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6 Best Places For Snorkeling In Andaman

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If sticking a rubber tube in your mouth and splashing about underwater to spy on the fish community is your cup of tea, then the Andaman Islands might be the best tea house you can get yourself into. This tiny group of islands in the Bay of Bengal has the prettiest and relatively untouched beaches in the world. But in Andaman, the beaches are not the real treasure. The real stuff lies just ahead of the beach, under the pristine blue waters. Poke your head in and you will be transported to an exquisite marine world full of magnificent corals and some of the most diverse set of aquatic animals you will ever have seen. Because snorkeling in Andaman is almost religious to diving enthusiasts. So read on to find out the best places for snorkeling in Andaman.

Best Places For Snorkeling In Andaman – 2019

1. Elephant Beach, Havelock Island – One of the best places for snorkeling in Andaman

Elephant Beach, Havelock Island - Places For Snorkeling In Andaman

Elephant Beach (Havelock Island)

Havelock Island is one of the go to islands in Andaman for snorkeling. A variety of beaches on Havelock make for some excellent snorkeling spots. Chief among them is Elephant Beach, so called because of the many elephants available on the beach for your riding pleasure. But the main attraction at Elephant Beach is snorkeling. Snorkeling here is ideal for beginners since the waters are quite shallow, beginning at as little as 1 one meter depth. But even then the marine life visible is nothing short of amazing.

2. South Button

South Button - Places For Snorkeling in Andaman

South Button is considered as one of the best places for snorkeling in Andaman, and a big chunk of Andaman Tourism involves this snorkel lover’s paradise. It is a small island that is a couple of hours away from Havelock via boat ride. All inclusive snorkeling safari packages are available at South Button for as little as Rs. 4000/-. The corals here are a bit deeper, and one has to swim a fair bit away from the shore to get a better experience.

3. Tamarind Camp

Tamarind Camp, Andaman

Another favourite among snorkeling enthusiasts is the Tamarind Camp which is located near the Henry Lawrence beach. Tamarind Camp offers a stunning peek into the exotic marine life full of beautifully textured corals, fishes like the lionfish, pipefish, oysters and clams.

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4. Neil Island, Among best places for snorkeling in Andaman

Neil Island, Places For Snorkeling In Andaman

If you want to go off the beaten track, away from crowds, then Neil Island can be the perfect place for you to indulge in some jaw-dropping snorkeling. There are many unnamed beaches here, and you can have the pleasure of exploring the beaches on your own. For snorkeling, some prior experience and good swimming skills are necessary since most of the attractive areas are located away from the shore and are deeper. But once you reach there, you are in for some eyeball-popping visuals. Dark tunnels, water-carved canyons, corals and shimmery schools of fishes that are as enthralled by us as we are with them. Neil Island is also considered as one of the places for snorkeling in Andaman.

5. Kalipur, North Andaman

Kalipur, North Andaman

Kalipur is considered as one of the best places for snorkeling in Andaman by many. It is located in North Andaman is a village with quite an excellent beach. The waters contain colourful coral reefs that house a diverse variety of aquatic life. If you’re lucky, you might spot a sea turtle or an octopus in here. Other animals include Giant Parrot Fish, sea snakes and stingrays.

6. North Bay Island, Port Blair

North Bay Island, Port Blair, Andaman

Probably the most populated snorkeling destination, North Bay Island sees loads of tourists since it is quite close to Port Blair. The corals here are extremely beautiful and spread over a larger area. Among the marine life, you are likely to spot a few lobsters and clams when you’re down under.

Andaman is quite an exotic place, and every Andaman beach has a great potential for an unforgettable snorkeling experience. So choose from a variety of Andaman holiday packages, grab your swimwear and head out into the sea to indulge in a bit of snorkeling in Andaman, where a mesmerising world awaits you.

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