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Exploring delicacies on Singapore roads

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Singaporeans appear a pretty reserved group to strangers. But you just need a faint mention of something delicious to light up their hearts. The love for mouth watering delights is very apparent in Singapore. In fact the crowded, hot, muggy hawker center in this island country is nothing less than food paradise. It is a glorious experience to visit these street destinations. The divine taste of food prepared in gigantic black woks of hot fire and calloused by experienced hands will mesmerize your soul and leave it craving for more. It is a delightful site to watch the local chefs on Singapore roads play with their hands to give a perfect flavor to the dish prepared. Scalding of heat seems to have no effect on their hands. In fact they are pretty encouraging to your suggestions as well. So you can ask either for lesser oil and more chili in your food.Pepper Sauce Crab - Singaporean Recipe

The delight of hawker food

The delightful food served on Singapore roads doesn’t have much distinction between breakfast, dinner or lunch. You pretty much get the same menu served. But with such a variety, even a ten day escapade to try out the deliciousness served on hawker streets of the island country won’t suffice. Apart from its picturesque beauty, food is another aspect of Singapore tours that attract tourists from across the globe. If you want to experience the soul of the country it is very important that you experience the life on streets on your trip to Singapore.Pork Porridge - congee

Singapore Chwee Kueh - Singapore Roads

When exploring the flavor of the country, do not forget to try on the exotic dishes like Kaya Toast, Chwee Kueh, Nasi Lemak, Pork Congee, etc. These are a few of the most popular foods served on street side appetite junctions that you should definitely try during your Singapore tours.  Few of the most popular joints here are Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Ghim Moh Food Center, etc. If you want to try a platter of the most authentic and delicious Singaporean dishes do visit Commonwealth Crest Market and Food Center.  Other popular places to visit include China Town Food Center and Adam Road Food Center.

Therefore, on your trip to Singapore do not forget to visit these places and enjoy a gastronomical experience.

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Table of contents

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