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Mayukh’s First Solo Trip To Singapore Will Make You Envy Of Him

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Each one of us is always excited to go on a trip to abroad and when the trip is a solo trip, the excitement level quadruples. Similar was the excitement of Mayukh Chakraborty when he was going to travel with Thomas Cook on his first solo trip to Singapore, The Garden City. Mayukh decided to go for the Singapore for All package of Thomas Cook Singapore Holiday package. He opted for this solo trip as he wanted to take a break from his mundane life. Yes, he had the best time of his life.

Kick start to my solo trip to Singapore


I was very excited to go on this trip as it was my first solo trip. Being my first solo trip, I was well-organized with all my documents and exchanging the currencies. The flight journey to Singapore was comfortable and relaxing. The tour manager greeted us at the airport and we headed towards our hotel.

A visit to the World’s first Nocturnal Wildlife Park

Nocturnal Wildlife Park Singapore

Our trip to Singapore started by visiting the Night Safari, World’s first Nocturnal Wildlife Park. We witnessed a number of animals of different species in their natural nighttime habitats. Visiting this wildlife park was a unique experience for each of us and the information provided by the tour guide about the wildlife park and the species of animals was incredible.

Enjoying the UFC fight night and delicious Singaporean cuisine

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Being a sports-fan always, it was a delight for me to watch the UFC Fight Night Live. The ambience of the stadium was just unbelievable. The energy level of the spectators was same as the fighters in the ring. I was feeling lucky to witness this live and all thanks to Thomas Cook. Later, we had our dinner and the Singaporean cuisine was delicious. Singaporean cuisine has a number of varieties and is the best place for food-lovers.

Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands – Must visit on trip to Singapore

UFC fight night Singapore

One cannot miss the visit to Infinity Pool when on a trip to Singapore, so didn’t I. Visiting the Infinity Pool has always been on my bucket list. The panoramic view of glittering city’s skyline is just unbelievable from the Infinity Pool. Relaxing in the swimming pool and witnessing the one of the best skylines in the world. It is the spectacular spot for taking the perfect picture.

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We experienced new things on Sentosa Island. I cannot express the entire experience of exploring the Sentosa Island in words. Visiting the Universal Studios has always been my dream. Undoubtedly, Universal Studios is Singapore’s top attraction. I was amazed by the view of huge rides, live shows, and movie-sets. I felt like I’m in the world of movie magic. Being an adventure-lover, I went on most of the rides and the experience was thrilling. I can never forget this experience.

Adios Singapore!!

Singapore trip

I had the best time of my life on this solo trip to Singapore and all thanks to the co-travellers and Thomas Cook. From shopping to experiencing a live UFC match to tasting their cuisines, everything was just perfect. The Marina Bay Sands, infinity pool, and the Sentosa Island is something I will never be able to forget. How I wish to go back and relive those golden moments again.

Table of contents

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