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Looking to Stay in A Tree House in Kerala? Here are 15 Best Tree House Resorts

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Think of an offbeat holiday, somewhere in the lap of nature in absolute solitude, overlooking lush green forests, in the middle of nowhere, and what comes to your mind is a tree house stay. One of the best places to experience this is God’s own country, Kerala. Kerala holidays offers you excellent tree house resorts to fulfill this very dream. So if you are in a mood for something fun and exciting, here is a roundup of the 15 best tree house resorts in the backwater state.

Best Tree House Resorts in Kerala

 1. Dream Catcher Plantation Resort, Munnar

Dream Catcher Plantation Resort, Amongst Best Tree House Resorts

Image Source- Tripadvisor

This stunning resort is built on a huge plantation on the Bison Valley road near Munnar. The stunning tree houses are built in a thick forest offers a grand stay in the lap of nature.

• Explore the beautiful walking trails across the plantation.

• Head to the tea plantations and watch the methods of tea picking and processing. That is an amazing experience.

• Indulge in a soothing Ayurvedic spa treatment to rejuvenate yourself.

2. Rainforest Resort, Athirapally

Rainforest Resort, Athirapally

Image Source- rainforest.in

Have you ever fancied staying in a rainforest in close proximity to a grand waterfall? Rainforest Resort offers you that surreal experience. Situated close to India’s biggest waterfalls, Athirapally, the resort is one of the best tree house resorts in India.

• Relax as you soak at the stunning infinity pool at the location.

• Try the delicious local food that the resort offers.

• You can indulge in some bird-watching as the forests are graced with hornbills, macaque etc.

3. Carmelia Haven Treehouse, Thekkady

Carmelia Haven Treehouse, Thekkady

When you are on your way to the tree house, you pass by fields of swaying cardamom plantations and picture-perfect tree-lined winding roads. Set in one of those stunning plantations is this, one of the best tree house in Kerala.

• The resort has a beautiful handicraft store. You can shop for beautiful local handicrafts there.

• The Ayurveda spa offers great spa massages for rejuvenation.

• Go for the sunset cruise offered at the resort. It is a surreal experience.

4. Vanya Treehouse, Thekkady

Vanya Treehouse, Thekkady

Image Source- vanyatreehouse

Surrounded by thick green foliage and a huge canopy of trees, Vanya Treehouse in Thekkady offers an ultimate luxury experience in the lap of nature, making it one of the most amazing tree house resorts in Kerala.

• A short trek takes you to the resort. Treehouse offers panoramic views of the surrounding forests, hills and valleys.

• If you want to relax, the resort offers a meditation program.

• Feel like trekking? Well, plan a night trek and just enjoy a walk under the starlit sky.

5. Ranger Wood Nature Castle Resort, Thekkady- One of The Most Recommended Tree House Resorts

Ranger Wood Nature Castle Resort, Thekkady

Image Source- rangerwoodperiyar

This stunning tree house resort offers sweeping views of dense woods amidst melodious bird calls. The resort is very close to Periyar Lake and national park.

• The proximity to the national park gives you great options to catch the safari.

• Indulge in exciting boat rides, jeep safari, tiger trails and elephant rides at the resort.

6. Hiliya Treehouse Resort, Wayanad

The tree house resort in Wayanad is situated in a property which has a spectacular heritage bungalow, overlooking the river. Around it is acres of thickly forested plantations.

• Set amidst lush coffee, cardamom, pepper and areca nut plantations, this resort offers a fabulous stay.

• You can indulge in exciting farm activities like coffee plucking, rubber tapping, etc.

• Don’t miss the thrilling jungle trek for an unforgettable experience.

7. Green Gates Resort, Wayanad

Green Gates Resort, Wayanad

Image Source- nativeplane

Situated on a hillock, the quaint bamboo tree house resort in Kerala tourism has a lot to offer from spectacular views of the lush green carpet of hills and forests around. Experience grand luxury in the lap of nature right here.

• Explore nearby attractions like Chembra Peak, Eddakal caves and Kuruva islands nearby.

• Indulge in thrilling activities like trekking, rappelling and rafting.

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8. Marmalade Springs Wayanad Treehouse, Wayanad

Marmalade Springs Wayanad Treehouse, Wayanad

For a tired soul, this resort offers easy sleep and complete rejuvenation. Look out for deafening silence, bird songs and starry nights at this place.

• Located on Chembra peak, this resort offers grand views of the lush green surroundings.

• Explore tribal culture at the nearby tribal colonies.

• Enjoy campfire, hiking, jungle safari and rafting here.

9. Green Magic Tree house Resort, Wayanad

You would not want to miss the chance to embrace nature standing atop Asia’s tallest jungle treehouse. This comes with an addition to being in the midst of a rainforest! Green Magic Resort offers all of this.

• Don’t miss the innovative water lift facility at this resort.

• Indulge in thrilling activities like a campfire, night safari and archery.

• Bathe in the clear streams nearby.

10. Vythiri Resort Treehouse, Wayanad

Vythiri Resort Treehouse, Wayanad

Situated in Vythiri near Wayanad, this beautiful resort is an exquisite jungle hideaway set up in a lush tropical rainforest. Immerse yourself in great views of forest, pristine waterfalls and gushing streams.

• Explore exciting nature and trekking trails through the forest nearby.

• Pamper yourself with a soothing Ayurvedic spa at the resort.

• Discover the Pookkode Lake nearby.

11. Tranquil Resort, Wayanad

Tranquil Resort, Wayanad

Image Source- wayanad.org

Tranquil Resort is nestled inside a thick rainforest amidst acres of coffee, areca nut and spice plantations. This stunning resort is one of the best tree house resorts in Kerala.

• Head to Eddakal caves nearby.

• The Wayanad heritage museum closeby is should be explored.

12. Jungle Jive Treehouse, Munnar

The Jungle Jive Treehouse is a rustic but charming stay tucked inside thick coffee, cardamom, pepper and tea plantations. The sweeping views of the lush green surroundings are very soothing.

• Indulge in exciting activities like trekking, jeep safari, fishing and boating.

• Take a plantation tour and photography tours for a great experience.

• Don’t miss the exciting campfire and barbeque nights.

13. Kaivalyam Retreat Treehouse, Munnar

Kaivalyam Retreat Treehouse, Munnar

Image Source- carnivaltourskochi.com

This unique resort is a little haven deep within thick woods. The resort stresses on providing a holistic retreat for mind and body for the visitors.

• Food served here is fresh, delicious and organic.

• Indulge in exciting activities like a campfire, bird watching walks, vegetable garden visits and hikes.

• Take the yoga classes at the resort for a healthy holiday.

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14. Ela Ecoland Nature Resort, Munnar

Ela Ecoland Nature Resort, Munnar

Image Source- tripadvisor

The quaint boutique treehouse resort is set amidst deep woods and right on the banks of Kallar River. The treehouse offers spectacular River and waterfall views.

• Indulge in thrilling treks, tea factory visit, tribal village visits, etc.

• Don’t miss the jeep trek to Virippara waterfalls.

• The local food served at the resort is delicious.

15. Nature Zone Resort, Munnar, Among must visit tree house resorts

Nature Zone Resort, Amongst Best Tree House Resorts

Image Source- heritagezone

Set amidst thickly forested land, a stone’s throw away from the Eravikulam National Park, this stunning resort offers a rustic and peaceful stay. Experience sheer bliss and peace right in the lap of nature at one of the best tree house resorts in Kerala.

• Enjoy off-road jeep drives along stunning tea plantations.

• Great place for bird watching with more than 30 species there at the resort

.• Explore exciting jungle trails and indulge in trekking and hiking.

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