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Celebrate Your Patriotism with this Independence Day Movie Marathon

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Bollywood’s love affair with patriotism is no secret. Time and again, Bollywood has been giving life to the tales of intrepid freedom fighters in the country. Till today, historical spots stand strong as remnants of India’s freedom struggle. Their walls echo slogans chanted by freedom revolutionaries when they were fighting for their birth right. These spots and cities have garnered hundreds and thousands of people over the years to understand the revolution and go back in time.

With our Independence Day this year being a long weekend, we suggest you do a rerun of some of these movies or watch them if you haven’t already and visit the epicentres of the freedom movement highlighted by Bollywood over the years.

Rang De Basanti – A Trip to the North

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This film based on the political awakening of a group of college friends is shot in and around North India. Golden Temple in Amritsar was one of the locations where the quintessential song Ik Onkar taken from the first hymn present in the Guru Granth Sahib was picturised. The Darbar Sahib welcomes one and all with open arms and instils a sense of pride and oneness amongst its visitors. While you are there do not miss out on the langar that serves people from all walks of life. The Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur will remind you of the groovy Masti ki paathshaala track where the group of five friends swayed to the music in abandon, simply enjoying the present. This majestic fort was made even more popular after the release of this film. You will be greeted by the Jaipur wax museum and Sheesh Mahal at the entrance.

Border – The Road to Rajasthan, Evergreen Patriotic Movie

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Set against the backdrop of the Thar desert, Longewala in Rajasthan, to be specific, this film is an oldie but resonates with our sentiments, every time. Starring Sunny Deol, Akshay Khanna and Sunil Shetty, this film is based on the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. The movie highlights the miseries and victories of the soldiers as they stay away from their homes to fight for their motherland. If you visit Longewala, you will find memories of the war and inscriptions telling you how our army curbed and gave a befitting reply to the advancements of the Pakistani troops. Give your children a history lesson as you visit the war memorial constructed in Longewala to commemorate the bravery of our soldiers. You will also find Pakistani tanks and Indian weapons when you visit. However, do visit the Border Café which comprises dialogues and images from film, inscribed on the walls.

Lakshya – Unboxing Uttarakhand

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This coming of age film is based on the Kargil War, starring Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta. Highlighting the discipline and dedication that one needs to be in the army, this film portrays an ambitionless man who realises his love for the country when he joins the army as a rash decision. The military training sessions in the film are shot at Dehradun’s Indian Military Academy. It is located 8 kilometres away from Dehradun and comprises quite a few attractions within its premises. The War Memorial and the 18 Holes Golf Course will fascinate you.

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Lagaan – Gateway to Gujarat

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Starring Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh, this film is based on the resistance and refusal to be oppressed under the British Raj. When the British declare their decision to double the tax from the villagers, they face an uproar and are challenged to a game of cricket. This film was shot in the villages of Bhuj well known for its century old buildings and the Kutch district of Gujarat. Head to the Prag Mahal Kutch in Gujarat, which is one of the locations of this film. This gothic architecture stands next to the Aina Mahal, while the grand durbar hall comprises a huge chandelier and evergreen statues. You will find one half of the palace to be a museum comprising remnants of the possessions of the royal family as well as some relics. You could visit this place from 9 AM to 6 PM except on public holidays.

Swades – Visit the Wonders of Wai

Swades - PATRIOTIC movie

Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Gayatri Joshi, this film is based in a small hamlet in Maharashtra, a few kilometres from Pune. Filmed in Wai, this movie portrays a young man; a former employee of NASA who comes to India to find his beloved nanny and finds himself in the roots of his native village. Wai is actually a popular shooting location and should be at the top of your list. With serene ghats, crystalline lakes and picturesque locations, this place is perfect for a weekend getaway if you are living in Pune or Mumbai. The Yun Hi Chala song picturised as Shah Rukh happily steers a caravan whisking past scenic locations, making his way to the village, might just tempt you to take your family for a long drive!

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Kesari – Jump to Jaipur

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Starring Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra, this mind-numbing film brings tears to the eyes as the soldiers in the film choose death over surrender. Based on the story of how just 21 soldiers from the 36th Sikhs infantry division fought ferociously against an army of 10,000 Afghans and Pashtuns, we realise how love for one’s country can blind all kinds of fear; even the face of death. Most of the shooting was held in Nawalgarh, the Golden Town of Rajasthan. With its royal forts and palaces, this hamlet spells bravery, stature and royalty. This hamlet is known for its spacious and larger than life Havelis and art galleries. Whereas, two important forts Gulistan and Saragarhi were constructed in the picturesque hamlet of Wai. The serenity of Wai and the royalty of Nawalgarh only added to the magic of this film. While Nawalgarh stands tall with majestic forts, Wai is blessed with a number of beautiful temples; both places proving to be perfect locations for the tone of the film.

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