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Top 30 Things To Do In Singapore

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Best things to do in Singapore

1. Ice-skate at Marina Bay

Ice-skate at Marina Bay

Once you gaze in amazement at the trio of towers at Marina Bay Sands, don’t forget to glide across the ice at the skating rink for a joyful time.

2. The Flying Ferris

The Flying Ferris, Singapore

Watch all of Singapore beneath you as you ride the largest Ferris wheel in the world at Marina Bay. This Singapore Flyer promises you astounding sights.

3. Feed a crocodile

Jurong Reptile Park in Singapore

If you like to dance with danger then head to Jurong Reptile Park. Highly recommended among best things to do in Singapore here’s where you can spot scores of reptiles and enjoy a live feeding session for a unique thrill.

4. Take an aromatic spice walk

Orchard Road in Singapore

Strolling along Orchard Road is vital if you wish to enjoy the aromas drifting to you from surrounding spice and fruit orchards.

5. Kneel at the Sultan’s Mosque

Sultan’s Mosque in Singapore

Your Singapore packages will be incomplete without a trip to Kampong Glam’s magnificent Sultan mosque.

6. Meat lover’s paradise

Street Food in Singapore

Braised pork belly served on tangy rice, wonton dumplings and wonton noodles slathered in soy sauce are specialities you must try. Amoy Street Food Centre at Hawker Centre and even Xing Long Food Stall on Smith Street offer you delicious fare.

7. Singapore Science Centre

Singapore Science Centre

Science Centre Singapore is one of the finest tourist attractions in Singapore. Housing a stellar Observatory and even a Snow city this is where you can simply let loose.

8. Say hello to Chinatown

Chinatown Heritage Centre in Singapore

Pagoda Street houses a museum that gives you a glimpse into Chinese culture at the Chinatown Heritage Centre.

9. A Soupy affair

Klang Bak Kut in Singapore

Savour Bak Kut Teh or the Klang Bak Kut to feel your taste-buds do the conga. Both are richly flavoured soups best had with succulent pork doused in a spicy broth. Lim Soup at Bukit Merah Central or even The Soup Spoon on Orchard Road offers you piping broths.

10. Get wet and wild

The Wild Wild Wet in Singapore

Indulging in the exciting rides of The Wild Wild Wet is among the most recommended things to do in Singapore. A must for families, the rides and games are a paradise for kids, especially if you have planned a family holiday to Singapore.

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11. Meet the Merlion

Merlion in Singapore

A mandatory affair in Singapore sightseeing the Merlion is a popular tourist haunt. So head on over and take lots of pictures!

12. Go picnicking in East Coast Park

Your tour of the greatest Singapore attractions may be incomplete without a picnic in this famous park. Here’s where you can barbeque, meet Singaporeans, laze in the sun, rollerblade or enjoy water sports.

13. Gamble into the night

casino in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Try your luck at a casino in Marina Bay Sands, the area has a few casinos that lure in tourists for a game of chance.

14. Say yes to a Universal adventure

Universal Studios in Singapore

Head over to Universal Studios and enjoy a fun day in each of the seven zones of the impressive theme park.

15. Sweet delights

Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway on Zion Rd

If you adore pastry, you must try the fried carrot cake. Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway on Zion Rd gives you the best version of the local delicacy. Do sample the dark version that is richly moist and made with molasses.

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16. Wizz off on a Skytrain

If you’re catching a flight from the Changi International Airport then do take a ride on their spectacular Skytrain. The no-cost service gets you between terminals while letting you glimpse marvellous. This proves that you can start your fun as soon as you land in Singapore!

17. Party all Night

St James Power Station, Singapore

Just party once at St James Power Station and you will agree with us that it is among the best things to do in Singapore. With clubs open practically all night, here’s where you can dance all night!

18. Cruise in a river taxi

Cruise in a river taxi, Singapore

An exceptional way to see Singapore like never before would be a river taxi down Singapore River. Marvel at skyscrapers and local architecture as you cruise along the river.

19. Wine and dine in Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay, Singapore

This city-state promises you an enthralling nightlife and you can find it at Clarke Quay. Enjoy a night of dancing and fine dining in the chicest pubs right here.

Singapore tour packages will allow you to enjoy all the best things to do in Singapore.

20. Shop hard in Vivo City

Vivo City, Singapore

Indulge your inner shopaholic in Vivo City for this place leaves tourists spoilt for choice. Graced with amazing eateries and entertainment spots, this is recommended by every Singapore travel guide.

21. Romance at Mount Faber

Mount Faber, Singapore

Enjoy a swift cable car ride to Mount Faber as you enjoy stunning views of the harbour for a romantic date with your partner.

22. Get your gadgets at Sim Lim Square

If you’re fascinated by sourcing gadgets cheap, Sim Lim Square is certainly the best things to do in Singapore for all your electronic purchases.

23. Walk through Fire

fire walking fest, Singapore

A major Hindu temple is one of the most crowded tourist places in Singapore. Visit during the annual fire walking fest for a thrilling experience.

24. See Tiger Balm Gardens

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Renamed Haw Par Villa today, this is a stunning theme park that transports you into Chinese history with a whiff of folklore.

25. Drink from the Fountain of Wealth

The world’s biggest fountain offers you a sip of wealth apart from a mesmeric evening laser show, so head to Suntec City when you travel on your Singapore tour packages.

26. Breathe in Malay culture

Geylang Serai, Singapore

Geylang Serai is the place at the epicentre of the Malay community, so shop, eat and celebrate the best of their culture here!

27. Kneel at Shepherd’s Cathedral

Shepherd’s Cathedral, Singapore

Among other fascinating things to do in Singapore, Cathedral of The Good Shepherd is one of the best places to visit in Singapore. Erected in the mid-1800s, it gives you an interesting insight into Catholic history.

28. Head to the Island of the Dead – Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, Singapore

If you’re up for an adventurous time, go to Sentosa Island home to Underwater World and the Butterfly Park for it was once called Island of the Dead.

29. Visit Little India!

Serangoon road, Singapore

Tucked into Serangoon road is Little India lies brimming with quaint Hindu shrines that make for an intriguing visit.

30. Feeling crabby?

Served with a tangy tomato relish and chilli sauce, the mouthwatering chilli crab is very appetizing. Order yours at Momma Kong on Mosque St or even Mellben. The black pepper crab is a worthy opponent for it promises a spicy kick. Pair both these with fried buns for a happy tummy.

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Table of contents

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