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Jodhpur Things to Do that You Cannot Miss! – A Complete Itinerary of Things to do in Jodhpur

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Historically, the capital of the Kingdom of Marwar, the blue city is highly spoken off on the internet. The Jodhpur tourist places photos populate every traveller’s gram and travelogues. However, for the ones who have not visited this bustling city, situated on the edge of the Thar Desert, need to plan their trip soon to ensure they are gratified as travellers amongst their peers. We say so, because of the numerous things to do in Jodhpur and various experiences this place has to offer. This Blue city is one of the popular favourites and one of the top 5 cities to visit in India.

Before starting with the list of Jodhpur places of interest, here is a fun fact, the famous houses and buildings are painted in blue for a reason. Originally painted by the Brahmins of Jodhpur, the blue colour signified their residence. While there are ample places to visit in Jodhpur to load your trip with memories, here is a cheat guide for you to ensure you do not miss out on any Jodhpur specialty.

Take a Cooking Class and Explore the Local Rajasthani Cuisine

Being an Indian, we’re all inarguably a big fan of Chai and a cup of Masala Chai is a Jodhpur specialty everyone will tell you about. Jodhpur people do not start their day without a hot cuppa. After your morning cup, you can also visit the Janta Sweet Home, a place that is flocked by the locals and tourists. This legendary sweet shop serves several Jodhpur specialties from Mawe Ke Kachori to Pyaaz Ki kachori, from Mirchi Wada to Jalebis. Jodhpuri Dal Baati is the Rajasthani food which you simply cannot skip it while in Jodhpur. If you haven’t tried it yet, plan it this time while you are traveling to the city.

Apart from such local delicacies including laal maas for non-vegetarians, you can also learn how to cook in the house of locals or several local shops. Jodhpuris love and welcome their tourists, Spice Paradise is one such shop. A local spice shop that’s run by a couple offers the tourists cooking classes in their cute little kitchen.

Witness the Sunset while on the Camel in the Thar Desert

Camel safari in Rajasthan
Enjoy Exotic Camel Safari In Rajasthan

This engagement will take up to 6 to 7 hours of your day but will be worth it. A Camel Safari on the golden dunes of Thar with your friends and family is an unforgettable experience to have. This doesn’t end here; you can also visit the Osian village and the ancient temple. In addition to this, the day has more to offer before it ends. A delicious Rajasthani meal for your hungry taste buds brings an end to your experience here.

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When you plan to visit Jodhpur, make sure it is for leisure and have more time at your disposal. This way, your safari experience does not end with the Camel Safari and only a delicious dinner, but you can also stay in Desert camps. The camps have various amenities and have all the luxuries at your disposal.

The Marwar Festival in Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhavan Palace

Reeking of culture and royalty, the Umaid Bhavan Palace and the Mehrangarh Fort tops our list of Jodhpur sightseeing locations.

The Umaid Bhavan Palace was the last palace built in India and is home to Maharaja Gaj Singh. The Palace has been now made into a luxurious palace hotel. It’s also an open location for grand marriages and film shoots. One of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan is situated inside the Mehrangarh Fort. This is the largest fort in Rajasthan with huge balconies, sprawling courtyards, and heavily ornamented private residences. Get a tour guide while your visit here to enjoy the stories of the Kings and Queen that resided here.

Here is one of the Jodhpur tips for your visit to the palace. Visit the place in between September-October when the grand structure of Mehrangarh Fort and the Umaid Bhavan Palace is decorated as brides as they serve as venues for the Marwar Festival. The festival is celebrated in honour of the Rajasthan heroes. One can witness folk songs and dances, polo events and camel shows along with enjoying some lip-smacking delicacies.

Shop at the Local Market in Jodhpur

Market Mania – Rajasthan

Shopping in Jodhpur is an experience any Indian culture fan must participate in. People drool on jhumkaas and jootis and this city provides with the best of both. The Tripola market in Jodhpur is one of the busiest markets and gives a glimpse of the original Rajasthani culture and heritage. Silver trinkets, vibrant jootis, and lac jewellery, all of this are present in this bazaar. If you are a bargain freak, this market helps you boost your skills amongst your peers. The local shops have several souvenir options for your loved ones, from couple puppets to Rajasthani artefacts, from bright and colourful wall-hangings to beautiful carpets, explore it all out in this local market.

The Jodhpur Nightlife

Despite being a small city rich in cultural stories, this city of Rajasthan has some fun bars and clubs to enjoy the nightlife. The city has everything for its visitors, from classy bars to lavish lounges, you will not wonder what to do after an eventful day of travel. Sheesha, The Lounge, Alibaba World and Pulse the Bar are some of the common youth bars which are also flocked by tourists.

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Blue City has plenty of affairs happening throughout the year and is always hustling and bustling with tourists. Plan your trip with friends, family or solo, it can serve you a great experience in any of its forms.

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Table of contents

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