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Capital Charm: The Most Beautiful Capitals in the World

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Let’s face it – it’s a wide world out there beyond our windows and our doors. This big, round planet offers us everything – different landscapes, different cultures, different experiences. Each corner, each scrap of land, each shore has something to offer. Something unique and individualist. Each part of the globe dances to its own tune. However, today, we’re not looking at the songs of the city, we’re exploring the orchestra of capitals.

Confused? Don’t be. Like we’ve mentioned, every small town, city and village has its own characteristics that define it. However, capital cities represent these smaller areas. They’re a bustling pot pourrie of cultures, ideas, politics, art, architecture and people from the country they represent. These cities are the lands of law – where governments operate. They are the seat of power – where rulers and governments have risen and fallen. Capital cities represent the best of our countries and are welcoming to all. So, if you wanted to start your holiday somewhere, to understand the country you are visiting, to know its history, its people and its personality, a capital city is the best place to start. We’ve put together some of the most spectacular capitals across the world for your perusal. The only worry – which one will you pick? Well, at Thomas Cook, we’ve designed holidays so that you can experience the best of what these cities have to offer.

So, let’s find out which capital cities you’ll be visiting.


Image Source : moscow.imanet.org

In 1147, Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy, called upon his brother to visit him – “come to me, brother, to Moscow”. This was the first time the city found mention in history and a more apt description couldn’t be found. Moscow is a city that many travellers should visit. This vibrant, edgy and historically significant city has so much to offer – whether it is Red Square at the heart of the city, or iconic landmarks like the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum and St. Basil’s Cathedral that surrounds the square. Setting history aside, if a shopping extravaganza is what you’re looking for, Russia’s main department store, GUM, houses gorgeous and high-end boutiques. You can buy everything – from the affordable to the luxurious in this massive complex. If Soviet antiques are on your list, Izmaylovo is the place to be. This large flea market sells handmade items and antiquities. If art is on your agenda, stop at the largest foreign art museum in Russia – the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. Here you’ll find magnificent works by Botticelli, Rembrandt and wonderful collections of Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings. Head to Moscow’s beautiful Gorky Park, for some much-needed relaxation. In winter, the park turns into the city’s biggest skating rink. For an evening of entertainment, a visit to the legendary Bolshoi Theatre is a must. You can enjoy both ballet and opera here. So, come to Moscow – from sunup to sundown, this is a city that will charm you.

Ottawa, Amongst Beautiful Capitals in the World

Ottawa Tourism
Image Source : ottawatourism.ca

Pack your suitcase with thermals, scarves and a thick jacket. We’re flying to Ottawa! The Canadian Capital is the seventh coldest capital city in the world, but the memories of this place that you take back will be filled with warmth. Strap your skates on and glide on the ice of the Rideau Canal – the largest outdoor skating rink in the world. Stand back in awe when you visit the massive and stunning Parliament Hill, which overlooks the Ottawa River. Head to one of the oldest markets in Canada – Byward Market – which sells fresh fruits, vegetables and bloom after bloom of beautiful flowers. If you’re a history buff, Ottawa has over 14 museums to check out (don’t miss out on a visit to the popular Canadian Museum of Civilization). If you’re hungry, you must try a beaver tail (not literally!). This famous fried dough snack is shaped like a beaver’s tail and comes topped with a chocolate hazelnut spread, creamy peanut butter or maple syrup. Or you can go savoury and sample Canada’s legendary poutine. If you’re looking to fulfil the green quotient of your trip, stroll through Major’s Hill Park – one of the oldest green spaces in Ottawa. We’ve crossed off parks, museums and food, but Ottawa doesn’t end there. Hear the call of the waves from the beach on Petrie Island. Swim, have a picnic or just laze? Why choose? Ottawa is perfect for any occasion.

Budapest, One of the Beautiful Capitals in the World

Budapest, Beautiful Capitals in the World

Craving some of that European Exuberance, but don’t have the budget for it? Well, all is not lost. Paris, Berlin and London might be outside your reach, but there is one spectacular capital city you may have overlooked – Budapest. Beautiful and budget-friendly – Budapest is capital city worth exploring. Perched on the banks of Europe’s second-longest river – the Danube – this city has seen inhabitants since the Stone Age. There are so much story and character to Budapest – from exploring the extensive network of caves under the city to viewing the city from the gorgeous St. Stephens Cathedral. From above or below – Budapest fascinates. Take a night-time boat ride on the silky Danube – you can view the beautiful parliament from the river. Walk around the lush ground of Buda Castle. Stroll around the city and take in the stunning architecture, which was influenced by Roman, Gothic and Turkish styles. Take a break at Budapest’s famous Szechenyi Thermal Bath (hot springs) or visit the largest Synagogue in Europe. Dig into a delicious bowl of Goulash, Chicken Paprikash or Jokai bean soup at a local bistro. Your budget Europe trip might just turn into one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

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The 2020 Olympics are just around the corner and everyone’s eyes are on Tokyo. Yours should be too! The city, formerly known as “Edo”, has much to offer, including cherry blossoms, top rated restaurants, luxury hotels, a breath-taking Imperial Palace and the bustling Shibuya crossing – the busiest intersection in the world! However, beyond the bustle, there are beautiful spots of serenity to be found in the city. The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden will initiate you into the beauty and symmetry of a traditional Japanese Garden. While the Senso-ji temple will bring your spiritual side to life. If shopping is on the agenda, Ginza Six is where you should be. 241 shops sell everything from local products to top end merchandise. Did we mention the cherry blossoms? Because they are a sight for sore eyes. Visit the artistic Nakameguro neighbourhood for charming cafes and cheerful cherry blossom sightings. For a sense of Japan’s history and heritage, head to the oldest museum in the country, Tokyo National Museum. If you’re a sports enthusiast, then you must catch a grand sumo tournament at the Ryoguku Kokugikan. For the lush, green territory of Tokyo, a visit to Yoyogi Park is a must. To indulge that sweet tooth, visit the Kit Kat Chocolatory and Café, where you can design your own Kit Kat flavour. Trust us, an experience in Tokyo will transcend everything you’ve experienced before.


Rome, Beautiful Capitals in the world

The City of God, Urbs Sacra (the Sacred City), Eternal City, Caput Mundi, the City of Seven Hills, Roma – yes that’s right Rome has a million monikers, bestowed by poets and politicians alike. Can you blame them though? This is a city of 280 fountains and 900 churches. This is a city founded, in mythology, by Romulus – the first king of Rome. Rome defies all expectations. If you’ve come here expecting nothing but churches and sculptures and ancient monuments, well then, you’ll be surprised by a museum dedicated entirely to pasta. You may visit the stunning Colosseum, the Pantheon and St. Peters Basilica by day, and then run into the 2,000-year-old Pyramid of Cestius by night. You might toss a coin into the legendary and stunning Trevi Fountain in the morning, only to find the brightest street art covering the buildings in the neighbourhood of Ostiense. Climb the spectacular Spanish steps out in the warm sun, then visit the quirky House of Owls which exudes a nocturnal charm. When all this activity has powered up your appetite, plunge into bowls of Rigatoni Carbonara, Bucatini Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe. From pasta, move on to Pizza. Pizza al taglio (Pizza by the slice) allows you to have slice after slice with different toppings, local cheeses, vegetables and meat. With every turn, Rome will puzzle, delight, charm and leave you in awe.

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Bedazzled? Awestruck? Excited? Or a combination of all? The greatest capitals in the world have something to offer everyone! The good news is that these are just 5 capital cities for your consideration! The world is a large place, and the only difficulty is in choosing where to go. However, don’t panic, because with Thomas Cook, you can experience the best these cities have to offer. Not only do we have a variety of packages that offer the best of these cities, we also handle your visa, forex, flight and hotel bookings.

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