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Budget-Friendly Places To Visit In 2024

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Have you purchased an iPhone? Congratulations! Nevertheless, how long will the thrill of possessing an iPhone continue – a few days, hours, or months? Imagine if you could purchase yourself one of the top-budget foreign holidays for the same or less money, with memories that would last a lifetime! You read it correctly, there are some fantastic holiday places across the globe where you can go for as little as ₹50,000 round trips!

You just need a little homework, months of preparation, and a few strategies and suggestions to get started. Read on to get inspired to become a traveler and visit these awesome overseas spots on a budget.

You can travel on a budget to even the most costly destinations if you do sufficient homework and prepare ahead of time. Here’s all you need to know to arrange a vacation to a low-cost foreign location from India.

Budget International Trips From India In 2024

Forget about posh holidays in the United States and the United Kingdom and start planning a pleasant journey to these nations. These are the cheapest countries to visit from India, and they will satisfy your wanderlust at a reasonable cost.

1. Sri Lanka

With picturesque locations, busy cities, mesmeric beaches, hill stations, historical landmarks, and mouth-watering seafood, Our Sri Lanka tour packages can offer it all. Negombo and Colombo are the ideal cities to visit if you want to experience city life. If tea plantations, chilly weather, and waterfalls appeal to you, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya are the locations to visit. It boasts the nicest shorelines and fish to eat since it is located in the Indian Ocean.

2. Thailand

It is the most popular budget-friendly tourist destination and the world’s 20th most populated country. It provides interaction with pleasant and sociable people as well as a variety of activities to enjoy. Beginning with nightlife, munching inexpensive street cuisine, diving into turquoise-watered beaches, chaotic marketplaces where you can discover everything that interests you, traditional spas to soothe your senses, the night skyline, and last but not least the courteous and easy-going Thai people.

Pattaya for its nightlife, Bangkok for its city parties, Chiang Rai for mountain climbing, and Krabi and Koh Samui for their gorgeous clean beaches are just a few of the destinations to explore.

3. Nepal

Often known as the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon,’ Nepal encounters powerful big thunderstorms exploding from the Mountains down the lowlands. This one on the list will most likely cost the least while having the finest view of rising Himalayan peaks and lush green landscapes. Nepal is the ideal destination to go cruising. Hiking in Nepal’s highlands is a must-do, with rates ranging from ₹3,000 to ₹3,500. Apart from calm Buddhist monasteries, the country’s crowning treasures are the four highest peaks in the world: Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest, and Mt. Cho Oyu.

4. Bhutan

It is a Buddhist country in the eastern Himalayas with snow-capped highlands surrounded by humid clouds. This nation has the best Gross National Happiness, ensuring that its major aim is to keep the people happy. Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city, is a sanctuary of tranquility, with no traffic signals and no honking. Bhutan is a gem, with its monasteries, Himalayan Mountains, clean air, dumplings to hog meals, and prayer flags wafting in the air, making it ideal to plan a Bhutan tour.

5. Laos 

It is a hilly nation with pine trees, sloping hills, existing hill tribes, innumerable waterfalls, colonial buildings, and skyline-silver lakes. You will come across exceptionally friendly people and a plethora of lovely sceneries, most of which are located on the country’s periphery.

Walking through mountains densely forested, bicycling through communities densely forested, and discovering mysterious caverns are all activities that will keep you enthralled without cost. Renting a bicycle for the day would cost you roughly ₹120, and you may pedal as much as you like around the hills or side streets without worrying about traffic. Another thing you may do to relax is to eat by the rivers and swim near the waterfalls of Laos.

6. Vietnam

It is a nation that only the dedicated seeker may discover. Situated in Southeast Asia, you will come across several activities to do and places to visit in Vietnam on a budget. It is home to Asia’s biggest cave, Halong Bay, forests, islands, religious sites, and other attractions. The marble mountains and green paddy fields have been cobbled together to persuade you to visit this location at least once.

You can’t miss the floating markets, which are a delight for negotiating and are known as a street food heaven with rice crepes, classic rice noodle soup, and beef noodles. Kayaking is a popular and pleasurable means of transportation in Vietnam.

7. Malaysia

It is located in the equatorial part of the world, sharing borders with Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei. This terrain is covered by a tropical rainforest environment all year. Malaysia is the place to go if you want to see wooded hills, mountain ranges and coastal plains. It is believed that the Megadiverse nation contains 20% of the world’s species.

Malaysia is home to the biggest flower in the world, as well as a diverse variety of Rafflesia species. Malaysian cuisine reflects its multi-ethnic culture, with unusual dishes that combine Thai, Indian, and Malay flavours. Thaipusam is one of Malaysia’s gazetted festivals, featuring thrilling, colourful and cheerful celebrations.

8. Philippines

The country of gipsies, green rice fields, boiling volcanoes, graffiti walls, frizzy water buffaloes, big-eyed tarsiers, and above all, cheerful smiles. If you like lying on the beach, the Philippines boasts 7,000 exotic islands that will enchant you. The Maroon is slick with sand on every ocean, with secret lagoons and gigantic islands and during best season to visit Philippines  the divers, sunbathers, and brave travelers pitch a tent and spend their nights on the Palawan coastline. This unofficial zip line capital of the globe is popular with kayakers, Boracay, and kiteboarding enthusiasts. Canyoneering and Mountain biking are also becoming more popular.

9. Cambodia

It is a southern nation in Southeast Asia with a temple empire. Angkor Wat, the world’s biggest religious structure, and Siem Reap are two of Cambodia’s most popular tourist destinations. Cambodia has a wide range of things to offer, such as the beaches of Sihanoukville, the endless rice fields of Mondulkiri, the enticing riverfronts of Phnom Penh, the historical towns of Battambang and lush green gardens with charming architecture that provide calm.

Koh Rong Samleoum – an island off the coast of Sihanoukville, the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh and Kampot for a dip in the river are all must-sees. You may also ride through Cambodian villages to get a glimpse of native life and enjoy an altogether another sort of adventure and peace experience.

10. Singapore

It has an incredible quantity of culture, innovation, and cuisines. It has the right blend of islands, large ornate structures, and tiny alleys, making it a fascinating Asian country that you can explore on a reasonable budget with our Singapore tour packages. It is also known as ‘The Lion City,’ and it maintains ties to its past by displaying some of its cultures in numerous adorned temples. Singapore’s food ranges from chilli crab, chicken rice, and fish head curry, to pig ribs and oyster omelettes, and is the most essential component of a country’s culture.

There are several hawkers centres, which are like a perpetual food festival where the food is inexpensive, the quality is excellent, and cleanliness is not an issue!

11. United Arab Emirates

It is India’s middle-class tourist hub due to the accessibility and amount of enjoyment it offers visitors in terms of desert camping and desert safaris, swimming, shopping and diving in Fujairah to float in the waters of the Gulf of Oman, wayfaring and indoor skiing on the beaches to rob your troubles. You must visit Dubai to see the world’s highest preeminent skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, and Abu Dhabi to see the magnificent mosques and white marble domes.

12. Indonesia

The natural beauty of Indonesia attracts ardent travelers searching for an economical vacation. It is the world’s biggest island nation, located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, with gorgeous marine life, unspoiled blue oceans and stunning reefs. You may go diving on beaches like Merah, Batu Bolong, and Tatawa islands to fulfil your underwater desires without having to go to more costly dive locations.

This country’s wild side, the Ubud monkey forest, is a must-see. Indonesia is all about gigantic rock formations on safari rides, beaches, snorkelling, diving, and temples. Indonesia is also one of the top foreign honeymoon locations for a romantic break, with a lot of romantic resort alternatives in Bali.

13. Egypt

Arab nations provide one of the finest travel experiences, with countless ancient sites and historical backdrops that broaden your knowledge while making your journey unique. Egypt is one of those places that should be on your list of international travel destinations for a relaxing break. Its proximity to the Red Sea to the east and south offers an element of adventure for all scuba divers.

Being one of the world’s oldest civilizations, it contains several magnificent pyramids and a plethora of ancient structures. Local markets are among Egypt’s most spectacular attractions for all visitors. In Egypt, you should see the Great Pyramids of Giza, which is one of the world’s seven wonders. This desert environment will provide you with an incredible peaceful Egyptian experience.

14. Myanmar

In a nutshell, Myanmar is a scattered terrain with gliding pagodas and ancient customs. Unlike other places you’ve heard about, the location never fails to astound visitors. The 4000 holy stupas that dot the plains of Bagan will make you ponder life. The mesmerizing sites in Burma, Myanmar, include the Golden Rock on Mt. Kyaiktiyo, which stands on the brink of a chasm, the devout monks, and the marvel of Shwedagon Paya.

Apart from this, Myanmar allows you to enjoy the simple joys of life. Drift down the river in a cruiser, stroll through the pine woods of Shan Hills, play on the beach of the glorious Bay of Bengal, and eventually make friends with a few curious and interesting people.

15. China

This massive nation with big, complex architecture and amazingly rich history will captivate your attention in a split second. Make time to explore China’s lesser-known regions, since there is plenty to uncover. China is a fascinating nation with a long history. The Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, Wangfujing Square, the Summer Palace, and The Temple of Heaven are among the few places to visit in China.

You will get the best of everything, from walking through crowded streets, shopping, and eating traditional sumptuous meals to taking a calm walk among China’s lakes and roaming through well-kept gardens. The moderate environment makes it an attractive destination at any time of year.

16. Turkey

Surrounded by three seas and bordered by eight nations, Turkey’s intriguing position blends with its eastern beauty. Istanbul is a must-see for history buffs. Turkey, often known as ‘the land beneath the half-moon,’ is a nation of many worlds, Turkey tour can offer you with fascinating civilizations, glittering mosques and palaces, historic towns, and exquisite cuisine that will captivate you! Cappadocia, which was produced by a volcanic explosion, offers air balloon tours and horseback riding.

Kabak Bay is a bay surrounded by valleys that provide breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, and the Butterfly Valley is a must-see. The huge bazaar is where you can acquire anything at a discount. It has breathtaking scenery and magical valleys, as well as high cliffs and hills covered with pine trees and plants.

Wrapping Up

Planning an overseas vacation isn’t just a pipe dream, and we’ve just proven it to you with our list of the cheapest countries to visit from India, so you don’t look back and regret the day you put your plans in the freezer and never pulled them out. From islands and beaches to mountains and valleys, you may get away for hours of enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Are you planning an overseas trip and want to book one of the holiday packages? Look no further than Thomas Cook, since it is a repository of vacation packages that provide special itineraries that include all important places of sightseeing and activities that would fit your tastes. Look into budget-friendly overseas holiday packages, which provide a variety of itineraries.

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