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Happy Honeymooning in Japan

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There are many things to do when you get engaged. You have to book a hall, invite the guests, make sure your caterer is great, deal with hotel reservations – it can be overwhelming. After the ceremonies and rituals, the dancing and the pictures, every couple needs a little break to enjoy themselves. That’s right, we’re talking about the honeymoon. However, this part of the wedding throws up its own issues, the most important of which is where you should go.

We may have a suggestion for that – Japan.

We know you’ve given the snowy slopes of Europe a thought. Have you ever seen the gorgeous mount Fuji though? What about the sipping a cocktail on a beautiful beach in Bali? Well you haven’t considered the gorgeous blue green waves that curl their way to Okinawa’s shores. Maybe you’re the kind of couple that wants to have a rip-roaring time at amusement parks in the US. Let Tokyo Disneyland take your breath away! Perhaps you’d want to feel the gentle fall of golden-red leaves flutter around you in Canada. What about the swirl of luscious pink leaves that drift from Japanese cherry blossoms?

No matter what kind of couple you are, or what you’re looking for – Japan has something to offer. So, let’s break down the kind of honeymoon experiences you can enjoy in Japan.

Types of Honeymoons in Japan

While the honeymoon is considered to be quality time with your partner, many couples have very specific agendas in mind when they book their tickets. There are couples who love to feel the thrill of love through an adventure sport. Some couples are drawn to the romance and history of their location. Others want a quiet place, where they can focus on each other. While some prefer to throw their hands up and let the destination take them to where they have to be.

The Lush Life:

Tokyo honeymoon
Image Source : asahitravelgroup.com

When your wedding was a glossy and luxurious affair, why should your honeymoon be far behind? Head to the sleek cities in Japan, like Tokyo. Here you’ll find five-star hotels, fine dining and all the extravagances you need. Get VIP tickets to concerts and musical events. Take a helicopter ride of the city (the sunset is perfect for this activity) and feel like royalty. Wind your way around the Imperial palace and the Meguro river, to catch a glimpse of the stunning Sakura (cherry) blossoms. Spend an entire evening with a sake expert, trying out different variations and learning about their history. Indulge in the best of Japanese haute cuisine by trying Kaiseki ryori. This type of cuisine involves multiple courses of fresh, seasonal ingredients, prepared beautifully. Each course is a literal work of art and a harmony of flavours crafted by a MasterChef.

Quality and Quietness:

Hakone - Honeymoon in Japan
Image Source : travel.gaijinpot.com

After the hustle and bustle of the wedding, many couples want a quiet retreat. A time that is entirely their own, surrounded by heart-breaking beauty and blessed silence. If that’s the case, then Hakone will suit you. This idyllic mountain town (not far from Tokyo) is filled with a natural beauty that will take your breath away. Once you’ve got that breath back, explore the area through enchanting cable car rides, soak in a natural hot spring and spend the day exploring the various museums in the area. You can also visit Karuizawa, a resort town, which offers a treat every season. Depending on when you reach, you could see the delicate cherry blossoms bloom, the red gold foliage of autumn or the white, snowy wonder of winter.

Past and Pending:

Kyoto - Honeymoon in Japan
Image Source – blog.goway.com

Marriage is a meeting of minds, as much as anything else. If you’re the kind of couple that needs to know more about your honeymoon destination – both the past and present, Japan is the place to be. Kyoto will provide decades and decades of glorious Japanese history to sink into. Slip away to the secluded, traditional town of Hida-Takayama. The Old Town is a beautifully preserved slice of the ancient and traditional side of Japan. A short distance from the town is the village of Shiragawa-go, a village that boasts of uniquely built houses. The buildings here are built with unique thatched Gassho styled farmhouses. This unique village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provides enough food for the hungry mind.

Nature and Nurture:

Fuji-Five-Lake - Honeymooning in Japan
Image Source : Flickr.com

Some couples want to express their love to the entire world. Some prefer more silent witnesses. If the sky, sun, trees and the earth are to be your companions on this journey then head over to Fuji’s Five Lakes. The stern Fuji is softened by a collar of snow that circles the cone of this dormant volcano. Five mirror-like lakes at the bottom reflect this iconic peak back to itself. Stay at a resort at Kawaguchiko town, where you can fish, canoe and hike to your heart’s content.

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Hokkaido-in- Honeymooning in Japan
Image Source : expat.com

Love is complex. There is contentment and acceptance and then there is energy and excitement. If you prefer the latter, then it’s time to add a little thrill and rush to your honeymoon in Japan. Slash down the snowy slopes in Hokkaido, go Whitewater rafting down the Tone river, dive into the turquoise waters near Izu and the Ogasawara Islands, snorkel near Ishigaki island or near the Blue Cave in Onna, go snowboarding at the Nozawa Onsen resorts. After the adrenaline rush of these activities, soothe your body, mind and soul at the natural hot springs.

A Religion called Love:

Image Source : buffalotrip.com

Marriage can be an intense spiritual moment for many couples. The solemnity of the ceremony, the blessings of God…many couples take the same energy into their honeymoon. Whether it is the divinity found in nature, the eternity of their commitment, or in more direct forms – through a spiritual exploration of the shrines and temples. In the bustle of Tokyo, wander into the majestic Meiji Jingu Shrine, which is surrounded by gigantic evergreen trees. Marvel at the red gold splendour of the Sensoji Buddhist temple, which boasts of an intricately designed pagoda. If you’re looking for the spectacular, serene and divine, then visit Miyajima outside Hokkaido. It’s famous torii gate floats on the water during high tide.

Now, no honeymoon is set in stone. You can mix a variety of the activities described above, moving from the spectacular to the serene in the same trip. Beyond these trips, there are some specific activities we thought you could enjoy on your honeymoon.

Tokyo Disneyland: Must Visit Destination While You are Honeymooning in Japan

Image Source : D23.com

Clutch your partner’s hand on a thrilling rollercoaster, eat all kinds of street food, meet your favourite cartoon characters. At night, wander around the softly lit theme park and enjoy each-other’s company. Sounds perfect right? Take a day out of your honeymoon to devote to this beloved theme park.

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Okinawa Beaches: Amons

Image Source : okinawatravelinfo.com

Beaches do have a primary spot on any honeymooner’s bucket list, so why should you miss out? Spend a morning in Okinawa making castles out of the pristine, sugar like sands of the beach, or take a swim in these clear blue waters. If you’d like to add a splash of style to the day, enjoy a sunset cruise on the waters with your loved one.


Image Source : japan-guide.com

What could be better than sharing a hot spring soak with your beloved? Now add a kaiseki dinner and a stay at a traditional Japanese inn, and you’ve got the ingredients for the most romantic night of your lives. Make sure to check if the ryokan has a natural hot spring – it’s worth the effort!

Renew your vows:

Image Source : ema-mino.com

A wedding in a honeymoon? Yes please. Experience a traditional Japanese wedding at Machiya townhouse in Kyoto. You can take Japanese vows and dress in traditional bridal kimonos. Photographers present will take your pictures, which you can carry back with you. Destination wedding and honeymoon? Check!

There you have it! Your Japanese honeymoon tied in a bow and sprinkled with cherry blossom petals. You walk into one of our stores, or visit our website to book a honeymoon package, get your visas, flight tickets, accommodation and all the Yen you need for your trip. Happy honeymooning to you!

Table of contents

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