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Romantic Restaurants in Delhi You should Visit this Valentine’s Day

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One of the most beautiful days of the year is about to arrive. With plans on spilling the bean happening for over months and weeks, the Valentine’s Day is one romantic occasion people courage up and decide to tell their loved one how much they mean to them. On the equal end of the spectrum, it is also the time people, especially those who know something pleasant is cooking between the two of them, expect their partners to make special arrangements, curate their preferred gifts and likes, set up the mood and confess their love in a poetic way.

Regardless of which side of the spectrum you are in, ambience plays a crucial role and to help you make your day all the more special, we have come up with a list of romantic restaurants in Delhi that offer the perfect vibes for your partner to say yes to your proposal. Be it a candlelight dinner, a soft romantic dinner or an evening filled with live music, it is on you to make the day as much special as possible. Read on to find out where you can take him or her out on the Valentine’s Day and make it count this year.

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But before that, here are a few tips on setting the right mood.

His or Her Likes:

There might be a few preferences your partner might be very keen on. It could be the blue checkered shirt that she feels looks perfect on you, the watch that he gave it to you or simply preferences on clothing colours. On the big day, try wearing or adhering to their preferences as it shows it cares and takes notice. Though they won’t tell, they will be definitely impressed by the attention to detail you are giving in getting ready for the bigger picture.


One thing about restaurants is that they play instrumentals mostly and that can get quite annoying at times. Instead, we suggest you pick up a tiny Bluetooth speaker and place it on your table. Create a special playlist of romantic songs based on both of your preferences and play it until your evening ends in a low audible volume. Apart from being conversation starters or silence breakers, these songs would complement your evening in a way you can’t imagine.

Romantic Restaurants

1. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant:


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One of the most sought-after restaurants for Valentine’s Day year after year, Lodi The Garden restaurant speaks a language of romance and fills the air with vibes that are sensuous and passionate. Be it the ambience, the furnishing, the colour scheme or simply the venue, there is something magical about this place. The best part about the restaurant is the Jetty, a private dining area sort of a space which is surrounded by walls made of glasses and water. Calm and composed, the restaurant is like how you should be on your date. Hurry up, reserve your tables soon!

Reserve Your Table at 011 3958 5266

Approximate Price for Two: INR 2,600

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2. Fio:


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The thing about ambience is that it should not appear as if it is made up. The ambience should simply fit into the mood and the décor a restaurant attempts to establish and one such restaurant that wins big time is Fio. Perfect for couples and dates, the restaurant manages to maintain romantic vibes from the moment you enter and sustain till you leave. With a Mediterranean feel, the colour schemes are magical and the décor is phenomenal. What’s more interesting? Their food! A dinner at Fio is sure to bring back the both of you to this place on several dates –as a couple. If you know what we mean! Head to Delhi with our attractive Delhi Packages right now!

Reserve your Table at 011 3955 5096

Approximate Price for Two: INR 4,500

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3. Kiyan – The Roseate:

Kiyan – The Roseate

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Classy furnishings, jaw-dropping artefacts, breezy setup and surreal food and beverage menus – all these qualities mark the ambience and feel of Kiyan, the Roseate. With seating made considering couples and their private space, this is probably one of the best restaurants to have conversations and uninterrupted talks. The restaurant offers a calm vibe that will settle the nervous soul in you and actually make it easier for you to open up with your partner. From crème Brulee and pasta selections to chicken tikka, you are in for a gastronomical delight!

Reserve Your Table at 011 33106344

Approximate Price for Two: INR 4,500

4. Honk – Pullman:

Honk – Pullman

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One of the best evenings is when you have oriental cuisine on your plate. The romantic décor and the courteous staff at the Honk aside, the restaurant serves one of the best delicacies from Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisines to make your day more delightful. So if you have thought what you could possibly talk before you utter the magical words, you can do some research and talk a little about the amazing sushi platters, dim sums, drunken prawns, kimchi salad or more delicacies they serve at the Honk. With complementing beverages, your Valentine’s Day just got perfect.

Reserve Your Table at 011 33105811

Approximate Price for Two: 2,500

5. Bombay Bar:

Bombay Bar

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No other film industry has shown on screen romance like the way Bollywood has shown to us. And what better place to celebrate your Valentine’s Day than Bombay Bar? If both of you are into Bollywood films and share filmy moments, this is the best place to come for your Valentine’s Day evening. From quirky Bollywood posters to Hindi film music, this place has all that you can ask for from a Bollywood fan. Perhaps, you can also go for a cheesy romantic proposal just like in our films. Humor and pop culture references always work! The food is less expensive as well.

Reserve Your Table at 011 33105213

Approximate Price for Two: 1,600

6. Lavish by Saby:


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We are not sure what is with the restaurants located near the Qutub Minar. They seem to have the perfect ambience and setup for romantic evenings. Lavash is no exception with its drop-dead gorgeous ambience, classy decors, carefully handpicked interiors and furnishing and most importantly – food! By Chef Saby, the place boasts of a Bengali-Armenian cuisine that is enough to get your tables booked. Perfect for romantic rendezvous, the restaurant offers an amazing view of the heritage monument, allowing you to order your food and sink into conversations.

Reserve Your Table at 078270 44055

Approximate Price for Two: 2,000

7. Olive Bar and Kitchen:

Olive Bar and Kitchen

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If there’s one time singles regret of not being in a relationship, it’s the time they visit Olive Bar and Kitchen. White walls and complementing white curtains, furnishing from the prohibition era, mood lights that directly reflect on your wine glasses, shadows of handpicked artefacts and a peaceful setting over a white-pebbled courtyard, this place looks like it is built for the Valentine’s Day. Live shows, stunning Martinis, dining-under-the-sky ambience, and the list could go on. How have you booked your tables already?

Reserve Your Table at +91 9810235472

Approximate Price for Two: 4,000

So these are some of the most romantic restaurants we could recommend in New Delhi. Gear up for the big day, practice your speeches, stay confident and win the love of your life – over great food and in a place they would remember for a lifetime of course! Good luck and cheers to the happy moments.

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Table of contents

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