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6 Unexpected Things that Can Ruin Your Holiday

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Holidays are great. You make exciting plans; get family or friends on board; you post about your plans on social media, even book your forex online, and are generally gung-ho about the much-awaited break.

But sometimes things go wrong and the holiday turns into a nightmare. Here are 6 things to watch out for when travelling, whether in India or abroad.

travel insurance

1. Travel delays

Yes, travel delays can happen to anyone. It’s frustrating and it’s worse if you have connecting plans. A delay at one end could make you lose your connection to the next leg of your journey.

You can salvage the situation if you have a travel insurance policy. While it can’t prevent the delay, what it can do, is compensate you for the new, last-minute ticket that you might have had to purchase to make up for the lost time. Buy travel insurance online before you leave for your vacation. You can choose an insurance plan as per your needs, such as family travel insurance online or travel insurance for senior citizens.

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2. Lost baggage

If you thought delayed travel was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. Imagine you reach your destination, but your bags don’t. And you are left with just the clothes you’re wearing. Once again, a travel insurance policy comes to your rescue.

It can compensate you for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. You also get reimbursed for any new clothes or personal items that you might need to purchase, including a new suitcase. Better to take family travel insurance, so that everyone’s covered.

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3. You run out of money

You see something you just have to purchase or an exciting activity that you don’t want to miss, but you don’t have enough cash or you don’t spot an ATM nearby. You’re in a fix, unless you planned well and had the foresight to buy forex online and get a prepaid forex card. And because it is a preloaded card, you don’t need to check live currency rates when you swipe it.

Money- travel insurance

4. The all-inclusive package fails on food!

Let’s say you booked an all-inclusive package and the food is just yuck. You don’t want to compromise on your mood, so you decide to eat outside, but you hadn’t budgeted for this scenario. Luckily, you were advised to buy forex online before you left. Spend that money and also book your forex from anywhere to load your card.

5. You need medical care

It could be because of the bad food from the earlier point, or it could just be sheer bad luck that you got a terrible bug or hurt yourself. You are in a new place, and your hospital bills need to be taken care of.

Travel insurance is of immense help now. And you can book travel insurance online. Choose the best travel insurance, but do take care of what you eat and where you eat.

If you’re a senior citizen, it is important to purchase travel insurance for senior citizens that gives you a host of coverage benefits.

travel insurance

6. Your hotel bill is unexpectedly high

You thought the fruits were complimentary, but apparently, they were not. And you realised this while checking out. Luckily you have a forex card (it’s the best forex card since it saved you from a potentially embarrassing situation) and you can settle the bill without scrounging for last-minute cash.

Before we leave you to make your holiday plans, one last word of advice. The best travel insurance online is one that gives you complete coverage in a crisis. And the best forex card is one that offers you safety, convenience and acceptability. Make sure you buy forex online – you can check live currency rates and purchase it when it is lower.

With your insurance and forex taken care of, you are free to enjoy the vacation of your lifetime. Come back and brag about it on social media. You’ve earned the right. Visit Thomas Cook website to know more.

Table of contents

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