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Best Beaches to Visit in Alibaug

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Located in Raigad district, Alibaug has been a top favourite destination among the people of Mumbai and around. Those who seek to find a break from the usual city life would love to spend their weekend here. Alibaug provides a nice change from the chaotic and fast going life where everyone is rushing to reach their homes and offices on a daily basis.

Alibaug translates to ‘Garden of Ali’ and is a heaven for luxury seekers, adventurers and beach lovers. Often Alibaug is referred as Goa of Maharashtra and the sun-kissed atmosphere proves why it is called so. Surrounded by Arabian Sea on all sides, the views are simply incredible and unusual. The lack of traffic and noise also guarantees a peaceful sleep.

Those who want to enjoy their time at this pristine destination, they can choose from some of the best beaches of Alibaug listed below –

Alibaug Beach

Kashid Beach Alibaug

The beach is the main recreational area next to the town of Alibaug. It is the center of fun and frolic especially among those who don’t want to explore much, chill, relax, and sip some cocktails. The sight of Colaba Fort in the backdrop elevates the view. The evenings are the time to view the gorgeous sunset behind dramatic backgrounds.

Regular boat services run from here and go all the way to the fort where visitors can spend half a day admiring the architecture and learning stories about Maratha bravery.

Murud Beach, One of the Famous Beaches to Visit in Alibaug

Murud Beach - Alibaug Beaches
Image Source: Tripoto

Among all the beaches in Alibaug, no one has a more significant historical significance like Murud Beach. It is famous because of its proximity to Murud- Zanzira Fort, which takes pride in being unconquered forever. Those who have been to Alibaug Beach countless times and need a new place to stay will love visiting Murud Beach. An up and coming vacation spot with several resorts, guest houses and stay homes available for the visitors coming here from all lifestyles.

Rewas Beach

Image Source: HelloTravel

Rewas Beach is famous because of the jetty from where boats travel between Mumbai. The port is very popular where visitors can enjoy their time in the middle of the sea while taking the thrill level to a different phase. The ferries also allow bikes on board, and hence it is a favourite destination among the bikers who come here to enjoy long drives around the serene coastal line.

There are a number of luxury resorts and hotels present around Rewas so it is convenient to find a decent stay.

Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach
Image Source: maharashtraplanet.com

Kashid Beach is close to Alibaug town and one can reach by driving or by hiring a speedboat. This unspoiled, clean beach offers incredible sights of the Arabian Sea. It is located in the north Konkan region of Maharashtra so the visitors also find a chance to enjoy amazing seafood prepared with local spices.

Kashid Beach offers the tranquillity of finding an escape from the chaotic life by providing a pleasant change of countryside atmosphere. It is a pretty, 3 km long Coastline is a fine mix of rocky hills and groves of casuarinas trees on either side that makes the place look very picturesque. Unlike Alibaug, Kashid is peaceful and perfect for those who want to hide somewhere nice during their weekend escape.

Mandawa Beach

Image Source: trawell.in

Mandawa Beach has a certain charm, unlike any other of its counterparts in the nearby areas. Known for its golden sunset behind the azure blue waters of Arabian Sea, Mandawa Beach has attracted photographers and travellers for a long, long time. Mandawa Port is directly connected from Mumbai, and a regular ferry service runs between two places starting from Gateway of India.

Nagaon Beach, Amongst Beautiful Beaches to Visit in Alibaug

Nagaon Beach Alibaug
Image Source: Trover

One of the lesser-known attractions of Alibaug, Nagaon is a pretty stretch of one of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra. A lot of long term vacationers stay around Nagaon, and since it is closer to the other popular Alibaug Beach, Akshi, it is easy to come here and spend some time relaxing and chilling. There are a couple of beachside cottages that are perfect for the couples who want some personal time while enjoying the gorgeous views in the proximity.

Kasim Beach

Image Source: kokansearch.com

Kasim Beach is close to Alibaug but is seldom visited by the tourists. It has been a favourite among the fitness enthusiasts and the yoga practitioners who find peace and solitude appropriate for a rewarding session. Laze around, relax, read a book, Kasim Beach will ensure that you enjoy your time spent here.

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Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach Alibaug
Image Source: YouTube.com

Varsoli Beach serves as a Naval Base and is 3 km from the main town of Alibaug. This beach has an idyllic charm with extremely photogenic surroundings. Varsoli is one of the most popular beaches near Alibaug, especially among the travellers who love adventure sports. The calm waters and friendly waves provide an eclectic setting for these activities. Jet Ski and Banana Boat rides are popular activities here.

How to reach Alibaug

There are a number of ferries and catamarans available from Mumbai that start from Gateway of India. The service is suspended during the monsoon season due to heavy tides so one needs to confirm in advance before planning a trip there. It takes an hour to reach Rewas and then an hour to travel to Alibaug by bus or car.

One can also catch a bus from Mumbai Central Railway Station. The journey is long and tiring but appropriate for those who are fond of sea travel. Similarly, one can drive from Mumbai and reach Alibaug by road. This route is generally preferred during the monsoon season.

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Table of contents

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