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7 Things Every Typical Indian Mother Does When Her Kid Is Going For A Trip

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It is dedicatedly cited in India – “Matru Devo Bhava”. What it means is “Revere your Mother as God”. Rightly so, no matter what you do, where you are and how old you get, you will always be her child. She always performs all her duties with utmost dedication and when it comes to her family, especially her kids, she stands as tall as a mountain. Whether it’s about making you dinner during the wee hours or waking you up in the morning to get to school, college or work. She knows exactly how to keep the clock ticking. Just can’t get enough of her, can you? here are few things Indian mother does when her kid is going for a trip.

However, there lie some typical traits of an Indian mother especially when she hears the news that her kid is about to go away from home. These traits certainly drive her kid crazy, but who could help anyway? Come on people, that’s your mother. She is relentless, remember? Now let’s dig into some of her loving yet entertaining traits:

1. Drama begins the moment you mention you’re planning a trip

Mother's drama

You think one fine day you can just walk up to your mother and say “Ma, I’m planning a trip with my friends”? Sure, give it a try; and then be ready for a melodramatic reaction that, until the time you mentioned of your plans, only existed on TV channels. Suddenly a list of all the dangers will be wrought upon you. Suddenly you will be the only one facing danger and the challenges of life if you take the trip.  And beware, it won’t end until you either give up or somehow pacify her (if you manage to) that you are ‘the chosen one’ and will fight all the hurdles to come out triumphant.

2. Suddenly she is a CID agent

Mother becomes CID agent

“Who all are going for this trip? “Is Sharma Uncle’s son/daughter coming along with you?” “How long is the trip duration?”.

The list is exhaustive folks. All you need to do is basically lay down your complete itinerary at her feet.

3. Emotional Atyachaar all the way

Emotional Atyachaar, Indian Mother

“Baba is it necessary to go? We are anyway planning a family trip. It will be fun. Think about your parents also. With friends, you can plan a trip even later. How long are your parents going to live anyway?”

Of course, this is just an annoying yet innocent way of her to show love, affection, and concern for you. The main reason? – She will dearly miss you.

4. Packing is in her veins

7 Things Every Typical Indian Mother Does When Her Kid Is Going For A Trip

Before you even know it, half your packing material is ready. In fact, more than you know, she will tell you what clothes to take on the trip. Even your food (mainly snacks) for the whole trip is ready. After all, she is concerned if you will suffer from starvation without home cooked food.

5. She has a strong network

7 Things Every Typical Indian Mother Does When Her Kid Is Going For A Trip

One fine day from somewhere, somehow, she will find an acquaintance at the destination you are about to visit, and will make sure you connect with them when you are finally there. However, she will never share this intent directly. All she asks you to do is to at least say a hello when you are there so that it is easier for you to connect during the times of emergency.

6. Embarrassment, and embarrassment, all the way
7 Things Every Typical Indian Mother Does When Her Kid Is Going For A Trip

As your day of departure beckons, she will make sure that she gets in touch with, if not all, then, a few of your friends joining on this trip. She will tell them if they have taken relevant material, not to misbehave, and again the list is endless. She will even keep in touch with their parents to make sure she stays updated of your whereabouts all the time. Last, but not the least, she will say this to your friends – you’re about to get embarrassed – “Please take care of my child. Make sure s/he eats well.”

At such moments, you just want to run away.

7. Superstition creeps in on your day of departure

7 Things Every Typical Indian Mother Does When Her Kid Is Going For A Trip

Some curd+sugar and arti ki thali. These are the 2 most common good luck tasks a mother undertakes. If you thought these are the only tasks, then let us enlighten you with some more superstitions that a loving mother will make sure you follow:

  • Look behind after stepping out of the house. This way you’ll come back soon
  • Do not eat non-veg on specific days or even during specific hours
  • When to cut and not cut your nails
  • Keep this holy pendant with you and it will always protect you

Well, moms will always be moms! With all her drama, hers is the only unconditional love. Keep her stress-free with our trusted tour packages.

Table of contents

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