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How do you decide between India tours and International tours?

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Everyone loves to travel, to explore new destinations and expand their horizons of an enlightening journey. Adding further, when it is about travel, everyone wants to step offshore rather taking a domestic trip. Reason? The flora and fauna of an international trip. Of course, an international trip has its own charm however, a regular offshore trip may not be feasible for all every time – considering you need deep pockets. So, should one take a domestic trip? At the same time, the ones who may have taken enough (domestic) India tours, might now want to come out of their shells and try for an international outing. So how exactly does one decide whether to do a domestic trip or fly abroad? Let us consider a few factors that generally affect an Indian traveller’s decision.

Leh or Nepal

India tours or International tours

India Trips

  • Budget friendly India travel packages
  • Cheaper modes of travel (other than air travel) available viz. trains and buses.
  • No language barrier
  • Easy access during long weekends, and for quick getaways

Goa or Sri Lanka

International trips

  • Perception that all international holidays are expensive as compared to India holidays
  • Only air travel feasible
  • Language barrier
  • Planning in advance would be idea

Dharmasala or Bhutan

Although the above-mentioned points may indicate international trips to be daunting, you would be surprised to know that there are many international holidays that you can avail of within the same budget as that of Indian holidays.

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Pondicherry or Phuket

Travel Agents in India are observing a rapid growth in tourism over the past decade because of which the demand for hotels, flights, buses/trains, food etc. has gradually increased. The same has triggered an increase in demand for international trips especially among the youngsters of India with high disposable income. However, an international trip may not be always feasible for a traveller, s/he at the same time would want to go one notch further after experiencing sufficient holidays in India. The ideal option would be to strike the right balance. Keeping that in mind here’s a list of international holidays that you can enjoy in the same budget of India tours packages.

Udaipur or Dubai











Leh/Nubra Valley 5-6 days INR 29000 Nepal 3-4days INR 36000
Goa 3-4 days INR 40000 Sri Lanka 3-4 days INR 41000
Tirupati/Pondicherry 3-4 days INR 14000 Phuket 4-5 days INR 11000
Dharamsala/Dalhousie 4-5 days INR 16000 Bhutan (Paro/Thimpu) 4-5 days INR 15000
Udaipur/Jodhpur 4-5 days INR 20000 Dubai 4-5 days INR 26000
Andaman 4-5 days INR 22000 Bali 4-5 days INR 27000

*The given information are standard rates based on available packages online and may vary as per the traveller’s itinerary.

Andaman or Bali

Almost similar, isn’t it? We personally believe that whether it’s India or International, the nature of your trip, other than the cost, totally depends on the situation while you are making your travel plans. Whatever is feasible, as per your time and convenience, pick the trip of your choice! Whether you are taking India tours or adding colour to your passport (by that we mean immigration stamp), we assure you that every journey you undertake is set to make your experience a memorable one. So, what’s holding you back? Pack your bags and get-set-go!

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