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7 Most Explored Weekend Destinations near Mumbai

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The city of dreams, Mumbai is more than a word, it’s a feeling that fills your heart with pride and an emotion that fills your blood. The city that is alive during the day and livelier at nights, Mumbai is one of the best cities in India that makes tourists and visitors understand the real meaning of love at first sight. The vibe that the city gives is magical and the spirit its people showcase during the monsoons and it times of crises reflects as an inspiration for the rest of the world. The local trains, the street food stalls, the gullies that has millions of people and more millions of dreams, the traffic signals, and the Marine Drive, Mumbai is indeed an urban paradise. Apart from being home to some of the world famous heritage buildings and tourist attractions, there are plenty of places around Mumbai that demand visits. Either as a weekend getaway or a full-fledged holiday, these places surrounding Mumbai offer equally amazing vibes and feelings and are adorned by tourists from all over the world. To bring such magnificent attractions to limelight, we have compiled a list of weekend destinations near Mumbai that you must definitely visit.

Gateway of India

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Here is a brief info on the weekend destinations near Mumbai;

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This list would help first-time visitors get to know more about the many weekend destinations near Mumbai and help them plan their breaks from the daily monotony of city life. Here goes.

Weekend Destinations near Mumbai for the Perfect Getaway

1. Lonavala – Surrender to Nature and Serenity

Lonavala – Weekend destinations near Mumbai

Ask any Mumbaikar about the most beautiful place he or she has seen in the city’s vicinity, the unanimous answer would be Lonavala. The quaint place is not just an ordinary destination. It is a blessed hill station that has lakes, gardens, temples, caves, waterfalls and topaz green landscapes that completely come alive during the monsoon season. One of the most picturesque destinations near Mumbai, this place is for nature enthusiasts and photographers who are always on the lookout for unique angles, approaches, moments or landscapes to capture in permanence. No matter if you are here with a group of friends, with your spouse or with your family, Lonavala ensures you have a great time and connect with nature, with those around you and yourself. Also, don’t forget to treat yourself with Chikki, a local sweet made from dry fruits, peanuts, sugar, jaggery and more.

Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 90 km

Best Time to Visit: July to January

Staying overnight here will allow you to completely enjoy the place and take in the experiences it has to offer.

2. Khandala – One of the best Weekend Destinations near Mumbai

Khandala – Verdant and Clean

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Khandala is Lonavla’s equally beautiful twin. Yet, it offers an experience that is unique and distinct. Located at an altitude of over 600m, you can enjoy exquisite panoramic views of the valleys and hills. Despite the influx of tourists, the place remains clean and the environment fresh! With shades of green occupying the sprawling terrains, you would be at times surprised at the mesmerizing destination so close to Mumbai. One of the major attractions at Khandala is the Kune falls, where milky white water gushes and makes its way through gorges made of emerald green hills. It’s a sight to behold and any nature lover will instantly fall silent on the view of the waterfall.  Apart from the Kune falls, you can see the Karla caves with Buddhist shrines, Bhor Ghat, Ryewood Park and more, which make it a great weekend destination.

Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 90km

Best Time to Visit: July to January

Carry a pair of binoculars to look at the waterfalls with clarity and catch a few species of flora and fauna. Also carry a book if you want to get lost and be transported to a different world right from the laps of nature.

3. Nashik – Of Temples, Vineyards and Forts…

Nashik – Of Temples, Vineyards and Forts

When in Mumbai, we are sure you would have seen the signboards of innumerable travel agencies selling tour packages to Nashik. It is very close and one of the must-visit destinations near Mumbai. The beautiful city is nestled cosily on the banks of the river Godavari and is renowned for its temples and forts. It is placed at an altitude of over 550m and is home for the gala religious event – the Kumbh Mela. It is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites for the Hindus because of its connection with the Indian epic the Ramayana. According to mythology, it was in here that Surpanakha tried to seduce Lord Ram.

If you feel you have visited enough temples and intend to explore offbeat places, Nashik has answers to your curiosity as well. The right attitude, pleasant climatic conditions, terrain and moisture levels have been favourable for the cultivation of grapes and that is one of the primary reasons Nashik is also home to several vineyards. If you appreciate winemaking and look at it as an art, you can visit one of the vineyards here who would take you on a tour of the factory. They will take you to the vineyard and explain to you the process of harvesting, pruning, and grape cultivation and also take you inside the factory to show you how grape extracts are fermented, bottled, labelled and stored in wooden cellars. Once done, you will also be attending a wine tasting session conducted by connoisseurs. If you are in Mumbai, a visit to Nashik is mandatory with your family.

Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 170 km

Best Time to Visit: October to February

A blend of heritage temples and contemporary wine yards, Nashik is too cool to be ignored.

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4. Daman – Pristine Beaches and Churches Await


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One of the first things that stand out in Daman is the stark congruence of diverse cultures and ethnicities. Be it the style of architecture or the general vibes, Daman is a beautiful place that blends nature, cultures and traditions of myriad backgrounds. The place is quite sandwiched between the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra and is bordered by the Arabian Sea.

Daman has a 2000-year-old history, where it was ruled by Mughal rulers for 200 years until it was taken over by the Portuguese, who built churches and forts and ruled for around 450 years. Their influence can be seen in attractions like the Diu Fort, St. Jerome Fort, Panikota Fort, the lighthouse and many more buildings of historic significance. The Jampore beach is a popular beach here followed by the Dominican Monastery that stands today as ruins. Besides, there is the beautiful lighthouse that has been guiding tourists and giving them better directions.

Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 170 km

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Visit this serene place near Mumbai and who knows, you might be guided by the humble lighthouse and you could receive answers to all your questions as well!

5. Alibaug – One of the Popular Weekend Destinations Near Mumbai


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There are people in Mumbai who wait for the weekend to arrive and head to Alibaug for its spirit and attractions are contagious. Regarded as Maharashtra’s Goa, the place is home to sublime beaches, forts, temples and natural sceneries. People claim that they fall in love with the tranquillity they experience over here and that happens to be one of the major reasons for their frequent visits. The shoreline is amazing, there are multiple cottages to choose from for a laidback holiday and you can reach Alibaug even by a ferry from the Gateway of India. Some of the major attractions here include the Vikram Vinayak temple, Phansad wildlife sanctuary, Kulaba fort, Nagaon beach, Kanakeshwar temple, Versoli beach and more.

If you are here, you can’t return back to Mumbai or your hometown without trying the seafood served here. If you are a nature lover, you can even indulge in some bird watching at the Phansad wildlife sanctuary. Or, you can visit the Kolaba fort located in the ocean 2km away from the mainland, where you have to take a ferry to reach the fort.

Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 110 km

Best Time to Visit: December to July

This is one of the best weekend destinations near Mumbai to set out to with your family. With the attractions, the time you will spend together will be priceless and reminiscent.

6. Matheran – The Heart of Serenity


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Matheran is located at an altitude of over 2500 ft. and is arguably more beautiful than Lonavala. It is one of the calmest and serene weekend destinations near Mumbai you will find in Maharashtra and it is perfect to unwind to nature and let it take care of you. Matheran was discovered by the then British Collector posted at Thane named Hugh Mallet. It is nestled amidst three of the major Indian cities – Surat, Pune and Mumbai and over here, you can spot several moderate altitude peaks like the King George Point, Echo Point, Louisa Point, Panorama Point and more. There is also a pristine lake called the Louisa Lake and a cave called the Panther’s cave for you to visit. With several picnic spots to relax with your family, Matheran is a retreat you will never regret coming to. The well retained and maintained colonial architecture that you will revere about when you get back home.

Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 120 km

Best Time to Visit: October to May

If you loved Lonavala and Khandala, you would love Matheran too. There are more attractions, more tranquillity, and the views are simply mesmerizing making it one of the most idyllic weekend destinations near Mumbai.

7. Karjat – The Abode of Adventure Activities

Karjat - Weekend destinations near Mumbai

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For those of you who intend to indulge in some adventure activities, Karjat is the place you need to head to from Mumbai. It beautifully combines the terrains of the Western Ghats, the Sahyadri Mountain ranges, Bhorghat and a minor portion of the Deccan region. Located on the bank of the river Ulhas, Karjat is located at an altitude of over 600ft. This is a hub for adventure activities and extreme sports aspirants in Mumbai would come down to Karjat for his or her share of an adrenaline rush.

When in Karjat, you can indulge in activities like hiking, trekking, rafting and mountain climbing. Besides, you can also visit Peth Fort, Chanderi Fort and other attractions and get stunned by the en-route journey and the views. River Ulhas is where you can go for river rafting and the place comes alive with tourists and thrill seekers in the months of July to September.

Distance from Domestic Airport: Approximately 80 km

Best Time to Visit: July to January

Karjat is one of the most ideal weekend destinations near Mumbai for groups of friends and couples who intend to experience adventure activities and opt for a raw style of travelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Weekend Destinations near Mumbai:

1. Is Lonavala closed during the monsoons?

Monsoon is one of the best times to visit Lonavala and tourist influx quite doubles during this time. The lush green landscapes turn to fresh green landscapes after being touched by the rain-bearing clouds. In fact, monsoons make most of the weekend destinations near Mumbai even more alluring and attractive.

2. Can I find accommodation in Lonavala and Khandala?

There are plenty of hotels and resorts that have opened up in these two hill stations. Most people who come to Lonavala or Khandala look forward to spending their weekend here. If you intend to stay here, note that you can find both budget hotels and luxury resorts and you can choose one that meets your needs.

3. How to reach Daman?

Located at around 170km from Mumbai, you can either rent a car and drive down to Daman or opt for a public transportation to reach Daman. If budget is not a constraint, you can even fly to Daman as it has a domestic airport as well. The pricing will depend on the time of your booking so we recommend planning in advance to avoid price surges. No matter if you drive or fly down, the journey to Daman is equally beautiful either way.

So what do you think about our list of must see weekend destinations near Mumbai. As much as the pictures are beautiful, the places are rewarding when you visit them personally. So take time off your work, dedicate time to yourself and your family and celebrate life in the company of Mother Nature. Share your places of interests near Mumbai as comments if you know of any.

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