam area in a bid to promote tourism. The two will be jointly run by the Forest Department and HPTDC.

The HPTDC has till date spent INR 3.50 crore for promoting eco-tourism. Efforts are also on to link the Pong Dam with the Kangra tourist circuit and also develop another tourist site near the monolithic temple in Masrur. Here’s hoping the cruise opens real soon. We surely can’t wait!

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Table of contents

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