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11 Things to do in Mumbai – The City Of Dreams

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Mumbai may be an expensive city in India, But don’t panic! This certainly does not mean that you cannot explore its local culture and modern life without exhausting the bank.  Mumbai is one of the cities that offers both – luxury and comfort for travellers and tourists alike. It is indeed a land where more dream is realized and snuffed, where every corner conceals something, where you have endless adventure options. The infectious beauty of the Mumbai city takes you away from your routine lifestyle and makes you an instant locality. Sounds great right? It is! Let’s hop on, explore the city according to things to do in Mumbai.

Things to do in Mumbai

1. Go Karting at Powai

Unleash your racing dreams at Powai’s legendary go-karting track. You will be provided with all necessary safety gear before you strap in.There are also other exciting activities like a Bull ride, Paintball, paddle boats and bumper cars can also be enjoyed here.

Go Karting - 11 Things To Do In Mumbai

Go Karting

2. Enjoy Beer at Leopold café

A well known and one of the city’s oldest and best restaurants in Mumbai, Leopold café has created its own legacy and heritage in the food business since 1871. A watering hole to taste endless pitchers of beer. The restaurant is open from morning 7.30 until Midnight. Bonus: Do check the bullet holes and speak to the owners who will tell you their unfortunate history.

Leopold Cafe - 11 Things To Do In Mumbai

Leopold Cafe

3. Shop for Antiques at Chor Bazaar

A simplistic market where you can get loads of all high end branded products at a very affordable price. You can also buy a wide range of antique motorcycle parts, furniture pieces, and even tech related products. For a chance, take a different step shopping at the Chor Bazaar.

Chor Bazaar -11 Things To Do In Mumbai

Chor Bazaar

4. Enjoy live music at the Hard Rock Café

Spot for rock music lovers! Places such as Hard Rock café and Blue Frog do conduct live music gigs by famous Western and Indian musicians. You are assured to get plenty of WOW time here. It will be one the best things to do in Mumbai.

Chor Bazaar -Things To Do In Mumbai - 11 Things To Do In Mumbai

Chor Bazaar -11 Things To Do In Mumbai

5. Enjoy a serene Sunset at Juhu beach, One of the best things to do in Mumbai

If you are a newbie to Mumbai city, then you must catch the sunset on one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai. The Juhu Beach is a popular place to enjoy the sunset and don’t forget to add this to your places to visit in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Juhu Beach - Things To Do In Mumbai

Juhu Beach

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6. Taste Authentic Iranian Food at the Britannia Restaurant

Cafes and cuisines might seem central to the city’s culture, but they are slowly disappearing. None of them are overcharged or expensive, but they do promise to offer authentic and warming Parsi food. Britannia and Co-located in Wakefield House are famous for berry pulav and mutton cutlets. A famous restaurant in Mumbai owned by Boman Kohinoor.

Jimmy Boy, Irani Restaurant - Places To Visit In Mumbai

Jimmy Boy, Irani Restaurant

7. Shop for Boutique Clothing at Bandra

There are many cute boutiques in Mumbai, especially in Bandra. You can discover some of the most excellent and chic outfits here. Flaunt them for your next late night date. This is probably a paradise for all Shopaholics and considered as one of the best Mumbai’s attractions for teens.

8. Go trekking at Sahyadris

Hear out adrenaline junkies! If you are the one who loves trekking and hiking, then this place is just for you. Satisfy your adventure thirst at Sahyadri. One of the best sightseeing places in Mumbai.The elegance and beauty of this location will instantly captivate your soul and visual sense and makes you feel to visit again.

Sahyadri Ranges - Places To Visit In Mumbai

Sahyadri Ranges

9. Unlimited Games at Smaaash

A popular game destination for kids and families. You can blindly choose to visit here during your weekends, as it’s a  land filled with fun and excitement. Smash is situated in South Mumbai at Kamala Mills. From karting to virtual reality games, you have everything here to entertain yourself and a great spot gamers.

10. Relish Street food

Relish Street food in Mumbai

Image source

Mumbai is famous for street food and chaat items. You cannot miss digging into the mouth-watering street food served in every corner. You can get a chance to experience the best and traditional local flavors – begin your delectable tour with the famous VadaPav.  You can also find street food stalls at Chowpatty, enjoying the scenic beauty of the Arabian sea. Get ready for an Islamic cuisine, after a spicy and tangy starter meal.

11. Camping at Pawna Lake

Camping at Pawna Lake

Image source

An artificial lake located 10 Kms off Kamshet on the old Mumbai to Pune Highway. The lake was built after the construction of Pawana Dam and it’s a great scenic place for camping. You can stay overnight here in an individual tent provided. The stay includes swimming in the lake, bonfire, making your own barbeque and star gazing. You can also arrange a trek at an additional cost for large groups near the forts like Tungi and Tikona. You will be charged depending on the size of the groups.

Table of contents

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