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10 Reasons Why Travelling With Your Siblings Is The Best Thing Ever

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You’ve travelled lots of destinations with your friends and loved ones, but have you ever thought of travelling with your siblings?

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can.

Most of us are enthralled by the idea of travelling to a destination untouched by our minds. Any avid traveller would take many trips with friends, partners, and even solo. But we often tend to underestimate the fun you could encapsulate in a travelling with your siblings!

Yes, travelling with the same brats who fought over the remote control with you and nicked your hidden chocolate stashes could actually be something to look forward to! While we may love goofing around with our friends, we share a bond with our siblings that is, fortunately, or otherwise, inescapable! So, swing to the tunes of your combined madness and introduce to the world your little group of awesomeness.

Reasons why travelling with your siblings is the best thing ever:

1. Your Fights Last Only For A Couple Of Hours As You Just Can’t Resist Talking To Each Other

When you travel with someone, you often end having arguments and disagreement? It becomes difficult to break the ice and set your mood again. But when you travel with your siblings, things are a little easier. You just can’t resist talking to each other. Even after a big fight, you can behave like nothing had happened. You are just good the next day. Isn’t it?

2. ‘Quality Time’ Here We Come

It turns out your siblings could be an interesting species too! You discover this odd happening at a bonfire during a trip to Manali. Amidst sipping a hot mug of coffee and singing nostalgic songs, you find that spending some quality time with your siblings can be so much fun. Even better would be visiting caves and eating exotic foods! Even better would be ‘leaving behind’ one sibling to scare them for a bit!

3. Get To Know The Weirder Side

Ever visited the Mardi Gras carnival in New Orleans, USA? A trip to an event and a place like this deserves a fun ensemble. You will be surprised to know that going there was all it took for your siblings to open up and be their weird self. You may have a box full of embarrassing things about them, but going to a place like this would leave you shocked. Their reaction to unfamiliar situations will be a topic of discussion for years to come. Wait till you see them watching the many parades with floats and costumed people with you. Watch them getting merry and go bonkers! Put on a few party clothing, and join the parade!

4. Be As Thick As Thieves

Let it be like the movies – simply go backpacking with your siblings for a road trip or in the wilderness. It gives you the chance to go ‘offline’ and spend some fun time together. In trips like these, you end up talking about your plans, your aspirations, and everything about your life. This leaves you no choice but to come out of the experience thick as thieves. By the end of it, be assured you’d have met the yin to your yang.

5. No Fuss With The Budget

Traveling with your siblings can be the best thing on a tight budget. There are no conscious ‘money’ talks, no splitting, and thereby no fuss. You can easily plan an easy budget trip to Alleppey or even Thailand. With people you have been around for years, everything is clearly laid out. Bonus, exploit your relationship with them, and make them research about the various places to eat and sights to see!

6.  Parents’ Permission? You Got It!

Traveling with your siblings is the easiest way of beating the system! Your parents can’t get mad because you are literally taking a family trip! Only make sure you are nice to them the week before or bid adieu to the plans for everyone involved.

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7. The Perfect Wingman

Did you know your siblings can make the perfect wingman or wingwoman? They will always have your back no matter what, so you do not have to worry about getting drunk during your trip to Goa or hurting yourself in the Tomatina festival. A minus is that they might end up being the opposite of a wingperson, but that’s a bridge you can cross when you get to it!

8. Safety Is Ensured When You’re Travelling With Your Siblings

Traveling with your siblings might as well be the safest trips you would have taken. It is because you are all hard-wired to keep each other safe, be it any city, any country, anywhere. Be it a trip to Singapore, the Ellora caves, or even the Alps, you will return in one piece! No guarantees on the embarrassing pictures and stories, of course!

9. Sharing Is Caring!

Now, any trip is fun, but a travelling with your siblings comes with a no-boundaries clause. You share anything and everything with them, your clothes (not voluntarily), toiletries (not your toothbrush if you are lucky), and so much more. Imagine going to Amsterdam and getting to wear that awesome jacket your sibling bought last week! Barter away!

10. Oh, The Memories!

Picture this – years down the line, you sitting with your family and recounting the stories from a trip to the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika, New Zealand with your siblings. A festival where you feasted on things you probably never thought could be cooked into a meal. Or even eaten raw. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell everybody the stories and adventures you had during your trip? After all, it is not your usual beach outing or a movie night. It is about exploring new things, meeting new people, experiencing a different culture, the luggage, passports and all the jazz! But more than that it is the bond you created, the memories you made and the time you spent. Tell them about the only souvenir that lasted this long is the bucket load of love, compassion and respect for each other, cheesy as it may sound!

There are, of course, a lot of cons. They could ruin your favourite jacket, they could click photos of you when you slip and fall, they could lie to your date about your habits. But that is for another blog, perhaps! Go ahead and enjoy travelling with your siblings. Only make sure you have more leverage over them than they do over you!

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