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Seychelles Nightlife: Best Places to Party that the Internet Won’t Tell You

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One of the major things that set humans apart from other living beings is our ability to experience happiness and have fun. Through music, dance, jokes, poetry, literature, travel and tons of other resources, we know how to derive happiness and peace of mind. One such feeling that seeps into our mind is the time we decide to let loose and shake our legs shattering every barrier of inhibition encircling us. When the beats are high, the environment is set to dim lights and thumping music, a weird energy fills our body and mind, making us grove to the tune or the beat. It is at that time that we experience a sense of euphoria passing through our minds. On that note, we present you an extensive guide on Seychelles nightlife, where we break down some of the best places to spend your late evenings and night having fun in the wonderful island of Seychelles.

About Seychelles

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When you look at the map, you will have to zoom into the maximum limits to spot the island of Seychelles. Tiny yet one of the most magical and happening places on earth, Seychelles is a dream destination for most Indians and is known as a major honeymoon spot. On the Indian Ocean, far off East Africa, the archipelago of over 115 islands is home to some of the most popular beaches, resorts, coral reefs, places of natural habitat and a few of the world’s rare animals like the giant Aldabra tortoises.

If you are planning to go to the Maldives, Mauritius or other similar islands, we recommend considering Seychelles as its beauty and vibes will mesmerize you and make you feel grateful for having made the right decision of visiting it. White sand beaches soaked by topaz waters nestled amidst lush green hills and sprawling meadows with laid-back vibes, Seychelles is a paradise you will find in the Indian Ocean.

The Best Places to Enjoy the Exotic Seychelles Nightlife

Before we list out the places to party and have fun, remember that you cannot expect Seychelles nightlife to be on the grounds of Thailand, Bali or Mauritius. The place has limited discotheques, public houses and casinos and the absence of them are compensated by mainstream resorts and hotels, who have come up with in-house environments to party. Here, we list the best of them.

Here is the list of the best of Syechelles Nightlife;

1. Katiolo – Dance like Nobody’s Watching

Katiola - Seychelles Nightlife

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Ask anyone who has been to Seychelles or any native person and he or she would point you to Katiolo to enjoy a perfect summer evening. The place offers an open bar for you to sit by the shores and devour some of the sumptuous in-house preparations of delicacies. This is one place that can give you the vibes of being in Bali or any other island country known for its nightlife because of the tropical vibes Katiolo manages to recreate.

Another great aspect about Katiolo is its choice of music. When you’re having a sip of your favourite cocktail and munching on finger food like fries or chicken, you will be surprised with tracks from the 70s or 80s, Rock’n Roll, R’n’B, tracks by independent artists in Seychelles, Blues and other interesting genres. The place tends to become more happening as time passes and you can see people slowly gathering over their favourite beverages from the late evenings.

  • Must Try: Beer and cocktail selections
  • Opening Hours: From 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM
  • Location: Mt Fleuri Rd, Victoria, Mahe Island, Seychelles

2. Level 3 Bar – Shaken not Stirred

Level 3 Bar - Seychelles nightlife

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Though there are several resorts and hotels offering their own bars and public houses with electrifying atmospheres, what seems to catch the eyes of the locals and other tourists is the Level 3 Bar at Latenier Road. Considered the best standalone bar in Seychelles, a lot of people believe this bar stands as the perfect example of Seychelles nightlife. One of the major hits of the bar is their cocktail selections and their pricing. You can find some really exotic beverages and mixes at affordable prices, allowing you to slowly drink all night. The ambience is lively and people give out cheerful vibes just like how you expect in a discotheque. The place is also famous for its music choices. By your third drink, you can be sure that you will be found on the dance floor!

  • Must Try: Cocktail selections and finger food
  • Location: Level 3 Bar Lounge, Seychelles, Mahe, Docland, Seychelles
  • Gran Kaz Entertainment Center – May the Fortune be With You

Gran Kaz Entertainment Center - Seychelles nightlife

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If you feel your expenses at Seychelles have shot up and you need to find quick additional sources of revenue to compensate your budget, we would playfully recommend visiting the Gran Kaz entertainment centre, popular for being a casino. Of the very few casinos in Seychelles, the Gran Kaz is the largest casino you will come across on the island and here, you will find slot machines and reel slots to try your hands on. If you are lucky you can get back home with a hefty amount or you know the contrary consequence!

  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM
  • Location: Mercury House, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Seychelles

3. Berjaya International Casino – Feed Your Pride or Burn Your Ego

Berjaya International Casino - Seychelles nightlife

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If you know how to play poker, blackjack or other betting games, you can also visit the Berjaya International Casino that boasts of over 15 roulette and blackjack tables and 55 slot machines. There are also private rooms for high stakes and you can place your bet in any currency you hold. The casino makes its payout in US dollars. Surprisingly, the casino also offers lessons on gaming, where you can get to know about the games better and make informed decisions on your bets.

  • Timings: 12:00 PM to 3:00 AM for slots and 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM for tables
  • Location: Berjaya Casino, Beau Vallon Beach, Mahe Island, Mahe Island, Seychelles

4. Zez Lounge, Four Seasons Resort – Sophisticated and Romantic

Zez Lounge - Seychelles

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If you are in Seychelles for a honeymoon trip, we highly recommend you visit the Zez lounge at the Four Seasons Resorts premises to know what Seychelles Nightlife is all about. The atmosphere is sophisticated and offers you one of the most romantic ambiences for a candlelight dinner and conversations by the ocean. The elegantly designed lounge offers you both open air and covered seating for you to have a lively time with your spouse. The bar also stocks up international and domestic beverages including the Japanese Sake.

Besides, it also has a culinary culture that is prominent in Seychelles and has a sea-to-table menu that gets a live catch from the ocean cooked especially for you. Go there before sunset and order a drink or two to slowly unwind to the setting sun, immersing yourself in conversations and the beautiful sight in front of you as you feast on the speciality seafood. The bar has a dress code policies and does not allow beach wears like sleeveless shirts and tops.

  • Timings: 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Location: Petite Anse, Mahe Island, Seychelles

5. Deepam Cinema – For the Movie Buffs

If you live, love and breathe cinema and look forward to experiencing a different class of Seychelles nightlife, we recommend heading to the Deepam Cinema in Victoria. This is the only cinema hall in Seychelles and it runs two shows on the weekdays and three shows on the weekends. The cinema hall plays movies from around the world and if you are at the right time, you can even catch a Bollywood or a Tamil movie running at the theatre. The hall has a good sound system and accommodates up to 247 people at once. So, if cinema gives you a high and you believe in a different sort of an immersive experience, this is where you should go.

Location: Victoria, Seychelles

6. The Jungle – The Best in Praslin

If Katiolo is famous in Mahe, consider the Jungle to be the best discotheque in Praslin to experience a slice of Seychelles Nightlife. It’s also famous for its tropical ambience and arrives as a modern nightclub with electrifying sound systems and DJ bandwagons. Probably the most happening place in Praslin, the entry to the Jungle involves a fee, which includes a free drink. The place boasts of some really amazing barmen, who are some of the finest mixologists in Seychelles. The place also has popular DJs taking charge of the console and making sure people are having a great time. So if you are in Praslin and intend to experience the best of Seychelles nightlife, it is the Jungle where you need to go.

  • Location: Grand Anse, Seychelles

Frequently Asked Questions about Seychelles Nightlife

  1. How to reach Seychelles?

Seychelles is located at a distance of around 1,500km from India, meaning one of the most convenient ways to reach the islands is by taking a flight. There are several flights flying from major Indian cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and more. There are two major airports in Seychelles – the Seychelles International airport located in Victoria and the Praslin Island airport. International travellers from around the world land at the Seychelles International airport, from where they get around the island to their resorts or other islets.

Being a tourist hub, there are several flights from India and the pricing of each depends on the time you book your tickets and the season prevailing in Seychelles.

  1. Do I need a visa to visit Seychelles?

One of the major reasons why Seychelles is popular amongst Indian tourists is because of its visa-on-arrival policy. Indians visiting the islands can get their visa upon landing and can stay there for free for up to 30 days. However, you should remember that entry is subject to the decision of the authorities and for safety purposes, you are advised to have a valid return travel ticket, an accommodation confirmation and sufficient funds to take care of your holiday needs until you are in Seychelles. Your passport should also be valid for up to 6 months at the time of entering the islands.

  1. What language is spoken in Seychelles?

There are three official languages in Seychelles – French, English and Seselwa. Thanks to the increase in tourism, people can converse well in English and you don’t have to be concerned about language barrier coming into your way of a perfect holiday.

  1. What is the official currency of Seychelles?

Seychelles Rupee is the official currency of Seychelles and is issued by the Central Bank of Seychelles. In the local language of Creole or Seselwa, it is called Roupi. One Seychellois rupee is divided into 100 cents and you can find both coins and currency notes in use for transactions. The denominations available for currency notes include 25, 50, 100 and 500 rupees and the denominations available for coins include 1, 5, 10, 25 cents and rupees 1, 5, and 10 respectively.

  1. Are there ATMs in Seychelles?

There are plenty of ATMs and money exchange counters in Seychelles. You can withdraw the local currency from the ATMs and use them to transact for public transportation or restaurants. On the contrary, most hotels accept major currencies like Euros or Dollars and accept credit card payments. Euro is probably the most used currency in Seychelles followed by Dollars. If you intend to exchange currency, do it only at authorized places or counters as it is a criminal offence to exchange currencies from individuals or businesses.

  1. What is the age limit to drink in Seychelles?

In the island of Seychelles, you can order a drink if you are above 18.

So, these were our recommendations on Seychelles nightlife. We believe the frequently asked questions were helpful to understand the place better before you booked your tickets as well. If you come across any other happening place or nightlife spot in Seychelles, do let your fellow travellers know! Share your stories in the comments.

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