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Tiger’s Nest Bhutan Is The Kind Of Place You Will Want To Visit At Least Once

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Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan), better known as Paro Taktsang and sometimes Taktsang Palphug Monastery is a Buddhist monastery which is located at the Himalayas. It is a sacred place for the Buddhist which is located at the Cliffside of the upper Paro valley. The temple was built during the year 1692, near the Taktsang Senge Samdup cave. It is said to be the meditation ground of Guru Padmasambhava, who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan, where he has meditated at that location during the 8th century for almost three years, three months, three days and three hours.

The temple that is located at the Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan) is devoted to Guru Padmasambhava. The temple was built around the year 1692 by Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye and is an elegant site to visit. The Padmasambhava is now a cultural icon of Bhutan and is a place worth visiting. There is a festival held every year during March or April at the Paro Valley or Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan) in honour of Padmasambhava. The festival is known as the Tsechu festival. The Tiger’s nest is now one of the favourite places among tourists while visiting Bhutan. It is one of the coolest places to visit in Bhutan

Tiger's Nest

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Understanding the geography of Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan)

The Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan) is located at an approximate distance of 6.2 miles north of Paro and is one of the major Bhutan attractions. It hangs on a cliff on a height of 3000ft of Paro valley and 3,120 meters or 10240ft above sea level. Paro Chu is located on its right side. Most of the time, the monastery is covered under white clouds which makes it lookalike a scene straight from heaven. You can get to the monastery from several directions such as the south; you can find a way up to the monastery that is used by the devotees mainly. If you choose to go from the northwest path, you need to go between the forests, or you can even choose the mule path that is between the pine forests. This path is colourfully decorated with Buddhist prayer flags and moss. Right at the beginning of the trail, you can find a water-powered prayer wheel. The motion of the wheel is set by the flowing stream of the water.  It is one of the best things to do in Bhutan.

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Best time to visit Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan)

To visit Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan), the best time is October to December.  During that period, the weather is cool and clear. It has some of the best lightning periods during the time making it an ideal time for the photographers. The winter gets cold and chilly out there during the winter. The temperature can fall up to -10 degree during the winter. But during summers, the temperature of Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan) stays around 12° to 16 °. The monsoon stays from June to September which is another pleasant time to visit the monastery.

 Best Time-Tiger's Nest

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How to reach Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan)?

To the visit the monastery, one needs to be physically fit as you need to hike your way up to the monastery. You can contact Bhutan tourism who can make your visit to Tiger’s nest easy. To reach the monastery, you need first to reach Paro. You need to keep a separate day for hiking your way up to the monastery. First, you will need to reach the base camp, which you can go by taxi and then-then start hiking your way up. While you reach the base camp, you can get a wonderful view of the evergreen woods. From the base camp, you got two options to choose from for reaching the monastery. One is either you have to hike your way up, or the other option is hiring a horse and riding it to your way top. The horse fare is quite affordable but the rate changes according to the seasons. You need to hike your way up to the Taktsang café, and it is the last point for the horses. It is always recommended to buy a trekking stick for you as the road is steep and rocky. A hiking stick will give you the extra support needed. After reaching the cafe, you can get a splendid view of the monastery and most 0of the people choose to make it their endpoint as the rest of the part is trekking, and due to the high altitude, it gets tough for the person who suffers from vertigo.  There are plenty of Bhutan tour packages which offer the whole at an affordable rate.

How to Reach-Tiger's Nest

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Preparing for the trek

Admiring the spectacular and breathless views throughout a Kilimanjaro trek or succumbing to the magic of an Everest Base Camp trek demands plenty of coaching and preparation however the reward is well worthwhile.

Altitude trekking holidays is physically hard to please and need an honest level of fitness. Before electing a trekking journey its price assessing your current fitness level and electing a coaching programme. Here are some tips about the way to brace oneself for an altitude trekking holiday:

Trekking coaching programmes:

Nothing is just too very little while making ready for an altitude trekking vacation. Go swimming, run on a treadmill, aerobics, get outdoors and walk for four to six hours, climb a mountain, walk up hills, climb stairs.

Research the trek:

An honest factor to try is to analysis regarding the trek beforehand. Browse guides and articles, analysis the trek online, contact people that have done it or if you’re a part of a rising vacation organiser, ask them for information.


Betting on the destination of the trekking vacation, you’ll have to be compelled to get immunised. Confirm you’re alert to the vaccinations needed before you embark during this journey vacation.

Altitude sickness:

Hypoxia, conjointly called altitude sickness, affects individuals at over half dozen 10,000 feet and even the foremost intimate and fittest climbers will develop complications once trekking at altitude. To stop laid low with hypoxia; the most effective approach is to ascent slowly throughout some days giving the body the possibility to acclimate to the altitude. Some early symptoms are headaches, nausea, fatigue and drowsiness.

Although making ready for a trekking vacation appears a giant effort, once you’re out there rising and loving unbelievable views, everything you’ve got done to arrange yourself for this vacation journey is well worthwhile.

Altitude Scikness-Tiger's Nest

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Step 1: Building your heart strong

You can train yourself to run four km in a half-hour as per the schedule is given below. Keep in mind invariably begin your educational program with stretching and heat up exercises.

Follow this coaching schedule for trekking fitness needed. Running or cardio exercise is best for Fitness endurance

Week 1: begin with ten minutes of a brisk walk then jog for ten minutes followed by ten minutes of simple walk.

Week 2: five minutes of brisk walk, a quarter-hour of jog followed by five minutes of simple walk

Week 3: five minutes of brisk walk twenty minutes of jog five minutes of simple walk

Week 4: five minutes of brisk walk and jog for thirty min and cool down your body

Step 2: Building Strength Endurance

Get your strength exercises 2-3 times per week and you could see a comprehensible improvement. Embody exercises that improve quad for descents; the hips for supporting pack weight over variable terrain; the shoulders, upper back, and trapezius muscle for carrying a backpack and therefore the lower back and abdominals for transferring power from the legs into forwarding propulsion. You can opt for a set of exercise with the assistance of a physical trainer.

Step 3: Trekking specific coaching

Include a minimum of one activity per week in your trekking educational program as per your convenience.

1. Hike Steep Hills

Hiking hills in your closet space can facilitate in building your leg strength that is that the key to your trek. Hiking steep hills conjointly facilitate in learning the way to balance on uneven methods.

2. Apply with Loaded Backpack

During the trek within the chain of mountains, you’ll trek along with your backpack and carry essential things. Thus your backpack is a crucial tool for the trek. Seek for Backpack with modifiable chest and waist straps so that you’ll be able to adjust it in step with your comfort and active with loaded backpack helps plenty.

3. Staying hydrated

When you are high within the chain of mountains the weather is cold and dry thus you lose wet with each breath you’re taking additionally to sweating as a result of the trek. Running low on fluids diminishes your endurance, contributes to fatigue and causes you to additional at risk of obtaining altitude ill health. Thus develop a habit of drinking ton of water.

We suggest you book your trek two months in advance so that it gives you ample amount of time to prepare for the trek.

Stay Hydrated-Tiger's Nest
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What to Pack?

While going on a trek to the mountains, you need to carry some of the essential equipment of trekking. They are as follows:

Basic Gear:

  • Back Pack and Rain Cover
  • Day Pack and rain cover
  • Walking stick, which though you can buy from the base camp
  • Head torch for safety
  • Water bottles as you need to stay hydrated throughout the trek
  • Snacks, and lots of it, you are going to get hungry on your way up
  • Medical kit]


  • Woollen cap
  • Neck gaiters
  • Sunglasses

What you need to wear

Be as comfortable as possible. It is important for comfortable hiking time.

  • Trek Pants
  • T-shirts
  • Fleece T-shirts
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Wind and waterproof jacket and pant
  • Thermal inners
  • Poncho

Next comes your shoes

  • Trekking shoes
  • Floaters
  • Cotton socks
  • Woolen socks
  • Gaiters
  • Gumboots

Protection against weather

  • Sunscreen cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Toilet paper and wipes
What to pack-Tiger's Nest

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Must have experiences

Visiting Tiger Hills is a must have experience while visiting Bhutan. The scenic beauty of the Might Mountains and the colorful Buddhist prayer flags makes the Journey worth it. Here are the top things that you should do while visiting Tiger Hills.

  • Travel Companion: This is a place that you can travel with anyone who is a physically fit and above years. It might be your partner, friend or family. It is an excellent place to travel for all.
  • The sunrise and sunset there is worth the experience. If you are traveling during winter, you might not be lucky to enjoy the sunset as it will be probably clouded.
  • Click as many photographs as you can while going to the monastery. After reaching the first checkpoint, that is Taktsang Café, you will get a clear view of the mountain. It is a perfect place for taking a wide photograph of the monastery along with the mountains. You can even choose to meditate for some time there. It is an excellent place for that.

Amazing and Exciting Places for Shopping in Bhutan

Where to stay?

Though you won’t get any place to stay at the Tiger’s nest, you can avail at the hotel at Pro. There are plenty of hotels in Paro, and we have chosen the best one for you. Here they are:

Tiger’s Nest Resort

This hotel is located in the heart of Paro, near to the Drugyal Highway. This hotel was opened up the guest in the year 2010 and is now one of the top- choices for the tourists during their visit to Tiger’s nest (Bhutan). You can expect comfortable rooms, a place to warm yourselves up and delicious food at an affordable rate. You can even sit on the front porch where you can get a view of the mountains which is a perfect place to start your morning sipping your tea.

  • Star value- 4/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 15 minutes
  • Approximate cost- INR 20, 000

Le Meridien Thimphu

It is the largest 5-star hotel in Bhutan and is a top choice for the tourist who is looking for luxury. These hotels have all the luxuries amenities you need to fill yourself. It is located in a convenient location which is pretty much close to all the major attractions of the town. It has more than 78 luxury bedrooms and is a perfect stay during your trip to Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan).

  • Star value- 5/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 51 km
  • Approximate cost- INR 25, 000

Taj Tashi

It is a convenient hotel located in a convenient location that is close to all the major location of the town. This hotel serves some of the most delicious foods that you will get there. The architecture of the hotel is built in a traditional Bhutanese architectural style and is a treat to the eyes. You can find a fusion of the traditional style and modern architecture when you visit this hotel.

  • Star value- 4.5/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 30 km
  • Approximate cost- INR 20, 000

Le Meridien Paro, Riverfront

It is one of the top choices of the hotel that you will get in Paro. It has one of the best exquisite views that you will get. They also provide airport transportation which you will get. It is acquitted with all the modern facilities that you will need to make your stay at Paro more enjoyable. The hotel has a mini bar facility for making your trip to Paro worth relishing for a lifetime.

  • Star value- 4.5/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 15 km
  • Approximate cost- INR 30, 000

Ramada Valley Thimphu

Ramada Valley Thimphu is one of the most exquisite hotels that you will get during your visit to Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan). The warm and welcoming ambience of the hotel makes you feel like right at home. It is indeed one of the best hotels you will get during your visit to Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan) that will make your stay pleasant and affordable. The hotel is also located in a convenient location which is close to Tiger’s Nest (Bhutan)

  • Star value- 5/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 13 km
  • Approximate cost- INR 10, 000


While on your visit to Bhutan, you can’t afford to miss the most exquisite place of Bhutan that is the Tiger’s nest that is located in Paro. It is one of the best monastery locations that you will ever find. Though the way up to the monastery is not easy, once you reach there, it will be worth the effort. The splendid view of the mountains from the height of approximate 10000ft is going to take your breath away. But, before you pack your bag and set to hike your way to the monastery, make sure that you are physically fit, as you need to trek the whole way to the top.

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