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Andaman Islands – Everything you need to know about

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Nature’s beauty and some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches, make the Andaman Islands a traveller’s delight. The Andaman Islands can boast of the various natural phenomena that can be a treat for all, whether he is a traveller or not. This isolated group of islands has a lot of things that you should know. Make sure that when you plan how to reach Andaman through Andaman tourism, you are aware of some interesting tidbits of information about this gem of an island.

10 interesting facts about the Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands - Beach

1. The name Andaman is acknowledged to be derived from Hanuman. The Malays used the name Handuman which in turn gave the islands its present name.

2. Residents of these islands are mostly a member of the ‘Jarwa’ tribe, generally known as the Adivasi. Their population is about 500, with no interaction with the outsiders.

3. The general language used here is Bengali followed by Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

4. These places inhabit eternal marine cultures; however the most popular from all of them are the sea turtles. Here you get to see Dermochelys Coriacea – the biggest sea turtles in the world. You can also find the Olive Ridley turtles visit the Andaman Seas and make use of it as their nesting ground.

5. The biggest living arthropod Birgus Latro is found here. They are also called as coconut crabs as they feast on tender coconuts. Larger in size, these inhabitants hate water. South Asia’s highest number of these crabs reside at the Andamans.

6. Commercial fishing is banned at these islands because this is one of the rare places in the earth where fish live their full life and die only when they reach old age.

7. Two the Andaman Islands – The Neil and Havelock Islands are named after officers of the East India Company.

8. Lots of butterflies gather to the Andaman and Nicobar from neighbouring tropical islands, thanks to the tranquil Andaman weather. They offer a visual treat for butterfly lovers.

9. Barren Island, located 135 km away from the Port Blair, is the place where you can witness live volcano.

10. Plan one full day for Little Andaman, the fourth largest island, and a separate island on the Andaman map. It offers a glimpse of the rare marine turtles.


15 best things that you can do in Andamans Islands

Diving - Andamans Islands

1. Water Activities

Snorkelling, Swimming, scuba diving, banana boat rides, underwater walking, parasailing, jet skiing and much more. Each water activity will push that adrenaline rush to an altogether new level.

2. Beach Bumming

Laze around the beautiful beaches like Corbyn’s Cove and Long Island, soaking up the sun. With a pristine environment, white sand and the vast Bay of Bengal to look forward to, you can have the most awesome feeling ever. You can relax on any of the Andaman beaches for the entire day. They are beautiful and serene all the entire day, and you would surely not want to abandon that place soon.

3. Island Hopping

What pleasure would it be to have a tour at Andamans devoid of Island hopping? On arriving at the Port Blair, you can visit different islands. Port Blair has many ferry connections with nearby islands like North Bay Island, Ross Island, Viper Island, Havelock Island, Jolly Buoy Island, and Neil Island.

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4. Sea Walking

The fun of sea walking has been initiated at the North Bay Island. People do not require knowing swimming to do sea walking. The North Bay Island is around 30 minutes boats ride away from the Port Blair and is a gorgeous island in itself. Here you can get a once-in-a-lifetime experience of sea walking, Glass Bottom Boat ride to see corals, Jet Skii, and other water sports such as speed boat, etc.

5. Bird-watching in the Andaman islands

Andaman’s Chidiya Tapu or Bird Island is a verdant spot having mangroves, forests, and a countless species of birds. The continuous birds’ chirping throughout the day adds a sense of calm to the wandering soul. Birds in different shapes, colour and size, fly through different trees for just lazing around or for finding food. Your love for bird watching can reach the zenith of satisfaction if you are a serious nature lover.

6. Watching Sunrise, Moonrise and Sunset

Andaman Islands can provide you with an excellent view of sunrise, moonrise and sunset. Don’t just miss such cherish-worthy shots!

7. Experience various modes of transport

Andaman islands offer different forms of transport such as sea plane that runs only in Andamans, local carrier Dunghi, ride in Makkruzz and other kinds of boats.

8. Havelock Island

One of the Asia’s most gorgeous beaches, the Radhanagar Beach is unbelievably picturesque and a tranquil destination to relax. Also recognised as Beach No. 7, it offers quiet solitude, and the sound of waves breaking at the seashore can be heard the entire day. One can do snorkelling at Havelock Island’s Elephant Beach as it’s one of the most pleasurable snorkelling destinations.

9. Coral Reefs,  Andaman islands

Head to Red Skin Island or Jolly Buoy Island for the finest view of the colourful coral reefs for which the Andaman is famous. It is all the time amazing to watch something from the last chilly stage when the melting ice makes sea levels to rise and flood the continental shelves.

10. Museum Trail

Port Blair contains some incredible museums of the Andaman. The Anthropological Museum displays the islands’ four Negrito tribes of Andamanese, Sentinels, the Jarawas and the Onges. The Samudrika Marine Museum portrays the biodiversity originated on the islands.

11. The Limestone Caves, Baratng and Diglipur Caves

The type of caves you witness on NatGeo or Discovery channel would look like nothing when you go to the Alfred Caves in Diglipur. These caves are situated at a trekking distance of around 40 minutes from the Ram Nagar. Therefore, if any of you love trekking and would like to do trekking in forests, then you should head here. These caves are popular for swiftlet nests, something which is not feasible to experience somewhere else.

12. Mud Volcanoes, Diglipur

Witnessing a live and active mud volcano is nowadays definitely one of the most enthralling sights. In the whole India, active volcanoes are present only in Andaman and Nicobar Islands as a part of Diglipur and Barren Islands.

13. Visit Un-inhabited, Isolated Islands

It was a bit hard to discuss these types of islands on this list as not many un-inhabited islands are accessible to the tourists, but yes, some are. These include picturesque destinations like Stewart Island, Guitar Island, Long Island, Ross and Ross, Jolly Buoy, and Smith Islands.

14. Sea Food in Andaman islands

Many of food joints in the Andaman Islands offer fresh sea food. Lobsters, shrimps, tiger prawns, and diverse types of fish adorn a seafood lover’s plate here in the Andamans.

15. Visit Ross Island and Cellular Jail

Ross Islands and Cellular jail are must- visit tourist places in Andaman in case you are a history lover. Both the destinations offer immense insights into the history of the pre-independence period of the islands. You must also watch the light and sound show of the jail.

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This list discusses everything that you should know about the Andaman Islands. The only thing that remains is to have your bags packed and tickets ready for flights to Andaman – the land of ethereal beauty.al

Table of contents

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