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“Andaman Off season” Is a Myth, Here is Why….

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Some recommend that having a great vacation in Andaman during monsoons is like building castles in the air, so we figure this misconception needs some myth-busting. Well, Believe it or Believe it, Andaman during the monsoon can give an astute unromantic- butterflies in the stomach.

And if you want to experience greenery that soothes your eyes, gentle gusts that calm your soul, and a holiday more magnificent and alluring than what we watch in the movies; exploring Andaman offseason, sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

But then, how has this fallacy emerged, about this all-season destination?

1. Maybe Because Cruises and Ferries Don’t Sail Anymore

"Andaman Offseason" Is a Myth, Here is Why....

But this can happen anytime during the year here, the monsoon is no exception. Andaman has a tropical climate, so even in the peak season for tourists, it can rain out of nowhere, or a cyclone may arise and unexpectedly because of bristly wind, certain boat rides can even get cancelled.

Moreover, in the recent 5-6 years, weather patterns have been changing drastically. Andaman has seen some rough December’s, January’s and February’s while also experiencing calm conditions in June, with gentle wind and kind rain showers.

Although it is true that trips that involve boat rides like the North Bay Island, Ross Island, Viper Island, Elephant Beach, Jolly Bouy island, Red Skin Island and sometimes Baratang Island usually get affected during this time,

But can’t these be done on some other day, when the sky clears up? Take a look at our Andaman tour packages to know what can be done during the monsoon season.

 2. Because Some Places on the Islands Can Close Down, Due to Bad Weather during Andaman off season

"Andaman Offseason" Is a Myth, Here is Why....

Unfortunately, Elephant Beach and Jolly Bouy may get shut when the weather is unforgiving. However, all of the activities available at Elephant beach are also available at North Bay and Jolly Bouy is closed to recover the coral reefs & life, like the way Eravikulam National Park in Munnar Gets closed in February!

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3. No Water Activities? Think again.

"Andaman Offseason" - Water Walking or Sea Walking

The Sea Walk at Elephant Beach may get cancelled, nevertheless, the Sea Walk, active at North Bay, will be just as magical. And when it comes to other activities like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Jet Ski rides, banana boat rides, and glass boat rides, these are operational throughout the year.

Even though there is a high probability that the Sea Walk will be operational in North Bay, if it’s not, Thomas Cook will provide Alternate sightseeing in Port Blair or Havelock and a Luxury Dinner Cruise with Live Music in Port Blair.

4. Worst Case Scenario, You May Get Stuck On An Island (Havelock/Neil) As the Ferry Discontinues

Andaman Offseason

In this very improbable situation, we will send our rugged and tough Govt. Ferry in place of Makruzz, to move you back to Port Blair.

In the meanwhile, you can stay in the hotel, safe and sound. Only you will be staying in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Andaman Monsoon (June, July and August) is different from the mainland monsoons, as it comprises of weather where it is cloudy all day and there are usually, brief episodes of rain. And also a climate where it is sunny and calm for several days or even weeks.

The weather here is usually very pleasant at this time and the best part is that there isn’t a heavy tourist crowd to ruin your day. You will truly be able to live your favourite movies. The greenery and the cool breeze here will make you fall in love with these islands.

Then again, it may not rain at all.

Table of contents

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