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A quintuple of the best hiking trails in Britain

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Britain is known for its balance of modern world concrete jungles and natural delights. With scenic locales that have been the inspiration behind most of modern English Literature, Art and subsequently, the global consciousness of its understanding, hiking trails in Britain that seem to have come alive out of a dreamscape.

5 Most Wonderful Hiking Trails in Britain

Cotswold Way, Central England

The Cotswold Way is a trail that lasts for 102 miles (163 Kilometers), and greets walkers with scenic views of the very Brit, Severn Vale, lush pastureland, and the earthy vibe of the beech woods. It is one trekking trail that cannot go for a miss on your travel to Britain.

The Thames Path, Southern and Central England through London

The Thames is Britain’s best known river. The Thames Path discovers the path that the river has taken over time. This path runs for over 184 miles (294 kilometers) from the river’s source in Kemble, Gloucestershire and the sight of it turning from a thin stream into a full blown broad river that runs via London is beautiful. This trekking trail is a little different for it runs through the bustling town of London.

Yorkshire Three Peaks Trail

The Three Peaks Trail is not contained only in Britain. It includes the whole of U.K.  The trail features the three highest peaks of Wales, Scotland and EnglandMt Snowdon(1085 meters), Mt Ben Nevis and Mt Scafell Pike ( 978 meters). The grueling journey ascends to a maximum vertical ascent of 1600 meters.

Hadrian’s Wall, Northeast England

Hadrian’s Wall is a National Trail that lasts for 84 miles (135 Kilometers) in the Northumberland National Park.  The trail boasts of spectacular farmlands, velvet pasturelands of Cumbria and the Whin Sill that rises over the horizon. The Wall built by the Romans to defend against the northern tribes.

Penine Way

The 429 Kilometer long trek is grueling and follows the mountain spine of Edale situated in the Derbyshire Peak District, then to Yorkshire Dales to Kirk Yetholm in the vicinity of the Scottish borders. It is one of the toughest trails in Britain and is one dotted with scenic pleasure even though the trail takes a toll on the body.

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Table of contents

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