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Fort Tirakol, Goa – Hidden Gems of India

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I want to consider myself a blend of mountain and beach girl. At times I love to wander around the mountains and sometimes, you can discover me to douse the tan from seashores. A year ago, when I went to Goa just because, I had succumbed to Goa from then only. This time, I need to invest a little me safe time with Goa with the blend of beaches and history and a touch of extravagance. I was incandescently happy when I found Fort Tiracol, Goa – Hidden gems of India where I can appreciate each and everything I have longed for.

History behind Fort Tiracol

Frequently incorrectly spelt as Tirakol or Tirakhol, stand on the bank of Terekhol River, this fort remains on the northern edge of Goa. The name presumably began from the Marathi tir–khol decorated on it “steep waterway bank” and I really wanted to flabbergast how fitting the name was and I began finding out about the hidden gems of India, Fort Tiracol. The fortification was the esteemed proprietorship of Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle of the seventeenth century, who housed his startling task force of sea vessels within the Tiracol Waterway underneath.

In 1825, Dr. Bernado Peres da Silva, the primary Goan conceived Emissary of Goa, utilized the post as a base for an prepared meager to the Portuguese. Now the fort has been converted into a luxurious property where the history and the culture are still glorified.

The Settings

It is almost an hour journey, from North of Panaji, reached by ferry from Querim. It has a total of seven newly designed rooms and suites elegantly decorated with unique Portuguese style. The interiors are a blend of heritage and contemporary features which give the fort an outstanding look and contemporary interiors are named after the seven days of the week! 2 Suites: Friday and Sunday and 5 Deluxe Double Rooms: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The hotel offers an incredible experience to the guests. Everywhere in the fort, it surprises me with the aesthetic decor, chapel, amenities and the minimalistic factors.

Thomas Cook offers special luxury care and nourishment at Fort Tiracol along with below benefits:

  • Fort Tiracol Goa 4 days – 24,490/- per person 4 days Stay in a 17th Century fortress By the Sea & a bottle of French wine.
  • 3 exquisite Dinners Experiences: Barbeque dinner with cocktails, Goan dinner with cocktails, a European 3 course meal with bottle of wine
  • Evening picnic on the beach with beer, fresh fruits, cheese and a personal butler
  • Walk through of Tiracol Village to see and meet the locals
  • Travel Insurance

The fort’s lifted circumstance and the picturesque sees from the bulwarks are mesmerizing. Sitting on the verandah, or on one of the rooms’ private overhangs, see of the all-encompassing seascapes and the nightfall or dawn maybe a grand encounter.

Wishlist of Goa – What we can visit in Goa with Fort Tiracol

  • Beaches
  • Forts
  • Market
  • Shopping halts
  • Churches
  • Temples and Chapels
  • Waterfalls
  • Sanctuaries

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Table of contents

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