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Street Food in Delhi That You Should Try During Your Visit

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The capital of India is not just about horrible traffic and an extreme climate. There’s more to Delhi than meets the eye. In case you haven’t thought this way about Delhi before, it’s time for you to think again.

There are not many cities in India that have such cuisine as Delhi does. During your Delhi tour, you see an outstanding mixture of modern life and old ways of living. This is also reflected exquisitely when it comes to food.

While talking about street food in Delhi, things get interesting. That’s because the streets of Delhi could be your idea of heaven in case you thrive for good food. Even if you are not a foodie, the famous Delhi food around here can change your mind in no time.

Ram Laddoo

Adventure Island - Waterparks in Delhi

Some say that Ram Laddoo is the best street food in Delhi. There aren’t many more around who haven’t heard about ‘Delhi Ka Laddoo’. When you are visiting the capital, you need to taste Laddoos as soon as you can. 

In case you haven’t heard of it, here’s a proper introduction for you. This is indeed a famous street food in Delhi. Ram Ladoos are softballs that are deeply golden fried. These are prepared from green gram flour and stuffed with mint. You will find some ground radish as well inside a Ram Laddo. In case you are lucky, they will serve you some tasty chutney.

Ram Ladoos are made so delicately that they are very very soft and melt when you put them into your mouth.
Chole Bhature

Are you in Delhi and still haven’t tasted the famous Chole Bhatoore? Well, it is a famous street food in Delhi for sure.

Bhature is fluffy bread made with wheat flour. Every Punjabi knows the value of Chole Bhature when they see one. Chole Bhature is served with a red gravy that contains onion, coriander, and chickpeas. They also include some secret ingredients as well which you need to figure out yourself. The recipe is rich with spices, and flavours, and it will increase your hunger to try more Delhi street food.

It is such a dish that you can anytime you go hungry in Delhi. They say that no part of India makes Chole Bhature better than Delhi does. Don’t you think that you should put this theory into taste while you are visiting the place?

The Southern part of the town is one of the best street food places in Delhi. They prepare the best Chole Bhature in town. Head to Nagpal Chole Bhature in Amar Colony Market to get a taste.


Splash – Water Parks in Delhi

Let’s talk about the scenario where you are visiting Delhi and have to go out for breakfast. Surely you are having a hard time figuring out what is the most filling breakfast around here?

In that case, no need for you to worry now that Delhi Parathas are here at your service. Parathas are one of the best street food in Delhi for a reason. Regardless of which particular region of India you hail from, you can’t stay away from Indian flatbread. 

While walking down the streets of Delhi, the smell of Paratha frying will surely reach your nose. When that happens, it will be really hard for you to control yourself.

Especially in Delhi, they make it with a wide range of varieties. There are Egg Paratha, Rabri Paratha, Stuffed Paratha, and even Pizza Paratha is a thing.

Head to Chandi Chawk where you will find an entire street dedicated to just Parathas. In Parathe Wali Gali you will find about 30 types of Parathas. Just make sure to choose the one that feels right to you.


Worlds of Wonder


What Bengalis known as ‘Fuchka’, and a Mumbaikar as ‘Paani Puri’ — in Delhi it has been popularized as ‘Golgappa’. Just like any street in Kolkata doesn’t go sort of Fuchka, you will find stalls of Golgappa in the streets of the capital as well.

If you talk to the Delhi people about this particular street food, they won’t stop talking about it. That’s because here the story of Golgappa is slightly different. You will type exactly two types here. One is just like they make it in Kolkata, and the other one is they make it in Delhi with Suji. 

The big difference is that Delhi Golgappe is somewhat sweet and sour. However, there are all varieties of Golgappe like Bengali, Bihari, UP, and Punjabi.

Want to taste some Golgappe while you are at it? Then head to Chandi Chawk, Lajpat Nagar Market or Bangla Sweet House.


AapnoGhar Amusement & Water Park Resort

What if vegetarian recipes don’t attract you too much? What if you look for non-veg items everywhere you go? If that’s the case with you, the streets of Delhi are at your service.

Did you know that Delhi is commonly known as the ‘Kebab Town’? You will know exactly why the name was derived when you check out the street food. In the old times, Mughal emperors ruled India for a long time right from Delhi. Their influence on Delhi’s street food has left a mark.

There are all types of Kebabs available. While deciding which type of Kebab to get for yourself, you will be left with lots of different choices. There are Reshmi Kebab, Galouti Kebab, Kalmi Kebab, Shami Kebab and more.

The meat is so soft and juicy that it melts into your mouth. Pair it with hot chutney so that you don’t miss out on any particular taste.

Check out Khan Chacha Ke Kebab or Qureshi Kebab Corner at Chandi Chawk to taste some of the best kebab recipes in town.

Aloo tikki

Fun N Food Village

Your food venture with Delhi street food would remain incomplete if you don’t taste Aloo Tikki. Especially if you are always thinking about your stomach and your weight before eating something, this could be just perfect for you.

In Aloo Tikki, there is a mixture of tamarind and mint chutney. The Aloo Tikki is covered with chickpea curry or curd, which are both equally delicious.

Head to Rajneet Tikki Wala to get the best taste.


Just Chill Water Park

You guys know that any Indian dish is incomplete without spices. Since Chaats are made with different spices from different Indian cuisines, they are a thing to look forward to tasting. 

When in Delhi, there are plenty of different types of Chaat. Be it any kind of snack you want to eat, Chaat is an inseparable kind of side dish. And every type of Chaat cannot be made without proper potatoes. Potatoes play a very significant role in making Delhi street food famous. 

When you are looking for the best Chaat in Delhi, then don’t forget to try Daulat ki Chaat. You just won’t be able to forget the taste of it once you decide to try it. 

Aside from that, there are Palak Patta Chaat, Aloo Chaat, Fruit Chaat, and more. These are all equally tasty and great for your tongue.

Check out Chandi Chawk or Prabhu Chaat Bhandar at Mansingh Road to get a taste.


Drizzling Land

In case your stomach can’t afford the luxury of having Chole Bhature, Kulcha is here to save the day. Kulcha is a flatbread made with wheat flour fried in butter. 

Especially Matar Kulcha or Chole Kulche is such a dish that you can go with any time. The more you taste it, the tastier it will feel. The pea curry they serve with Kulcha is something to die for. From chopped onions to a hint of lime – you can find everything you have hoped for in a fulfilling meal.

Check out Barshabulla Chowk to taste some amazing Kulcha.


Jurasik Park Inn, Sonipat

All the sweet tooth out there, pay attention since this section is entirely for you. Jalebi is practically everywhere in Delhi. Regardless of what you had for lunch or dinner, nothing is stopping you from trying a few Jalebis. 

Especially while visiting Chandi Chawk, do try Rabri Jalebi. They serve you hot jalebi with rabri that would feel like a taste of heaven.

Go check out Jalebi Wala or Jalebi Store in Chandni Chowk to taste the best Jalebis.


Wet-n-wild - Waterparks in Delhi

Can’t put up with the scorching heat of a Delhi summer? Well, in that case, you don’t have to bear it at all. You can have the luxury of cooling down when Kulfi is waiting for you on the streets.

You can’t just finish your meal without having dessert. When it comes to desert, there’s absolutely nothing that can compete with Kulfi. It is caramelized milk stuffed with dry fruits. Check out Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale to taste some.


The famous Delhi food, especially street food has the power to satisfy your hunger no matter what time it is. Moreover, you have choices to make when it comes to deciding what to eat. Regardless of which type of food attracts you the most, it’s a guarantee that you won’t go hungry. After all, it is the food capital of India that needs some praise.
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